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30 Gorgeous Mushroom Brown Hair Styles Perfect for Your Skin Tone

Mushroom brown hair is one of the most popular and ever-fashionable hair colors that the fashion world can’t just get enough of. Mushroom brown hair color usually appears ravishingly cool and neutral as an earthy hue. Throw in some matching mushroom highlights and your base hair color will become enchantingly dimensional!

What is mushroom brown hair? Mushroom brown hair color is any hair color from the brown palette that resembles the cap of the portobello mushroom. It is neutral or more on the cooler side and can incorporate some creamy or ashy tones.

We have compiled a selection of the 30 most charming mushroom brown hair colors to help you get it right the first time.

1. Classic Mushroom Brown Hair Color. The cool and refreshing beauty of this earthy hair color is unbeatable. The richness of her mushroom brown hair color is enhanced by the placement of the light cool brown highlights humbly emerging from the roots and flourishing midshaft to ends.

2. Mushroom Brunette Hair. Mushroom highlights on brunette hair are so impressive and eye-catching. The multidimensional color created by the light mushroom brown highlights on the rich brunette hair is enticing. The lighter-colored ends help to add much luster to her brunette hair.

3. Mushroom Blonde Hair. A cool-toned light ash-brown balayage blended with dark brown hair to create gorgeous mushroom blonde hair. The ash shades of her fabulous blunt-cut bob give it tons of dimension.

4. Matte Mushroom Brown Hair with Front Highlights. Some exquisite strands of ash blonde highlights embedded into light mushroom brown hair. The secret to this hair is the unique mushroom brown hair color formula. Those elegant patches of money pieces are so classy.

5. Light Mushroom Brown Hair. Come and see the wonders only mushroom brown hair can do. There is no better word to describe this hair other than traffic-stopping. The multidimensional sun-kissed babylights, stylish layers, and fancifully spread-out ends are just beautiful beyond description.

6. Ash ‘n’ Chocolate Mushroom Brown Hair. The allure of this ashy mushroom brown hair is amazing. The luminosity and dimension of the ashy highlights on the dark chocolate-brown base lend gracefulness to the flow of her wavy tresses. What a delightful way to flaunt your wavy hair.

7. Dark Mushroom Brown Hair. Talk about versatility, and this dark mushroom brown hair takes center stage immediately. An ultra-cool representation of golden-brown, dark purple, and light violet highlights on the base of dark chocolate cherry hair. Dab on the right shade of lipstick to go with the hair color and you have it all figured out.

8. Mushroom Brown Ombre. This soft mushroom hair with dustings of grayish babylights is fascinating. The babylights were perfectly blended into the mushroom brown with the hair tips ending in a silver sombré. A sombre is just like an ombre but in a softer and more subtle shade.

9. Short Mushroom Brown Hair. The earthy feel of this light mushroom brown hair is invigorating. Ashy lowlights were seamlessly blended into her mushroom hair to create a stunning finished look without downplaying the lovely brown color of her hair.

10. Mushroom Brown Balayage. This hair is practically glowing with a kicky liveliness and beauty. A delectable balayage of dark mushroom brown hair with contrasting cappuccino brown highlights. The hair is darker on top and radiant with more pronounced highlights from the midshaft.

11. Chestnut Mushroom Brown Hair. An elegant hairstyle featuring loose beach curls for an intriguing ridged look. The glossy light mushroom brown hair color that appears almost mahogany brown puts the icing on the cake.

12. Mushroom Brown Blunt Bob. Give it up for this stylishly teased and tousled short mushroom brown hair. The dark base is glazed with soft ashy and gray highlights.

13. Lush Mushroom Highlights. Enchanting deep water waves with such an amazing sleek and lustrous feel. A high-quality mushroom brown hair dye was used to develop the mushroom highlights and ash-brown lowlights neatly blended into her hair to create this highly luminous and polished hairstyle.

14. Milky Mushroom Brown Hair. This cool-toned mushroom brown color on straight hair is all shades of fabulous. The creamy earthy shade lends some inviting warmth to her face.

15. Blonde and Mushroom Brown Hair. This dazzling combination of caramel and sandy blonde balayage represents the trendiest hair color technique. The way the soft blend of dirty blonde and mushroom highlights transitions effortlessly into a subtle face-framing is fascinating.

16. Mushroom Brown Hair with Full Highlights. Blending chocolate brown with golden brown or blonde hair will give you a beautiful dark mushroom brown hair look this rich. A balayage with ash-brown highlights on dark brunette hair will yield similar results.

17. Mushroom Hair with Blonde Ombré. The dark mushroom-colored base with a mixture of ashy blonde and light mushroom highlights ending elegantly in a sombré is terrific. The face-framing highlights are just adorable too.

18. Sun-Kissed Mushroom Hair. The luscious streaks of highlights on the base of dark caramel brown hair merge to give this perfectly sun-kissed mushroom brown color. Hair this classy is a perfect idea for any brunette.

19. Shoulder-Length Mushroom Brown Hair. Lighten up your dark hair with light brown highlights to create a gorgeous natural-looking mushroom brown hair color. Fluff your hair for a messy look and extra volume. Wear a heartwarming smile for maximum effect.

Mushroom Brown Hair with Dark Roots
By Mika

20. Stripy Mushroom Brown Hair. An awesome balayage with mushroom brown highlights alternated vertically and horizontally with light coppery brown streaks. The highlights were tinted at intervals with more pronounced bronze dustings to create a wonderful effect in the back.

21. Mushroom Brown Ombre Lob. Use a mushroom brown hair dye to create mushroom balayage highlights starting from the crown of your head. Finish up with an ashy mushroom brown ombre at the ends of your hair. The vibrancy of this beautiful hair is subtle but full of sheen and glamor.

Beautiful Lob with Mushroom Brown Highlights
By Dana

22. Mushroom Brown Highlights. If you want to add some spice to your natural brown, create a very attractive combo of mushroom brown hair color and lavender highlights. The blend of cool, warm, and neutral shades is super stunning.

23. Metallic Mushroom Hair. A subtle bronze balayage on beautiful mushroom brown hair. The metallic sheen adds a bit of warmth to the cooler tone of the mushroom hair.

24. Mushroom Balayage with Lowlights. Ramp up your natural brunette hair with ashy highlights for dimension. The combination of bronze brown highlights and natural lowlights makes for a subtle yet dimensional look.

25. Honey and Mushroom Brown Balayage. This hair color is gorgeously beautiful. Looks like a portobello mushroom glazed with warm honey. The honey brown balayage is equally flattering for a dark and light mushroom brown base as it brings a golden tint that is so cool and pretty.

26. Mushroom Brown Sombré. The dark roots, middle mushroom brown layer, and gray ends play together to create fascinatingly beautiful wavy ombre hair in earthy shades.

27. Mushroom Blonde Streaks. A perfect blend of sun-kissed blonde highlights with mushroom brown hair. The exquisite sun-reflecting look of this hair is amazing.

28. Mushroom Hair with Blonde Peek-A-Boo Highlights. This hairstyle is just mesmeric! Full of fascinating details and dimension. The graceful flow of her wispy mushroom brown hair and the delicate blonde highlights peeking out from underneath is super-duper cute.

29. Bed-Head Mushroom Brown Hair. A fetching combo of light mushroom brown hair and ashy highlights. The hair color looks great on her shoulder-length layered bed-head hair.

30. Ashy Mushroom Brown Hair. This earthy and hearty cool-toned mushroom brown hair is magnificent. The pronounced gray and brown highlights towards the ends are fabulously dimensional.

Whether you aim to spot lovely neutral mushroom brown hair or try full or partial mushroom brown highlights, we believe you have found here the hairstyle you’ve been looking for. Drop a comment below on what you think about the mushroom hair color trend and share if you like the article!

by Editors
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