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How to hide bangs?

I made the mistake of cutting my own bangs on an impulse decision and instantly regretted it. Is there any way bangs can be transformed into side framing or thinned out and made into layers? Or do you have any suggestions on how to fix or hide bangs?

Yes, chopping bangs may sometimes be a very impulsive decision. No wonder why thousands of women and girls want to find out how to hide bangs, as bangs cut too short may become a real disaster. How to fix bangs in this case? Or maybe you want to create a no-bangs look for an upcoming event to stun everybody? Despite the reason, there are a lot of easy ways to hide bangs, and they are really life-changing! We wish we knew them earlier.

How to Hide Bangs of Different Lengths and Types

Let’s start with ideas on how to hide shorter bangs. A short fringe has many benefits. It can draw more attention to your eyes, it is trendy in 2023, and blah-blah. However, sometimes it annoys and you may want to get rid of it asap. While it can be challenging to hide really short bangs, it is still doable.

Tricks to grow out bangs gracefully. Use quality shampoo + conditioner, hair treatments weekly, keep switching up your part & get creative with accessories.

You may hide cropped pieces using various accessories, but consider making them look better first. For example, use a mini hair straightener for your newly-cut bangs. So, to style bangs that are too short, you will need to have the following things: a mini hair straightener / a standard flat iron, a hair comb, and a good heat protectant (optional). Apply some heat protectant on your bangs and wait for it to dry, brush your fringe, and start flattening your hair by moving the straightener from the roots down to the desired side / sides.

The other ways that can help you hide a fringe cut too short or improperly are following:

– braiding it

– twisting it

– sweeping your bangs to one side

– pinning them back

How to Fix Bangs That You Don't Like
By Amy

Of course, everything depends on the length of your bangs. They can be medium length, ending in the middle of your forehead, and they can be much shorter, cut almost near the hairline. However, the above-mentioned ways to fix shorter bangs are most common and most effective.

Braiding is one of the best hairstyles to hide bangs. Do the following steps:

1. Part your hair along with the bangs down the middle.

2. Use tresses from one side to braid (or twist) them with the corresponding part of the fringe.

3. Secure the braided hair with an elastic.

4. Repeat the same for the other side.

5. You can then secure two braids together using another elastic.

It is also possible to start braiding not from the middle but from one of the sides.

Sweeping your bangs to one side is also a good way to fix the problem. So, how to get rid of bangs in this case? You need to do the following:

1. Choose the side where you are going to sweep your fringe.

2. Wet your locks if needed for easier manipulations.

3. Part your hair carefully using a comb.

4. Brush the pieces to make them smooth.

5. Apply gel on dry hair if needed.

Clipping your bangs back in the pompadour style is another good variant to hide bad bangs:

1. Grab your fringe and brush it.

2. Twist it.

3. Pin the ends back.

As a variant, you may make several twists out of your bangs and pin them back.

All the methods suitable for an extra short fringe can also be used to hide bangs growing out. Those that are longer than standard bangs, but still too short to blend with the rest of the hair.

How to hide blunt bangs cut straight across? They can be the reason behind tears too. First of all, you may thin them out. Here is a video explaining how to do it.

Secondly, it is possible to use different accessories to hide thick bangs cut improperly, such as headbands, head scarves, hats, caps, bobby pins, etc. Using all kinds of hats is a great way to hide front bangs. And for smoothing them too, by the way.

Bobby pins (and barrettes) allow for versatile solutions when you need to hide side bangs, too-short fringes, curly pieces, etc. You can use them to pin your fringe to the side or back.

Bangs help, but you don’t have to cut bangs. Consider just shortening the face framing layers for more lift.@salonstrain

Remember to apply special styling products – gels to smoothen your hair if needed or hair fixing spray to secure the result.

Hide Bangs with Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are a go-to option when you need to hide bangs with your hair down. Even the most awkward bangs can be fixed with their help. That is also a good alternative for making various hairstyles. For instance, hair extensions allow ladies to hide bangs in a ponytail.

All the manipulations can be done at home, as you do not really need professional help. You should purchase hair extensions matching the color of your locks and do the following:

– Part your hair as you wish.

– Wet your bangs or use special products for easier styling.

– Brush your fringe to the back or side of your head, depending on which hairstyle you need, pin.

– Using a comb, part your locks and attach a piece of hair extensions along this section.

– Repeat the same with the remaining pieces.

The attached hair extensions should fully cover your bangs, making them invisible.

Another great idea is to use clip-in bangs that are cuter than yours.

As you can see, a fringe cut too short or in the wrong style is not a disaster. You can fix the problem not only with a headband or cap but with many cute hairstyles. Use those methods to hide your messed up bangs or to change your hairstyle temporarily, for instance, for a party. Experiment to see which works best for you.

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by Donna Sullivan
Donna is a hairstylist with 8 years of experience. Ask her about any hair-related problem (haircuts, hairstyles, colorings, hair care) and get a pro advice!