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50 Must-See Brown Hair Color Ideas for Women Who Want to Go Brunette

If you haven’t tried going brunette yet, it is time to make a change in favor of brown hair. Or in case you are a proud owner of a dark chocolate mane, after looking through these awesome ideas for a makeover, you will absolutely want to kick it up a notch. Spark some color with highlights, look glam with balayage or feel cute and cozy with ashy mushroom brown hair.

Choose a brunette hairstyle from this gallery and make it yours today!

1. Brunette Hair with Babylights. Can’t ever go wrong with a cute chocolate hairdo and sun-kissed highlights that frame the face nicely.

2. Medium Length Brown Hair. So, there are two ways you can get this style. If you’re a natural brunette, simply add a lighter shade on your ends for some color. Otherwise, it’s a great place to start for brunette hair color newbies!

3. Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights. So subtle and sweet, this easy to maintain style will effortlessly breathe some life into your hair. Style it with chunky curls for a truly sultry feel.

4. Medium Brown Hair. If you’ve always wanted to go for sweet and sexy Audrey Tautou’s bob, this natural shade and straight-across cut will be perfect for you.

5. Dark Brown Hair Color with Highlights. Imagine having a long luscious mane like this! With a few highlighted strokes, you are no doubt bound to feel a tad mysterious and romantic.

6. Brown Hair with Bronze Highlights. Try something a little more complex with dustier shades of brown. Added bronze highlights will pop once you curl your hair!

7. Cool Brown Color. Colder shades of brown hair are an absolute must-have for girls with cooler skin tones.

8. Long Brown Hair. Having hair like this gives you so much room for creativity! Although, to not ruin your hair in one go, we advise you to start with light brushes of color throughout the length.

9. Reddish Brown Hair with Curls. Stand out from the bland crowd with hair brighter than fire! Mixing darker tones with copper and red can give your curls exceptional dimension.

10. Dark Brown Hair with Highlights. Deeper shades of brown revealed from a different angle. Face-framing caramel highlights look particularly cute with some light waves in your hair!

11. Light Chocolate Balayage. When you just can’t decide if you want your hair dark or light, keep both! If your stylist can paint free-hand, ask them to do so… in case you are ready for curiously unpredictable results.

12. Chocolate Brown Hair. Such a warm and cozy color! To reach a natural brown hair look, you should definitely show this style to your hairdresser.

Natural-Looking Chocolate Brown Hair
By Cris

13. Short Brown Hair. The French love to say that beauty is in simple things. We love that saying as much as this effortlessly cute basic hairstyle!

14. Cinnamon Hair Color. Brown hues at the top with feisty reds and copper through the length will definitely help you make whichever statement you’re looking to make.

15. Walnut Brown Hair Color Shade. Feel a little closer to Jessica Alba with walnut brown balayage highlights. It looks so natural; you’ll forget you dyed it in the first place!

16. Warm Brown Hair. Ranging from warmer to cooler tones, the hairdo you see below is one of the best brown hairstyles for those with peachy skin.

17. Dark Hair Color with Caramel Ombre. Brown shades are neatly blended with deep reds that slowly transition to warm salted caramel undertones. Simply perfect!

18. Dark Brown Hair with Light Chocolate. Does the trick, if you wish to add more volume to your fabulous long hair. Also, one of those styles to help you gracefully grow your roots out.

19. Brown Curly Hair. Curls are a lot of fun. And in a deeper brown shade, they stand out even more, like an enormous bubbly chocolate bar.

20. Chocolate Cherry Hair Color. Deep and mysterious, the color that says “Anything for you!” and even more. The glossy dark cherry for ladies who know what they want.

21. Chocolate Brown Hair Color Idea. A seductive blend of roasted coffee and dried cranberries – that’s how we’d describe this noble color.

22. Brown Shade for Fine Hair. Subtle highlights or lowlights are perfect for dark hair. Add just enough color, while keeping the hair safe and healthy.

23. Soft Light Brown Blunt Bob. Sometimes it feels there are not enough dark hair color ideas for shorter lengths. Don’t worry, this well-stretched subtle and professional-looking balayage is what you need.

24. Dark Browns with Rusty Balayage. Just as we’ve mentioned, rich browns and punchy reds are a match made in heaven that works for all skin tones!

25. Brunette Highlights with Auburn Ends. A brilliant idea for girls with darker skin tones. Deep browns will highlight your features, and a range of reds can undeniably spark fierceness in your looks.

26. Straightened Natural Brown Hair. Brown hair has multiple undertones that shine nicely on their own. Take good care of your hair, so when you straighten it, you’ll get a flawless silky look, like the inspiring style here!

27. Deep Brown Hair Shade. If you prefer your hair to be old-fashioned with no highlights, volume belongs to the cut. Shaggy textured styles are the way to go!

28. Ash Brown Hair Color. An absolutely stunning trend of the previous year that’s still very much alive. Warm and peachy skinned girls, you won’t regret going ashy!

29. Chestnut Hair. A rich, flavored color that shines in the hair and enhances brown and hazel eyes. Gets even better when styled with loose, chunky curls.

30. Glossy Dark Hair with Highlights. An almost black shade gets the volume and extra dimension from chaotic bright reddish strokes that complete this beautiful brown hair color.

31. Mahogany Brunette Hairstyle. For those natural brunettes who don’t want a full-on transformation, try adding subtle chestnut or dark caramel highlights here and there for a lifted feel.

32. Honey Brown Hair Color. A cute solution for ladies with cooler skin undertones. Go lighter near the face to accentuate your features.

33. Brunette Honey Whiskey Shade. Another great choice for low-maintenance girls. The V-shaped balayage frames your face nicely, while cooler tones of honey caramel shine brightly at the ends.

34. Chunky Caramel Balayage Highlights. Think of gooey caramel meeting dark spiced rum. Such a beautiful combo that instantly gives volume and spark to brown hair.

35. Brunette Hair with Copper Brown Streaks. Simple and beautiful. Copper shades are great for anyone who wants to start their transformation from something volume-boosting.

36. Cozy Cinnamon Brown Highlights. Awesome and comforting wintery hair color. Work your way down from darker tones of brown, while adding warming hues of caramel and light brown throughout the length.

37. Light Brunette Hair with Copper Tones. Hands down, this sensual and warming, copper-rich balayage color should be on your list of hair colors to try.

38. Burgundy Brown Short Hair. A rather reserved, but still full of vivid tones of red and dark burgundy, this color can be life-changing for our older ladies.

39. Extravagant Dark Chocolate Brown. A mesmerizing shade of rich dark chocolate can leave anyone speechless. Barely noticeable traces of red highlights make sure every angle is your best angle, especially under the sun.

40. Dusty Brown Color. Serene shades of brown with mixed in bronze tones are pure joy. If you wish to look your best with a style that says “just woke up”, here’s what you need.

41. Dark to Light Milk Chocolate Balayage. When you feel the urge to change but don’t want to commit to something big, try this elusive balayage from deeper tones of rich brown to matte chocolate.

42. 3D Brunette Hairstyle. A chameleon style that anyone, including you, won’t be able to take their eyes off. Blueish hues with almost black roots meet a broad range of browns and caramel that create a multidimensional feel.

43. Soft Brunette Balayage. Here you get almost a tri-color solution for your long hair. Lighter chocolates do their volume magic, while deeper browns and cherry-red hues help you step your color game up.

44. Dark Brown with Chocolate and Chestnut. A truly majestic color combination for a feisty lady that loves rocking those warm chestnut and choco tones.

45. Brown to Caramel Blonde Ombre. When you are feeling those light shades for hot summer days but still want to stick to your lovely brunette roots – show this style to your talented stylist.

46. Rich Chocolate Hair Color. When we think of a perfect brown shade, we want to imagine something like this. Voluminous, thanks to caramel babylights woven throughout, you and your new style will absolutely become the center of attention.

47. Melted Macadamia Brown Balayage. If you want your hair rest but can’t compromise your good looks, go for a delicate macadamia nut hue and let your hair grow out in peace.

48. Red and Deep Brown Balayage. Another fantastic way to style your tempting brunette layers. Bring out the best in your balayage hair with soft beachy waves.

49. Plum Red and Black Color. With these enticing waves, you will feel like you’ve just walked off a superhero movie. Accentuate your warm skin tone and dark eyes with a statement-making color.

50. Rusty Chocolate Brown Hair Color. Feeling the vibes of Kate Middleton’s styles. She once wore this truly royal shade of brown with grace; now it’s your turn.

It’s a widely held belief that blondes have more fun, but after this imposing list of truly magnetizing browns, caramels, and reds, we’d like to open up a dispute regarding brown hair. We know for a fact how joyous the life of a brunette can be and hope that these exciting, rich colors have stirred up your interest in brunette hair shades too!

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