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What are the best haircuts and hairstyles for long necks?

Serena Piper
Is there a pixie or a bob haircut that looks good with long necks?

How to choose the right hairstyle or haircut when you have a beautiful and long neck? Are short haircuts suitable? A great haircut can not only play up the appearance, but also make any girl really happy. Read up to learn about this and much more.

Best Haircuts for Those with a Long Neck

There is an opinion that too-prominent parts of the body, including the long neck, should be hidden. But, is that right? I don’t think so. Every person is individual, so each of your features can be turned into dignity. Do not hide them, but give an accent. Here are some good examples:

Short Hairstyles for Long Neck Hairline

If you have a long neck, it is not always necessary to have a long hairstyle, trying to keep it shady. Of course, long and lustrous curls are attractive; however, short haircuts also have their own advantages. Short hair for a long neck can hit the spot. So, a bob haircut may suit you perfectly. They will highlight your face line. This hairstyle ends on the jaw line and hides the neck a bit. In the case, when you have not only short hair and a long neck, but also a long face, then bob hairstyles will be able to improve your proportions. The rounded shape of the hairstyle will soften the face lines and tall neck.

Unlike bob hairstyles, not every haircut will be good for you. Extremely short pixie cuts for long necks will lengthen your neckline even more. An upswept style, at the nape, can wiredraw your facial and neck area. The best hairstyle for long neck will be the one that will not highlight it. Remember that hair is not the only thing that can hide your long neck. Any voluminous necklace or the wealth of jewelry can shift the emphasis.

It is important to bear in mind that the best hair length those with a long neck would be long or camp hairstyles.

But, if the heart wants what the heart wants, follow these two simple steps:

  • The accredited neck length is 7 percent of your growth. Coming up with neck length, you can understand what kind of hairstyle is better to choose. For long neck, it would be much better to leave the maximum length. As a short one, you should try to wiredraw your facial and neck area. For normal neck length, any hairstyle is suitable.

  • Consult a professional hairdresser or stylist. The specialist will be able to tell whether your neck length was correctly determined. This expert in the profession can also recommend hairstyles that will work with the necklength you have.

Want a pixie no matter what? Choose asymmetry, long bangs, or any other non-banal details that will make your short cut stand out. Pixie bob may become a right choice for you too.

If you still don’t know if your neck is too long for short hair, just tone experiments down. Don’t cut off lots of hair all at once. Try to find a hairstyle that will not give an accent to your neck, choose medium haircuts and avoid too-short styles or upswept at the nape.

You can take into account all the recommendations and standards of beauty. But, all in all, you should love yourself and your choice. If you have a long neck and want a short haircut … just do it! However, of course, you should try out whatever style(s) you fancy!

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