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How to treat and hide women’s receding hairline?

Nkeiruka Obiwulu
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If it’s any comfort, one in two of us, girls, will lose the thickness of our hair as the years go by. Women tend to shed all over their heads or around the parting, while bald patches at the forehead and temples are considered a male problem. However, trichologists, stylists, and hairdressers regularly deal with a receding hairline in women, so we’ve got them sharing reliable information on how to fix it.

Why Is My Hairline Receding?

Here is one thing for you to embrace – genetics rules. A high hairline and a widow’s peak are something we can inherit, so it’s nothing wrong with being a woman born with a receding hairline (if not aesthetically than at least in terms of health). But a receding hairline in a woman can be non-heritable, with the hair sparseness advancing over time. Well, what causes a receding hairline in women except for a genetic predisposition?

– Aging

Generally, our tresses can recede with age, which is triggered by the reduced production of hormones. But you can inherit a certain thinning pattern (such as a hairline receding on one side) from either of your parents – it’s a kind of combination of genetics and hormonal changes.

– Hormonal imbalance

Hormonal tricks can cause this problem even in a young woman, for example, during pregnancy. However, there might be bigger troubles among receding hairline causes associated with hormones. Diseases like polycystic ovary syndrome or thyroid gland disorders often hide behind the hair scarceness.

– Traction

Tight ponytails and braids are great for your look but not for your hair. You can develop traction alopecia if permanently wearing buns, cornrows, dreadlocks, extensions, and even some hair accessories. The risk skyrockets when tight hairstyles are accompanied by chemical treatments, which is not uncommon among black women.

– Other conditions

We have a pretty long list of less common but still disturbing conditions that can bring forth hairline recession. Stress, some medications, immune disorders, infections, and malnutrition contribute to hair loss either all over the head or in certain areas.

Though male bald patches get more attention than receding hairline stages in women, we’ve gathered effective ways to prevent, treat, and mask the female problem.

Women’s Receding Hairline Treatments

Let’s start with figuring out how to prevent a receding hairline in women before the recession evolves into a severe challenge.

– Obviously, you need to rethink your approach to tight hairstyles and chemical treatments, be it relaxing, straightening, dyeing, or perming.

– If you are still addicted to extensions, wigs, and protective ‘dos, make sure to apply gentle techniques and provide proper hair care.

– To avoid hair breakage in sensitive areas, be really gentle when brushing your strands, especially when they are wet.

– Eat foods rich in protein and hair-friendly vitamins while keeping your scalp clean and healthy to ensure a supportive environment for hair growth from both inside and outside.

– Schedule a visit to a specialist who will be able to eliminate risk factors, i.e. to correct hormonal imbalance, give stress management tips, or put you on a healthier diet.

You don’t need to just watch your locks thinning if a receding hairline is already there. We can suggest two major approaches to cure the problem – professional help and home remedies.

– If you’re ready to roll out the big guns, turn to your doctor for picking a medication from those proven to enhance hair re-growth. We have a choice of them now, from Rogaine to Propecia, but you’d better steer clear from self-prescribing them.

– Laser devices seem to work fine towards getting hair back and fixing the receding hairline in women. Stimulating hair re-growth with light energy is FDA-approved, so it makes sense to purchase a laser comb.

– Platelet-rich plasma therapy is also considered a promising option thanks to transporting growth factors right to where they are needed.

– Modern hair transplantation delivers natural-looking and long-term results through a painless procedure with one- or two-day healing downtime. It involves taking donor hairs from the back of your head and installing them into affected spots.

– If you’re looking for natural treatment to stop the recession, live-in conditioners with some natural ingredients can do the job. For instance, peppermint and lavender essential oils have shown encouraging effects in studies.

How to Hide Women’s Receding Hairline

Now it’s time to discuss hairstyles for women with a receding hairline and other tricks available to mask the sparseness.

– Incorporating a center part and face-framing layers into your current ‘do can easily turn it into a nice haircut for a receding hairline. Provided, of course, your front pieces are long enough to deliver a draping effect.

– Hairstylists swear by bangs for a receding hairline in women, and we like this approach for its versatility. You can adapt almost any fringe to chime with your current cut, but experts recommend sticking to longer and choppy options.

– An asymmetrical bob with a deep side parting is the best cut for those who don’t want to commit to bangs. The asymmetry creates volume towards one side of the front hairline while another part fades in the parting.

– Curly hairstyles are good at hiding any hair sparseness, as they add volume and texture. The same goes for tousled looks which create soft lines and a feeling of fullness.

– Having a root touch-up solution at hand is a must if you wonder how to fix a receding hairline without much pain. High-quality powders, sprays, and sticks designed to refresh hair roots earn a spot among the best products for a receding hairline for women.

– Volumizing blowouts work with medium and long haircuts for women with a receding hairline since you can shape beautiful curves to disguise nasty spots. And even if you have a short cut yet with long tresses on the top, you will be able to style them flatteringly.

Whether you’re an 18 or 40-year old lady, you can encounter thinning hair on the temples or forehead one day. But now you know more about a receding hairline in women and will be able to tackle it with the help of really effective methods.

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