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How to use Amla hair oil?

What can you say about Amla oil for hair? Does it help hair growth?

Amla hair oil is a miraculous treatment that according to numerous reviews does wonders on our hair. Read on to find more ways on how to use Amla hair oil.

What Is Amla Oil?

Amla oil is made from Indian gooseberry (Phyllanthus Emblica) fruit extracts used for thousands and thousands of years as a natural remedy. Although it’s already been cultivated in both Asia and the Middle East for its many health benefits, it’s native to India.

Amla Oil Benefits for Hair

Amla oil contains a high dose of Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and natural antioxidants. For hair, it stimulates hair growth, prevents hair loss, and makes it healthier.

Does Amla Oil Help Hair Grow Faster?

Amla doesn’t just have vitamins and minerals; it also contains phytonutrients to stimulate blood circulation and achieve the best hair growth results. Blood circulation delivers nutrients and oxygen to the scalp to promote hair growth. However, Amla oil is useful not only for hair growth, but it also helps keep hair parasites away.

Amla hair oil is an excellent aid for hair fall as blood circulation also helps in the anagen phase of hair growth, making the hair robust and long.

Amla oil is recommended for hair thickness. Positive reviews come from those who use the oil – they report it nourishes the strands from the inside. The hair becomes silkier, healthier, and stronger.

Does Amla Oil Reverse Gray Hair?

The loss of melanin in our hair strands makes it less dark until it turns gray. Amla is a natural remedy with many vitamins, and it has been reported by some women as the one that helps prevent premature graying of hair and promote pigmentation.

Is Amla Oil Good for Dandruff?

Because Amla oil produces antibacterial effects, it’s not a surprise that it also has an anti-dandruff effect. It soothes itchiness and removes inflammation as well. Of course, everything depends on the condition of your hair and scalp. If you experience any severe conditions, you need to contact a good trichologist, all other actions may worsen the situation.

Amla Oil for Curly Natural Hair

Amla oil can work for any hair type, and it’s known for natural hair growth too. Amla oil fits all – from 1 to 4c hair types. It moisturizes the strands and keeps frizz and dryness away. Plus, it adds body and waves to the hair.

What Hair Color Is Amla Oil Good For?

Amla oil is best for black hair. If you’re brunette, it’ll make your hair appear more vibrant, and if you’re blonde, it’s preferred to use it on your scalp rather than the lengths.

Types of Amla Oil for Hair

Amla oil can be pure and organic. Pure Amla oil is just Amla oil on its own, 100% and without any mixture of other ingredients. At the same time, organic Amla oil can be mixed with other carrier oils, such as coconut oil.

Most oils are purer when they are cold-pressed. That’s why there is a high chance that a pure Amla oil is cold-pressed, so most of the benefits of its nutrients are kept intact.

But whether it is pure or organic, you can find the best Amla oil for hair growth as long as it contains Amla. It would just be a matter of preference.

How to Use Amla Hair Oil

Amla hair oil can be used as a treatment for your scalp or simply added to the conditioner you are currently using. Below there are other ways to use Amla oil:

With Other Oils

You can blend Amla oil with other ingredients, such as Amla and aloe vera hair oil recipes. Aloe vera has its benefits – it soothes the scalp and treats hair loss.

You could also mix Amla (2 teaspoons) with melted coconut (2 tablespoons) and castor oil (1 tablespoon), adding several drops of rosemary essential oil. Coconut oil will deeply penetrate your scalp to moisturize hair and add shine to it. On the other hand, castor oil is best for split ends and prevents hair loss as well. Leave the mask in the hair for 2 hours.

With Hot Oil Treatment

Hot oil treatment helps blood circulation that’s necessary for hair growth. Using hot Amla oil for your hair will prevent it from being brittle and having split ends as it makes the hair less dry.

One caution of using Amla oil is on bleached hair. Before putting Amla oil on bleached or blonde hair, do a patch test. Because Amla oil promotes pigmentation, the color of your hair may darken.

How Often Can You Use Amla Oil?

Using Amla oil daily poses no threat or harm to your hair. If you want to see better results, you can use it daily. Keep an eye on the specific effects of Amla oil on your hair and compare the results with Amla oil before and after using it. You need to customize everything to your needs. And if you see that your hair feels worse, do the treatments less often. If everything feels good (your tresses are really exhausted and they crave more amla oil) – do it daily or every other day.

How to Prepare Amla Oil at Home

Amla oil preparation starts with soaking the fruit in any oil for many days. It can be mineral, sesame, or coconut oil. And then, the fruit is strained so it can be mixed with the oil. Another way to get amla oil is to make a paste from amla fruit and cook with coconut oil. Here is the video DIY.

Amla hair oil ingredients are simply oil (5 tablespoons) and Amla powder (1 tablespoon). Cook the mix for several minutes, leave for 2-24 hours, strain.

Amla Hair Oil Disadvantages and Side Effects

When used externally, Amla oil does not have any known serious side effects. Only in rare cases, it can trigger Lichen Planus Pigmentosus (LPP) and skin irritation. A patch test is a must before using any new hair product.

Amla Oil Hair Products

Amla oil is available in the oil form, as an Amla oil shampoo, and a conditioner. Choose what works for you best.

Common Questions About Amla Hair

Below I give answers to some other questions our readers send us:

Can I use Amla oil every day?

Yes. Since it has no known side effects, it is safe to use it every day.

Where to buy Amla oil for hair?

You can purchase Amla oil for hair online or in real stores, on Amazon, in Walmart, via Instagram pages, etc.

What is Amla hair oil price?

Amla oil products can be pretty cheap and affordable to buy, around $5-$10.

How to store Amla oil for hair?

It can last for years and can be stored in your preferred bottle at room temperature.

Amla oil gives a lot of health benefits while still being easy to do at home. Natural and budget-friendly, Amla hair oil is your go-to solution to untangle any problem your hair is in!

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