Hair Advice at Your Fingertips!
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  • Lisa Eicholtz

    @kataquinoartist … I can NOT thank you enough!! I seriously wanted to give you the biggest hug!!

    This pandemic has been tough in more ways than one, my hair has suffered the consequence of over style and lack of nourishment to the point breakingand falling out!!

    This cut and style more than exceeded my expectation! Gave my hair beautiful new life!!

    I have thick coarse unruly hair!! I am Soooooooo picky with who cuts it!! I have traveled hours to find answers for a precision cut and healthy future hair plan lol!!!

    KAT was 🙌 Amazing!! The cut was on point!! The knowledge and perfect amount of creativity she had gave me the clean healthy flowy vibe I was looking for with a plan for “healthy hair” action!! Thank you so much!!