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What are the most effective salon hair treatments?

Nkeiruka Obiwulu
Do salon hair treatments work? What salon hair treatment to choose for my hair?

How lucky we are to have all the best salon hair treatments available to us today! Hair can be damaged in so many different ways – it may be over-bleached, dehydrated, frizzy, too thin, completely unmanageable – and the most important thing is to find out the exact problem. Today, modern salon hair treatment services include all kinds of procedures for damaged hair, which work differently and effectively. Some of them restore, rebuild, and repair your locks, while others are aimed at improving the look of the hair and making it appear healthier.

In this article, we have gathered some of the most popular and commonly used hair treatments and practices, both nourishing and those that make your hair shine and look beautiful quickly without deep revitalization. Read on for the most useful tips!

Salon Keratin Treatments

Keratin is a type of protein, one of the main components of your hair. A keratin hair treatment, sometimes called Cezanne, or Brazilian keratin treatment (but there are other types and brands), is a chemical procedure for dry frizzy hair that makes it straight, smooth, and shiny. A proper hair salon keratin treatment with the right maintenance yields amazing results lasting up to 6 months.

The reason why it’s better to go for a salon keratin treatment instead of doing it at home is that it usually involves formaldehyde-releasing components that may be dangerous if used wrong, and needs processing strands with high temperatures. To make the post-keratin effect longer you will need regular cuticle protection and moisture salon treatments. Warning! If your hair is extremely damaged, keratin treatments are not for you. Better opt for botox.

Professional Protein Treatments

Protein treatments are the best salon hair treatments for damaged hair. Many women choose them for restoring their dry brittle hair and boosting its growth. Protein helps to prevent breakage and reinforce the structure of the hair strand by filling in weak and damaged areas. There are various protein hair smoothing salon treatments, and each makes your locks stronger by providing hydrolyzed protein directly to the follicle. Right after a protein treatment for hair in a salon, you will see and feel the difference. The effect will last 4-6 weeks.

In-Salon Scalp Treatments

When taking care of the hair and doing moisture treatments, many people tend to forget that they need to focus on the scalp as well and underrate salon scalp treatments! If you feel like your hair never really looks clean enough, it’s only the hair and scalp treatment that can prevent it from getting excessively oily too fast. Scalp treatments come in a variety of forms, such as scrubs, oils, foams, sprays, etc.

Clarifying Treatment

A clarifying hair treatment at a salon, or a detox treatment, as we call it, is a ‘reset button’ for your scalp and locks that removes dirt and strips away product buildup. This is an extremely effective salon therapy that makes your hair thicker, way easier to style, and boosts its growth. If you see that your hair has become too weak, stringy, and completely lifeless, consider trying this procedure.

Salon Hot Oil Treatment

Doing a hair hot oil treatment salon session may be quite helpful for all hair types. It’s probably the best salon treatment for damaged hair you can get, as it brings life back to your locks by restoring the hair structure. Olive, castor, or coconut oil can serve as a great dry hair remedy, so go ahead, book a hair consultation, and nourish your hair! The procedure itself includes shampooing, applying oils to your hair and scalp if needed, heating, and washing oils out.

In-Salon Botox Treatment

If you’re looking for a silky hair treatment, look no further – hair botox treatment is the one for you. Don’t be afraid, this hair treatment does not imply using any needles at all! If your locks are quite dehydrated, or you have naturally curly hair (lucky you!), we definitely recommend trying a botox salon treatment. This procedure is considered to be a super-effective hair treatment for dry ends and for frizzy hair. To put it simply, salon hair botox is a deep-conditioning treatment with keratin, however, it leaves your natural hair texture intact.

Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

Another frizzy, lifeless, and dry hair treatment beloved by many, this procedure can fix a variety of hair issues. After all, the deep hair conditioning treatment is one of the most effective salon hair treatments available today. It might be the best hair treatment for people who’ve noticed their hair doesn’t look that soft, shiny, and hydrated as it used to. Such a hair hydration treatment must be scheduled at least once in several months for its maximum effect, and it’s suitable for all hair types.

Salon Relax Treatment

Also known as the hair relaxer, this is truly the best anti-frizz hair treatment, particularly for women with unruly, coarse curly or wavy hair. A relaxing salon treatment for hair involves using chemicals to reduce the curls and bring your locks to an easier manageable state. A good post-relaxing treatment is a must in this case.

Professional In-Salon Rebonding Treatment

Looks almost the same as relaxing treatment, but rebonding uses much stronger components. Usually, it is a perming mix, plus a flat iron. However, your hair looks much straighter than after simple relaxing.

Professional Toning Treatment

If you’re blonde but want to get rid of the unwanted warm yellowish hues, try a toner treatment hair in a salon. That’s a very popular salon treatment for bleached damaged hair, which, however, only adds a tone over your natural hair color rather than permanently altering it. It doesn’t technically treat it, only making your locks look shinier and healthier. If you need repairing, several different treatments will be needed for the desired result.

Hair Glossing Treatment

A hair gloss treatment works well for those who are willing to improve the color, or rather, the shine of their locks. In short, this procedure helps to correct the tone and refresh the hue of your hair between your hair dye appointments. Usually, hair gloss treatment is simply applying a professional product to your locks, leaving it for some time, and rinsing out. You may use it not only for color-treated hair but also for your natural hair shade.

Pro Olaplex Treatment

Olaplex belongs to the protein salon treatments, and it’s a 3-step procedure for repairing your hair and preventing hair damage. Being one of the most efficient salon treatments for fine hair and damaged locks, it works at the molecular level, rebuilding the strength, integrity, and structure of your hair. Olaplex salon hair treatment is great for over-bleached and damaged hair. The key ingredient is Bis-aminopropyl diglycoldimaleate, a patented ingredient that actively restores the broken bonds within the hair. Olaplex is often offered with other services, for example, you may get it as a part of a color service.

As you can see, there are dozens of different salon hair treatments for women. Whether you want to improve your hair color, get rid of the undesired undertones, or actually look for a salon hair treatment for split ends, fine hair, or frizzy locks, you will always be able to find the best hair treatment for your mane. However, it is better to consult your hairstylist before booking anything. They will determine the condition of your hair and recommend the next step.

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