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40 Trendy Money Piece Hair Highlights for Women

Money piece hair is in vogue. Fashionistas can’t seem to get enough of the invigorating power of money piece highlights. Let’s check out the latest variations of this trend and choose something for your next visit to the salon. Read on!

What is ‘money piece hair’? Money piece highlights are a type of balayage that involves making the front stripes of hair on both sides of your face brighter than the rest of your hair. The highlighted pieces are called money pieces, and they do an awesome job of brightening your complexion and accentuating your face.

See our selection of the poshest money piece highlights to inspire your next salon visit.

1. Dark Brown Money Piece Hair. A matching, lighter shade of brown money highlights could be all your dark hair needs to give it the luminosity and classy feel you desire.

2. High-Contrast Money Piece on Dark Hair. Sometimes all you need is just a touch of color here and there to set your dark hair ablaze. Choose a color two or three shades lighter than the rest of your hair to brighten up your look.

3. Money Piece Hair Brunette. Look a million dollars with this gorgeous blonde money piece hair. Her hair is ravishingly classy. Beyonce couldn’t have done better.

4. Two Shades of Brown. Go exotic with your long brunette hair. A generous splash of money piece hair color in light brown shades like milk chocolate, cappuccino, or caramel brown will do the magic. The effect of ash sprinkle isn’t lost on us.

5. Natural-Looking ‘Sun-Kissed’ Money Piece Hair. Starting off as soft blonde money piece touches and fanning out into more elaborate highlights, this stunning balayage with money piece can make even Beyonce go green with envy.

6. Blonde Highlights with Money Piece. As far as current highlights go, blonde money piece highlights are among the trendiest. Light up your complexion with bright blonde face-framing pieces for an edgy, fashionable look.

7. Long Hair Money Piece Highlights. If you think the length of your hair is not impressive enough, add a money piece streak dyed. Front of hair can be done in a completely different shade than the rest of your hair. The beautiful accent you deserve to try this year.

8. Two Blonde Streaks in Front of Hair. If sophistication is a hairstyle, these Cruella-like chunky face-framing highlights would be it. The contrasting color of her mid-length hair money piece highlights is super flattering for her pin-straight hair.

9. Black Hair with Red Front Pieces. There are no limitations with the modish money piece balayage. Enliven a basic gothic style with vibrant red streaks on your dark hair for extra oomph.

10. Dark Brown Hair with Blonde Money Piece. The exquisite money piece highlights do their job well on long and short hair, but longer strands look more spectacular – no doubt. Her admirable long hair money piece highlights definitely attest to the fact.

11. Soft Red Balayage with Money Piece. With money piece highlights in a warm blonde color, you can make your classic rooted balayage hairstyle go from casual to funky.

12. Neck-Length Brown Hair with Money Piece. Brunette babes with short hair will cherish this amazing money piece type of highlights. Her blonde face-framing strands on cinnamon brown hair are adorable.

13. Black Hair with Money Piece. Sport two latest Korean hair trends in one hairstyle: combine money piece highlights and highlighted underlayer on your gorgeous long dark hair. Money piece stripes will give extra dimension to your mane.

14. Bronde Money Pieces on Brown Hair. Check what just a soft touch of money highlights can do to your hair. Go from boring to elegant with a subtle and delicate bronde money piece hair color for brunettes.

15. Medium Hair Money Piece Highlights. Add points of attraction to medium-length hair with messy styling and blonde money piece highlights. Leave the rest of the hair solid or opt for chunky highlights all over your head.

16. Red Hair with Money Piece and Blonde Underlayer. Rakishly beautiful in a bold and edgy fashion. Credit goes to the blonde money strips and underlayer peeking through the blunt cut red top layers.

17. Bronde Hairstyle with Money Piece Highlights. Looking to add fabulousness to your warm brown hair? Do blonde money piece highlights on your hair, curl up your locks – and you’re ready to stop the traffic.

18. Neon Red Money Piece Highlights. If you like it bold and daring, choose money piece hair highlights in a bright and vivid hue. Her neon red money strips lend some unmistakable radiance to her dark hair and face.

19. Soft and Subtle Ash Money Piece. Money highlights come out a lot softer and prettier when they are a shade or two lighter than the rest of the hair. Unless you want it otherwise. There are really no rules.

20. Bob with Money Piece Highlights. For additional glitz, choose this cute money piece hair idea. The stripy waves in blonde and brown are captivating.

21. Medium Length Hair Money Piece Highlights. A money piece balayage in cool shades like pastel purple, blue, plum, etc. looks exceptionally good on dark brown hair colors.

22. Cool-Toned Gray Money Piece. Gray money highlights were created to give vibrance to dark hair colors. Cool brown shades match perfectly with ashy and smokey tones.

23. Highlights with Money Piece Blend. Layering and curling your money pieces you draw more attention to those lovely strands. The face-framing caramel waves accentuate her facial features.

24. Blonde Money Piece Hair Perfection. The secret to great-looking money pieces hair highlights is choosing the right placement (from the roots or lower), the proper thickness of streaks, and the hair shade to complement your skin tone. Cooler shades are better for cooler skin tones and vice versa.

25. Red Hair with Strawberry Money Piece. Sparkle and dazzle in all shades of copper. A fascinating blend of copper blonde highlights on red hair with a more radiant strawberry shade cupping the face. Yes, please!

26. Blonde Money Piece on Blonde Hair. Angelic in appearance and adorable in every aspect, her fascinating shoulder-length hair money piece highlights are everything a girl can dream of. The diagonal arrangement of the strips doesn’t escape our notice.

27. Thin Money Tendrils. Feel like a model straight from the cover of a fashion magazine with this stunning blonde hair with blonde money piece. The minimal strip of platinum blonde money hair on the heap of blonde curls is beautiful.

28. Messy Lob Money Hair. To get everyone cooing in admiration, style your brown hair with blonde money pieces. The combo is as enticing as a steaming cup of coffee with whipped cream on top.

29. Short Hair Money Piece Highlights. Yes, your guess is as good as ours. Money piece hair works perfectly in short hairstyles. It adds a sophisticated touch to short hair like nothing else would.

30. Money Piece Hair for Mature Ladies. Money highlights look super-fashionable on mature ladies, and older women too. Incorporate chunky face-framing highlights into your feathered hairstyle for a refreshing appearance.

31. Layered Money Strips. If color seems to be not enough, play the length card. For edgy and attention-grabbing details, slice the money pieces in hair shorter to hang out conspicuously from the rest of the hair.

32. Shorter Money Piece Strands on Long Hair. She looks like a Roman goddess with her long hair money piece highlights. The money stripes hair is cut a tad shorter than the rest of the mane to draw maximum attention to it.

33. Dark Brown Hair with Money Piece. Copy her style if you appreciate a little color in your hair but wouldn’t want to go the whole nine yards. Note how the subtle caramel brown money highlights enhanced her lovely blue eyes.

34. Fiery Orange Money Pieces. Money strip hair in the fiercest shade of orange to set the dull and boring brown hair on fire. If you don’t mind “edgy and daring”, go for boldly colored money piece highlights like these.

35. Wispy Money Piece Hair. The beauty of her wispy blonde money piece on blonde hair is ethereal. The streaks of blonde highlights are completed with soft and wispy blonde money pieces.

36. Blonde Money Highlights for Chestnut Hair. Honey-blonde money piece hair color will accentuate your facial features and brighten your skin tone. The money highlights also bring out the richness of her dazzling red hair.

37. Streak Dyed Front of Hair. You must have heard about peek-a-boo highlights. One of the advantages of this money piece hair is that you can rock your highlights like it’s nobody’s business and tuck it hidden away from the view if necessary.

38. Money Piece with Bangs. Spice up your bangs hairstyle with frontal frames of money highlights. Highlight the bangs too for an astonishingly beautiful look.

39. Gold on Copper Money Hair. O-M-G! Talk of hot and spicy. Her fiery and fabulous copper red hair exudes much warmth and luster. The blonde money piece takes the heat several notches higher.

40. Soft Platinum Blonde Money Piece Strands. The allure of soft blonde highlights on dark blonde hair is out of this world. Plaster a matching hue of blonde money piece on blonde hair for an intriguingly pretty effect.

We believe you have ticked down one or two money piece hair ideas. Go on, show them to your hair colorist and enjoy your new smashing look.

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