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50 Beautiful Blonde Hair Colors for Every Skin Tone

Nowadays there are thousands of options to choose from when you decide to go for blond hair. With lots of ways out there to ease your way into the effortless blonde living, going blonde is an incredibly fun process.

Find your perfect fit among these 50 exciting blond hair colors that will totally boost your confidence!

1. Blonde Hair with Brown Lowlights. Can’t go wrong with a seductive dimension like this thanks to the ashy brown lowlights and nearly white face-framing pieces.

2. Brown to Blonde Hair Balayage. Get this look if you’re on the hunt for the subtle types of blonde hair that give you superior dimension due to white accents and still let you keep your soft browns.

Soft Brown Hair with Blonde Balayage
By Amy

3. Caramel Balayage Blonde Hair. A great option if you want to keep your hair low-maintenance with a 24/7 top-notch look. You’ll look dashing with lived-in chunky caramel strands and an easy grow out!

4. Soft Butter Blonde Hair. Buttery shades are super flattering to all skin tones, so if it is your first time going blonde, you should absolutely think about taking this route.

5. Brown to Blonde Hair Balayage. Get the best of both worlds by keeping your brown roots for an easy grow out and getting warm blonde ends!

6. Toasted Coconut Brown and Blonde Hair. Perfectly warm shades of blonde and white flashes are a great fit for your darker browns. Try something new!

7. Reddish Blonde Hair Ombre. A light auburn base mixed with golden highlighted ends will absolutely freshen up your look and add an extra dimension.

8. Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. Add some sparkle and volume to your darker hair by working some pearly and white highlights through the length.

9. Butter Blonde Bob Hair. If you’re looking for a lighter blonde, but can’t commit to going platinum, choose shades of buttery blonde for a soft relaxed look.

10. Pixie Cut in Platinum Blonde Shade. Channel your inner Kris Jenner with a stunning short shaggy cut and customize it by a cool-toned dusty blonde set off by darker roots.

11. Mushroom Blonde Wavy Hair. Super flattering to darker eyes, the mushroom blonde tone is the closest shade to dusty blonds.

12. Dirty Mushroom Blonde Hair. Mushroom blonde is definitely one of the most popular blonde hair colors right now. Neither dark nor totally blonde, this shade will get you more compliments than a cute puppy in hand.

13. Casual Beach Blonde Hair. A winner for brown-haired women who want a lighter shade. The warm tones of “sun-kissed” highlights look amazing being set off by naturally darker tones.

14. Cool Shoulder Length Blonde Hair. Going for dirty blonde hair gets you a low-maintenance, beautiful, and easy-to-style hairdo!

15. Shaggy Cut for Light Blonde Hair. This neither warm nor cool tone of blonde will have you sitting right between shabby chic and old Hollywood charm.

16. Rose Gold Blonde Hair. Go for everyone’s favorite – irresistible rose gold if you want to spice up your casual blonde a little.

17. Pale Blonde Hair with Highlights. Cooler shades of blonde with mixed in darker lowlights for added dimension will hands-down bring the needed spark to your tired mane!

18. Pixie Cut for Ash Blonde Hair. Silver shades of blonde hair have been booming for a few years now. You should definitely consider this option for your next salon visit.

19. Silver Blonde Hair for Medium Length. Cooler blonds are a great choice for a summer makeover, as they look their best on sun-kissed skin.

20. Icy Blonde Hair in a Short Bob. Such a flattering style sits nicely amongst the classics of blonde hair ideas for older and more sophisticated women. It shines in different shades of icy blond while perfectly hiding the grays.

21. Blonde Hair with Red Highlights. Feel the rock-n-roll race through your veins with this creative variation on the common caramel blonde highlights.

22. Long Dark Ash Blonde Hair. Make a statement and keep them guessing what shade your hair actually is with a stunning tone of ashy mushroom and tipped out ends.

23. Golden Blonde Hair. If you’re after a traditional bohemian feel, this is the place to start your blonde journey!

24. Platinum Bright Blonde Hair. The white blonde will perfectly hide any unwanted grays, as well as get you looking fresher in no time!

25. Dusty Champagne Blonde Hair. For ladies who don’t really want to go to the lightest extremes, this ashy champagne color with money pieces will be an absolute no brainer.

26. Lavender-Tinted Short Blonde Hair. Create your own style and remake your identity by choosing a non-traditional shade to tone your blonde!

27. Red Hair with Golden Balayage. Enjoy a sweet color blend of reddish browns and super-saturated lively blonde highlights.

28. Pearly Blonde Hair on Dark Skin. Going blonde for our chocolate skinned ladies instantly adds more character to the overall look! A drastic change for the win.

29. Platinum Blonde Hair with Dark Eyebrows. Just like the new “Sabrina” Kiernan Shipka is rocking her platinum with dark brown brows, you can too! Get the style to feel extra mystical and edgy.

30. Warm Blonde Hair with Dark Roots. A very delicate and soft styling of blonde shades that will also minimize visits to your stylist thanks to keeping your roots natural.

Dark Roots and Golden Blonde Lengths
By Toni

31. Sandy Blonde Hair Color. Many Hollywood actresses choose this color to keep their looks effortlessly glam with a touch of beach flare wherever they go.

32. Super Bright Pink Blonde Hair. If you’re out of blonde hair color ideas, here’s one to shine brighter than diamonds with this cool neon-pink toner! All attention is totally yours.

33. Champagne Blonde Curly Hair. Pearly blondes with champagne undertones do work their magic especially when shown off in tight ringlets.

34. Blush Strawberry Blonde Hair. With suave waves especially, this rose gold balayage is bound to become the center of attention.

35. Cool Blond Hair Style. A glossy mix of bright and dirty blond highlights will surely compliment your peachy skin and lighter eye color.

36. Blonde Ombre Hair in Light Caramel. Butterscotch blond is a cute pick for ivory skin. The color sits perfectly between browns and lighter blonds.

37. Silver Gray Blonde Hair Color. There’re so many grays to choose from, it’s easy to get lost. Start with a cool platinum-like blonde hair dye to make a statement!

38. Bold Copper Blonde Hair Color. A very well-balanced style that sits right between reddish tones and light blondes, made even better with a lovely face frame.

39. Curly Pearl Blonde Hair. A lovely dimensional blonde that plays in the sun nicely thanks to platinum ribbons woven through the lengths.

40. Black Girl with Blonde Hair Style. Show off your edgy side with a bright platinum blonde color and complement it with a bold undercut hairstyle!

41. Natural Highlights for Blonde Hair. If you want to keep it as neutral as possible, ask your stylist for soft babylights and teasylights to get a natural bronde look.

42. White Blonde Hair with Blush Highlights. Add something special to your blonde mane by playing with pinky blush accents along your hair length.

43. Caramel Blonde Hair with Bangs. Beachy highlights play out even better with stylish shaggy bangs that create an effortless Parisian feel.

44. Medium Length Blonde Hair Highlights. Experiment with several tones of soft caramel and blonde to achieve the extra dimension and liveliness of your hair.

45. Snowy Platinum Blonde Hair. Compliment your beautiful olive skin with a warmer shade that stands somewhere between silver and soft gray.

46. Super White Blonde Hair. If blonde seems too ordinary to you, try expressive glossy white hair when you next sit in your stylist’s chair.

47. Black Roots and Blonde Highlights. This combination of colors is just as good as a delicious mix of dark and white chocolate. An easy grow out for the beautiful soft blonde balayage is guaranteed.

48. Asymmetrical Lob for Beige Blond Hair. The light and carefree looking hairstyle is perfect for those with warmer skin. The mixture of blonde highlights gives that special volume whether you wear your hair wavy or straight.

49. Dark Blonde Hair with Subtle Blonde Highlights. This gorgeous darker blonde leans towards delicate browns with a pink undertone, but the shine-boosting blonde highlights won’t let it go easily.

50. Short Curly Blonde Hair for Darker Skin. Lively curls help so much with bringing some extra bounce to your hair! Besides, warm blondes work super well with tanned skin and naturally darker skin tones.

Live your best life after you bring one of these amazing pictures of blonde hair to your next hair appointment. We hope these inspired the long-awaited move towards the lighter side. After all, blondes have more fun, don’t they?

by Editors
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