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50 Beautiful Blonde Hair Colors for 2024

Serena Piper

Nowadays there are thousands of options to choose from when you decide to go for blonde hair. With lots of ways out there to ease your way into the effortless blonde living, going lighter is an incredibly fun process!

Find your perfect fit among these 50 exciting blond hair colors that will totally boost your confidence!

1. Blonde with Brown Lowlights. Can’t go wrong with a seductive dimension like this thanks to the ashy brown lowlights and nearly white face-framing pieces.

Nowadays there are thousands of options to choose from when you decide to go for blonde hair. With lots of ways out there to ease your way into the effortless blonde living, going lighter is an incredibly fun process!

Find your perfect fit among these 50 exciting blond hair colors that will totally boost your confidence!

1. Blonde with Brown Lowlights. Can’t go wrong with a seductive dimension like this thanks to the ashy brown lowlights and nearly white face-framing pieces.

2. Soft Buttery Shade. Buttery shades are super flattering to all skin tones, so if it is your first time going lighter, you should absolutely think about taking this route.

3. Waves with Money Pieces. If you want a well-balanced look that highlights your hair’s natural beauty but crave to try the chunky streaks trend too, choose the golden mean. Ask your hair colorist for a high-contrast money piece. The rest of the hair will be traditionally ‘sun-kissed’.

4. Bronzed Lob Hairstyle. Like shorter locks? How about trying this long bob cut with bronzed waves? It looks quite simple. No high-contrast highlights, no sharp edges and angles, no feathered layers. However, how regal these soft waves look! Sometimes simplicity is key.

5. The Butterscotch Tone. If you are a fan of light hair colors that have warm undertones, the Butterscotch shade is a good idea for your locks. It’s a beautiful mix of golden bronde shades. Darker roots will add more dimension.

Golden Blonde Balayage Hair
By Amy

6. Mushroom-Blonde Wavy Hair. Super flattering to darker eyes, the mushroom tone is the closest shade to dusty colors.

7. White Hair. The hair with this shade can also be called “platinum,” which comes in different variations. This stunning pick instantly makes you a head-turner, but you need to be ready to commit to the maintenance it requires.

8. Diva-Like Long Locks. Who doesn’t want a rich, textured look that’s anything but flat? These waves of light golden hair parted in the center are a dream of many women loving tasty light shades. Whether you plan a relaxed day out, a date, an elegant evening affair, or a red carpet walk, this hairstyle will always be the right choice.

9. Full-Head Lowlights. Here a soft mushroom brown base masterfully transitions into cool-toned highlights. As a result, we get a naturally radiant bronde look. Big loose waves give it that iconic ‘touch of glamour’ so many fashion magazines write about. Want to leave a lasting impression? Now you know what look to choose.

10. Beige and Creamy Shades. There are many ideas out there, but you want to find the best one that’ll transform your look, right? This stunning color formula will make your eyes pop. It is best for skin with cool undertones.

11. Light Hair with Lowlights. Today it’s great to pick warm and cool colors within one dye job because you can play with your favorite dark and light tones in highlights and lowlights. The golden shade, darker roots, lowlights, and face-framing highlights blend just perfectly!

12. Voluminous Platinum Waves. Such looks never fail to impress! A perfect texture, slightly off-center parting, striking blend of shades, and you have a hairstyle that like a chameleon adapts to any situation and event of your life, be it just a busy day, chic event, or an important night out.

13. Sleek Ashy Bob. Bobs with straight, clean lines have serious staying power! They never go out of fashion. This look is all about confidence and poise. A sharp silhouette, cool ashy tones, and subtle darker roots make it incredibly stylish and easy to maintain.

14. Rooted Beach Waves. This captivating hairstyle is enhanced with subtle, natural-looking lowlights. Want the vibe of endless summer? Choose a similar coloring job and feel like you’re always on a seaside holiday!

15. Sandy Color. Picking among so many light shades can be confusing, especially if you’re unsure what works for you. Consider the sandy color which offers natural-looking hairstyle. It’s a blend of warm and cool undertones, so it works with any skin tone.

16. Rooted Bronde with Highlights. Why choose a solid color when you can enjoy many shades at once? Get those exciting hues that work in perfect harmony to create an interesting and fun ‘do.

17. Light Tousled Locks. The good old combo of dark roots, light layers, a center part, and loose, soft waves emphasize the simplicity of the style, making it easy-going and flattering for all hair types, face shapes, and life situations.

18. Sunlit Golden Waves. Everyone can easily fall in love with this stunning look! The rich blend of light and darker shades adds dimension, and the locks appear full of life and naturally luminous. Copy this hairstyle and let your hair do all the talking!

19. Face-Framing Highlights. Her hair is all shades of effortless allure, put together in a lazy and rebellious manner. The careless face-framing highlights, stylish unruly layers, and dark roots give this bronde hair style a very sexy appeal. This is a great idea both for younger ladies and the young at heart, too.

20. Warm-Toned Waves. A cascade of luxurious curls with a rich, multi-dimensional color anybody? Yes, please! The darker roots here transition softly into lighter, buttery-toned ends. Such a gradient effect brings fullness and texture to the locks. Eye-catching!

21. Balayage Ombre Waves. What a breathtaking display of ombre balayage artistry! Loose hip-length waves with a smooth transition from milk chocolate roots to radiant, sun-kissed beige tips provide a soft, romantic feel.

22. Cool-Tone Mushroom Bronde. Here you can see a luxuriant combo of armpit-length super-straight locks and ashy mushroom shades. The long, thinned-out, see-through bangs across the forehead give a flirty vibe to the whole look. When we talk about ‘simplicity with a touch of elegance’, we mean hairstyles like this!

23. Toffee-Toned Hair. This bronde look brings together the best of both worlds. The two shades blended so well that it’s kind of hard to tell if it’s highlights on brown hair or brown lowlights on light hair. But one thing is glaringly certain: her hair puts the G on gorgeous.

24. Bright Natural Brown-Blonde. Think of a drizzle of honey on a warm muffin, and you’ll begin to get an idea of how fascinating this hair color is. Light honey shade is easier to maintain when the roots and mid-shaft are in a darker tone, just as this model’s hair. The lovely contrast it creates is another plus. Keep the pieces around your face brighter for a more radiant and dazzling look.

25. Darker Root Melt. The chunky highlights on medium brown hair give an illusion of several different light shades in your locks. It also facilitates a gentle transition to lighter hair for brunettes.

26. Light Golden Streaks. She absolutely has no reason to worry about grow-outs. Her lived-in hair has taken care of that already. New growth merges in with the darker roots and the non-uniform chunks of light hair maintain the effortless shine. Shhhh… we’re talking low maintenance here, ladies.

27. Champagne Hair Tone. Like a tall glass of bubbly champagne, this shade sparkles. The light hair color with a subtle hint of pale pink will give a lovely iridescent feel to your hair.

28. Cool Strands with Warm Roots. Take your pick from these light hair colors: platinum, champagne, or ash. Add warm root smudge or shadow roots for a trendy contrast and dimensional dye job.

29. Silver and Golden Duo. Combining different light shades is always a good idea. Here the striking temperature contrast of silver highlights on golden-tinted hair cannot be overlooked. Her color is just heavenly.

30. Dark Rooted Mane. There are many types of lighter hair shades. What you need to do is to pick your perfect match. Your natural hair color, skin tone, and hair type should be among your top considerations. Dark roots create a beautiful contrast and depth for light-colored manes.

31. Bright Face-Framing. Hair colorists like highlights that are more contrasting and visible near the face for their super power to create an eye-catching frame that can easily enhance the clients’ features. Here these bright strands intermix with a darker base, adding a playful pop of color and depth to the locks. Invest into the right toner to solve the problem of dullness.

32. Asymmetrical Beige-Tinted Lob. The light and carefree looking hairstyle is perfect for those with warmer skin. The mixture of highlights gives that special volume whether you wear your hair wavy or straight.

33. Pearl Vanilla Italian Bob. The highlights and lowlights play beautifully together in this Italian bob haircut. As a result, we see a beautiful multidimensional effect every modern woman wants to have in her locks! Worn sleek and straight or tousled and wavy, this type of bob will always look vibrant and ethereal.

34. Iridescent Medium Blonde. This stunning color job blends glossy golden and beige shades to match them with a natural light brown base and arrive at a perfectly flattering and sophisticated look.

35. Brown and Caramel Fusion. To achieve a hair color that blends shades between light brown and a much lighter tone, your colorist will seamlessly blend a hue like this caramel into your natural brown hair. This will result in a lovely medium-toned hair color. A perfect balance between warmth and brightness!

36. Ashy and Sandy Shades. Muted beige hues play equally well with the light ashy color and neutral brown and can be extremely useful for creating depth and adding dynamics, as illustrated by this style.

37. Frosted Coloring. A shade that flatters most complexions and skin tones. Falling under the icy shades group, frosted cream is brighter. On brown hair, it adds a tantalizing multidimensional feel to your hair.

38. Champagne-Toned Balayage. Surely, you can achieve such a creamy color infused with golden and platinum sparkles by applying good champagne blonde hair dye, but the hand-painted accents are what really make the look dimensional.

39. Shimmering Buttery Shade. This is one of the shiniest color ideas here that features soft golden strands dotted with splashes of a brighter shade strategically placed to enhance movement and light reflection.

40. Strawberry Shade. Tinted with light copper and silver, the strawberry hair is fascinating indeed. A perfect color idea for a high-class Paris Hilton look.

41. Cool-Toned Light Hair. A glossy mix of brighter and darker highlights will surely complement your peachy skin and lighter eye color.

42. Light Golden Tone. Warm tones like sheer gold offer warmth and radiance to your face. Face-framing money pieces in a warm light golden color add a pretty modern touch to your hair.

43. Warm Pale Platinum. A tad warmer than the traditional platinum color and tending towards the champagne tint, this shade is unique and dazzling. It looks very natural! Makes a great transition color for ladies with naturally light manes on a journey to icy platinum.

44. Dimensional Ashy Babylights. If you are after cool-tone shades but want something more interesting than going platinum all over, this ashy scheme with a dark base barely peeking out is just the thing.

45. Rooted Champagne. The delicate melt from dark to icy color is what makes the rooted blonde so fascinating. Such a color glistening with hints of copper and starting off dark at the roots is an enthralling sight.

46. Low-Maintenance Dirty Blonde. Mixing and matching light colors of various levels with your natural brown can be fun, not to mention less hassle with touch-ups as the hair grows out.

47. Slightest Lavender Undertone. Here is a tip for girls looking for the trendiest light color ideas — add interest to your locks with a soft undertone like lavender rather than a bold shade like purple.

48. Soft Lived-In Shade. You can incorporate similar shades into your locks to make your strands appear lived-in. Your colorist will use a highlighting technique to work in this color, amplifying your natural color and giving your mane a polished look.

49. Beige-Toned Face Framing. Softer and more natural-looking color combinations gradually replace the high-contrast money piece trend, and this muted beige color palette keeps up with the fashion.

50. Brown with Creamy Balayage. This picture shows how to stay true to your brown roots while getting the overall look beautifully lifted with sure-handed strokes of the creamy color.

Live your best life after you bring one of these amazing pictures to your next hair appointment. We hope these inspired the long-awaited move towards the lighter side. After all, light-haired women have more fun, don’t they?