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30 Alluring Curtain Bangs Hairstyles for Every Hair Texture and Length

4. Iconic Bardot Curtain Bangs. Many of us would love to replicate the famous hairstyle of Brigitte Bardot. To get her signature look, do a voluminous hairdo with loose, tousled curls. Make sure your curtain bangs are slightly wavy as well!

What are curtain bangs? Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that frame the face on both sides. Such bangs are cut shorter on the inside and become gradually longer outside. Most often a curtain fringe is center-parted.

Should you get curtain bangs? This depends on your face shape and your goal. Curtain bangs perfectly hide big foreheads, are very good for showing beautiful cheekbones, and always highlight your best features, if cut right. Curtain bangs are good for all face shapes! You just need to find a skilled hairstylist to choose the bangs that suit you.

There are many different options to style curtain bangs depending on the hair type and your face shape. Here are some top-class examples of perfect curtain fringe bangs for your reference.

1. Straight Curtain Bangs with Highlights. Curtain bangs may involve highlights that emphasize your eye color. This hairdo looks current and effortless, which can be perfect for work or play.

2. Curtain Bangs for Wavy Hair. You do not need a perfect hairdo for wavy hair to make it look beautiful. Instead, complete your waves with flowing curtain bangs and add blonde accents to promote beach style.

3. Curtain Bangs with a Center Part. Shoulder-length hair with curtain bangs is most appealing when center-parted. Soft, tousled waves give the just-out-of-the-bed look and add tenderness to your style.

4. Iconic Bardot Curtain Bangs. Many of us would love to replicate the famous hairstyle of Brigitte Bardot. To get her signature look, do a voluminous hairdo with loose, tousled curls. Make sure your curtain bangs are slightly wavy as well!

5. Long Hair Curtain Bangs. The long shiny hair looks gorgeous, especially when styled with big waves. The soft mess promotes a casual look, while the wispy curtain bangs give more volume and emphasize the effortless beauty of long hair.

6. Long Feathered Curtain Bangs. Curtain bangs are without a doubt the most popular bangs now. They frame your face with soft layers that blend into the hair and go great with any hairstyle and length.

7. Swoopy Long Curtain Bangs. A great everyday hairstyle for the office or an evening date. Nice loose waves and soft curtain bangs look rich, healthy, and complement your natural beauty.

8. Long Bob with Curtain Bangs. With curtain bangs, you can revitalize your long bob in no time. Even if you have thin hair, add some waves and get significant volume for a completely different look.

9. Appealing Straight Curtain Bangs. Straight curtain bangs can make you look sexy or serious, depending on your mood. Either way, such a hairdo looks gorgeous, especially on healthy and glowing hair.

10. Remarkably Long Curtain Bangs. Radiant long hair with long curtain bangs delivers an unforgettable look together with a variety of styling options. Even if you choose simple loose styling, you will catch attention immediately.

11. 70’s Style with Curtain Bangs. To get a 70’s curtain bangs style, do your hair wavy, flipping up the ends, add more volume to the roots, and curl the bangs a bit. The result is worth the effort!

12. Curtain Bangs with Different Hairstyles. To spice up the look of your straight hair, add some root volume and define the ends. Loose curls teased with curtain bangs, and a little mess are the secret ingredients of a new look.

13. Long Curtain Bangs for Straight Hair. If you dress up for a date, try out this classy hairstyle for straight hair. Flip the ends up, making the curtain bangs frame your face on one side and point outward on the other.

14. Loose Waves with Curtain Bangs. It is a great casual hairdo revealing the natural beauty of your hair. Apart from big waves, the curtain bangs are polished to deliver even more volume and lightness.

15. Long Curtain Bangs. To make thick wavy hair attractive, you don’t need a sophisticated hairstyle. Instead, add flowing long curtain bangs and one-two tone lighter highlights to your waves to enhance that beach look.

16. Hot Mess Curtain Bangs. These creative messy curtain bangs 2022 are a win-win option when you don’t have much time to style your hair. Curl the hair slightly and shake it to achieve the trendy effortless look.

17. Loose Curtain Bangs Ponytail. Try out a fairy look with a loose ponytail framed by lightweight long curtain bangs to enhance the voluminous effect. A few loose pieces would complete this tender look.

18. Curtain Bangs with a Center Part. Below-the-shoulders hair with curtain bangs looks great when parted in the middle. Soft, tousled waves give you the just-out-of-bed appearance while also adding sensitivity to your style.

19. Short Curtain Bangs. Such short bangs help to create an appealing mature look. No wonder that this hairstyle with straight hair and clear lines works very well for business occasions.

20. Stylish Asian Curtain Bangs. Long curtain bangs can work for Asian hair too. Try a wavy downdo to add more volume and softness to your look.

21. Long Hair Curtain Bangs with Money Pieces. Your long hair is gorgeous. Add curtain bangs, and make it ravishing. You can put your mane up in a bun or leave it to fall on your beautiful, slender shoulders.

22. Curtain Bangs with Lots of Thin Highlights. These bangs are defined enough to frame your face and blend in with the rest of your hair. Such face-framing curtain bangs for curly hair as well as straight curled locks are always a safe choice!

23. Trendy Asian Curtain Bangs. To add volume and tenderness to your style, try a feathered layered hairdo. Curtain bangs for straight hair that is on the thicker side are a blessing since they thin out the face-framing strands a bit.

24. Curtain Bangs for Long Straight Hair. Curtain bangs are a great option to explore for straight hair. Use a flat iron (full-size or mini version) to style curtain bangs as you see in this picture and stay fashionable.

25. Feathered Highlighted Curtain Bangs. To show off your beautiful eyes and high cheekbones, it is best to cut curtain bangs. These delicate wispy bangs are eye candy and love at first sight!

26. Nice Wispy Curtain Bangs. Thin curtain bangs can also be stylish! Style them piece-y across the forehead and curl the longest pieces a little to introduce weightlessness and natural bounce to the hairdo.

27. Lovely Blonde Curtain Bangs. Blow-dry your hair with a round brush to achieve gorgeous volume along with nice flowing curtain bangs. This way blond hair gains a fancy princess look.

28. Curtain Bangs on Medium Hair. Trendy curtain bangs and loose waves on medium hair will complement your mysterious personality and add a romantic touch to your appearance.

29. Voluminous Curtain Bangs for Round Faces. Just look at these curtain bangs before-after pictures. It’s all about the bangs here. Balance out your round face with the right styling. So effortlessly beautiful!

30. Round Face Curtain Bangs. With the help of curtain bangs, you can easily change the shape of your face. Use their straight or curly variation to frame the face in different ways and achieve the desired result.

Curtain bangs are, without any doubt, one of the most popular trends among hairstyles for the upcoming year. There are so many ways to get a curtain bang haircut that will enhance your beauty and unique personality. Before styling curtain bangs, consider your hair type and haircut. Think of adding colorful accents to your curtain fringe or throughout the length.

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