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What hair color brings out hazel eyes?

Serena Piper
Hi there, I’m Olivia and I wanna ask what is the best hair color for hazel eyes. Thanks!

Before giving direct instructions on choosing the best hair color for hazel eyes we need to define what eyes are actually called “hazel”.

Believe us or not, but some women can’t decide if they have hazel or green eyes.


Hazel eyes are always multicolored. They are semi-brown, semi-green, and even with some gold bursts in the iris. If you see more green, your eyes are ‘hazel-green’, if you see more brown, they are ‘hazel-brown’. Sometimes hazel eyes change their color, it is especially visible on dark hazel eyes.


Hazel Eyes and Complexion

Complexion is the shade of your skin. There are 3 basic skin shades: light, medium, and dark. Most often women with hazel eyes have skin shades from ivory to medium.

The Best Hair Color for Light Skin and Hazel Eyes *Light skin includes white, pale, fair, and ivory skin shades

The perfect complement for your white skin and hazel eyes is the right shade of blonde. I advise to choose a light blonde color, it will make you look impeccable.

If your eyes are hazel and you are blessed with pale skin, medium champagne hair is befitting. The green and blue tints in medium champagne hair will oppose the pink undertone of the skin.

A yellow blonde or anything in the category of the golden blonde hair is perfect for your light warm skin and hazel eyes. With a constant toning of hair to prevent brass creeping into your hair color, you are good to go.

Ivory skin and hazel eyes are good companies to each other, they can be perfectly accentuated by anything from medium blonde to light brown.

The Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Medium Skin *Medium skin is light beige, olive, and light brown

A medium ash brown hair color normally comes with tints of green and blue underneath. This hair color is ideal for medium skin and hazel eyes.

Olive skin and hazel eyes will welcome golden blonde or light platinum blonde, either cool or warm toned blonde hair. To highlight the green in your eyes, the lighter shade of hair is most suitable, and to highlight the gold, the warm one is most befitting.

For a warm skinned, hazel-eyed beauty the perfect hair color amidst brown, dark mahogany and burgundy color is dark mahogany.

The Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Tan Skin *Tan skin is moderate brown

When moderate brown skin and hazel eyes come together, rich chocolates and chestnut browns are most suitable. Provided the hair is not too brown, as deep brown overcomes the green flecks in your eyes. Bronde hair is also a good idea for medium-tanned skin.

The Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes and Dark Skin

A rare combination. However, hazel eyes and dark skin can be all that is needed for a show-stopping look if you wear the right hair color. Dark brown hair naturally fits any kind of dark skin and complements the hazel eyes seamlessly.

Hazel Eyes and Skin Undertone

To pick the right hair color for your hazel eyes, one more factor needs to be put into consideration: the undertone of your skin. It may be warm, cool or neutral. The main advantage of having hazel eyes is that they’re the most “forgiving” eyes. This means you may experiment with both warm and cool hair shades.

Hazel Eyes and Cool Skin Tone

If your skin has a blue or pink undertone (and your wrists’ veins are blue or purple), choose ashy hair shades, e.g. light ash and icy blonde, medium ash brown. Red and gold highlights are not for you, sorry.

Hazel Eyes and Warm Skin Tone

Does your skin have a peach, tawny or yellow undertone? Are your wrists` veins green? Reddish and gold highlights were made for you. The best colors for warm skin undertones are light-golden, medium brown, copper, ginger, etc.

Neutral Skin Tone and Hazel Eyes

Lucky you, you may experiment with any hair shade, either ashy or reddish.

Blonde Hair and Hazel Eyes: avoid super-light shades of blonde, stick to medium blondes (e.g. dark blonde, bronde); blonde hair suits best light hazel eyes;

Hazel Eyes and Brunette Hair: avoid super-dark tones, choose medium, rich shades (not darker than chocolate brown);

Best Red Hair Color for Hazel Eyes: auburn is the most universal for hazel-eyed ladies; strawberry blonde is especially good for hazel-green eyes;

Unnatural Hair Color for Hazel Eyes: if you have a warm skin tone, avoid blues and violets; in case you have cool undertones, avoid all reds;

Best Hair Color for Dark Hazel Eyes: dark hazel eyes are rare, and mysterious, as they change their color often, so choose a hair color depending on your skin tone, warm or cool, and remember that it is always better to stay no more than a few shades away from your natural hair color.

One more, the simplest variant to match your hair color with your hazel eyes: if you have gold or brown flecks in your iris, then choose warm hair shades; if gray or blue flecks are there – consider cool hair tones.

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