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30 Fantastic Ideas of Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

3. Warm Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. This lovely picture shows a high-contrast blonde and brown hair combination where honey blonde face-framing pieces merge with lavish highlights throughout the mid-shaft and ends.

If you are wondering whether you can enrich your brown hair with blonde highlights, you are in the right place at the right time. Whether your hair is short or long, blonde highlights can really make your brunette locks look very attractive, and we will show you how.

All you have to do is choose the right shade of blonde, depending on your skin tone, eye color, and the latest hair color trends. Have a look at these 30 breathtaking brown and blonde hairstyles, book the best hair colorist near you, and may your ‘hair dreams’ come true.

1. Light Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. Light brown hair with blonde highlights will keep you the center of attention in any crowd or in the street. It is very conspicuous and attractive.

2. Straight Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. Look summer-ready every day whether it’s summer or winter. Straight brown hair with blonde highlights always gives you a very beautiful look!

3. Warm Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. This lovely picture shows a high-contrast blonde and brown hair combination where honey blonde face-framing pieces merge with lavish highlights throughout the mid-shaft and ends.

4. Blended Light Brown with Blonde Highlights. This light brown with blonde highlights masterpiece is a superb hairstyle that will fit someone who is not prepared for a full blond change.

5. Brown Hair with Lots of Blonde Highlights. If you want to be a pacesetter; if you want to lead as others follow, the route to take is to adopt this brown hair with lots of blonde highlights. Impossible to keep your eyes off it.

6. Streaky Blonde Highlights on Dark Hair. This ethereal style gets plenty of depth and movement with the creamy blonde ribbons of hair, but we want to direct your particular attention to the brighter thick streaks near the face.

7. Deep Brunette Hair with Blonde Highlights. This minimalist color scheme uses highlights sparingly just to give some shine to the light-absorbing dark brown and delicately illuminate the face without going too blonde.

8. Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights. Do you have long hair and want to make it look gorgeous? Here’s a style to consider. Dark hair with lots of blonde highlights gives you a universal hairstyle to fit any occasion.

9. Dimensional Brown and Blonde Hair. Brown blonde hair is amazing! It is the all-season coloring, it suits all hair types, skin tones, base hair colors, and is really, really versatile. You should not think of another hairstyle if you like low-maintenance and sure-fire options.

10. Chic Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights and Waves. While bright streaks of blonde work perfectly for illuminating the face and making your whole look much lighter, subtle highlights in brown hair do another useful job – they add a nice play of color to otherwise dull locks.

11. Dimensional Brown Hair Balayage. This great color job seamlessly blends different shades of brown and blonde hair to bring out dimension and create a lived-in style that will grow out with no visible demarcation.

12. Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights from Roots. This basically straight hair is infused with movement through layering and feathering. Moreover, it is also volumized with blonde strips starting on the crown and melting into highly textured pieces on the bottom.

13. Hip-Length Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. A lady can be gorgeous despite her age. Such brunette brown hair with blonde highlights will suit teens, ladies over 30, and older women, and will remain an anti-aging treatment for the latter.

14. Bronde Hair with Dramatic Root Smudge. This version of dark brown hair with blonde highlights stands out for a more dramatic contrast between the deep shade at the roots and the airy blonde around the face and through the ends.

15. Silky Waves with Creamy Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair. Going blonde in front rather than throughout the perimeter is a smart move for those who seek low maintenance and a less harsh effect on the hair. However, putting additional sparks of honey here and there promises more fun and infrequent touch-ups.

16. Multi-Tone Foilayage for Long Hair. While a bit of layering and texturizing debulk this mane and evoke some waves, the blend of brown and blonde adds depth and saves the hair from looking flat.

17. Honey Blonde Highlights for Brunettes. As the name suggests, it is pure honey! Honey blonde highlights for brunettes with warm skin tones are the best bet. Your makeover will not pass unnoticed.

18. Pearly Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair. With super shiny splashes of pearly blonde throughout the ashy brown, this dreamy color scheme is a real find for girls with cool skin undertones wishing to go brighter.

19. Muted Blond Highlights on Brown Hair. This girl prefers to steer clear of stark contrasts and keeps her roots stunningly deep, with the smokey blonde concentrated only around the face and at the ends.

20. Golden Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair. Girls with warm tones in their skin will want to copy this naturally looking style having a shine-enhancing golden tint embedded into the medium brown base.

21. Never-Failing Multi-Tonal Blond Highlights on Brunette Locks. If you want to turn into a brunette with blonde highlights, you will inevitably face the problem of choosing a flattering shade of blonde. But actually, you can take a cue from this beautiful girl who rocks ashy and golden hues within one hairstyle.

22. Mesmerizing Light Brown with Blonde Highlights. This stunning caramel balayage radiates shine and sparkles with warm shades of brown and blond to accentuate the masterfully cut layers and add vibrancy to the bouncy curls.

23. Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. This charming chocolate brown lob sparks with champagne blonde thanks to the reverse balayage that plays with lowlights too instead of only lifting the hair color.

24. Dimensional Bronde Hairstyle. These layers are styled into barely-there waves, but they look no less amazing than hairstyles with bouncy curls due to the depth and glow of the highlights with variable brightness.

25. Sun-Kissed Brunette Hair. Here we have a strategic approach to brown hair lightening, with blonde pieces placed mostly to frame the face and brighten up the ends, leaving the natural base genuinely intact.

26. Pops of Gold in Brown Locks. In addition to boasting tons of depth and extra shine gained with the highlights, this summer-ready style comes with built-in low maintenance thanks to the masterfully done root melt.

27. Seamless Brown to Blonde Transition. This shimmering style features an amazing mix of brown and blonde hues glossed with a cool yet not overly gray tone to perfectly adjust to the skin tone.

28. Peachy Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights. If your hair is on the reddish side of brown, it cannot prevent you from rocking a dimensional illuminated style similar to this lovely textured cut.

29. Warm Blonde Highlights in Brown Hair. The slightly curled light brown hair with warm blonde highlights is fit for a modern princess or a pop star.

30. Soft Blonde Balayage on Brunette Hair. The tiny blonde highlights on the top layer of brown hair are very soft and smooth and will make you completely satisfied with your overall appearance. And what more every girl needs? Your hair is 90% of your look!

As we see, blonde highlights look very cute on brown hair. They are sexy and attractive, suited for every occasion and every season. Choose brown hair with blonde highlights and you will never have a bad hair day, whether you opt for loose curls, straight hair, or updos.

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