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40 Dirty Blonde Hair Color Styles Anyone Can Pull Off

22. Bronzed Dirty Blonde with Root Shadow. This coloring takes a dark blonde hair dye, couples it with depth-boosting root shadowing, adds highlights intensified towards the ends, and polishes the look with an illuminating metallic shade.

As seen on Instagram, dirty blonde hair becomes one of the hottest styles that girls ask colorists for in 2024. It’s versatile and looks good on pretty much anyone. Besides, if you’re a brunette on a color-changing journey, this shade is perfect to help you go lighter without causing any damage. In case you’re looking for blonde hair ideas to maintain your gorgeous locks or search a quick makeover, we’ve got you covered too.

Start your dirty blonde hair transformation with one of the awesome ideas we put together in this crafty list of hairstyles!

1. Long Dirty Blonde Hair. Enjoy the volume and depth without compromising the lightness of your locks, all thanks to the platinum highlights. Don’t forget to use a purple shampoo for blonde dyed hair to keep brass away!

2. Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights. Fool everyone into believing you’ve spent all your summer glazing under the sun with this beach-worthy hairstyle. It’s pretty adjustable, as you decide for yourself how much of your hair you want to be highlighted.

3. Dishwater Dirty Blonde Hair with Balayage. For a sophisticated long hairstyle, get a sun-kissed look that brings together a dark dishwater blonde hair tone and lighter blonde highlights.

4. Multi-Tone Dirty Blonde Hair with Warm Feel. This color job brings together a host of dark and light hues to land an almost neutral look, with only a touch of honey keeping it on the warmer side.

5. Dirty Blonde Hair with Bright Face-Framing Highlights. If you are not much interested in mimicking natural blondes, you should get a good look at this brighter version of balayage which involves more beige hues and creates a higher contrast with splashes of white.

6. Dark Blonde Hair with Streaks of Sandy Blonde. The dirty blonde effect can be achieved not only with balayage free-hand painting but also with the old good foil technique. Ask your hair colorist what is more flattering for your type of hair and base hair color.

7. Blonde Highlights and Lowlights. Mixing warm and cool shades is a terrific idea that will make you love your reflection in the mirror even more. This combo creates a stunning caramel blonde blend you won’t get bored with.

8. Textured Lob with Hair Contouring. You can arrive at dirty blonde hair color in various ways and tailor the pattern to both your skin tone and hair texture, for example, by adding dimension and movement through hair contouring.

9. Dirty Blonde with Contouring and Added Shine. This dirty blonde hair gains plenty of radiance through a beautiful champagne blonde hue seamlessly infused into the unfussy light brown base.

10. Light Dirty Blonde Bob. This shaggy bob brings together so many gorgeous elements culminating into stylishly messy dirty blonde hair that leaves you glowing. You can style your thick waves differently to suit your every occasion. There are many options from a center part to a side-part and comb-over.

11. Long Dirty Blonde Hair Balayage. There is so much you can do with your long brown hair. Why not highlight it with a dirty blonde hair dye. Add chunky highlights with blonde money pieces for elegant warmer tones around the face. Finish it off by giving your light blonde-colored tips a razor-trim.

12. Bright Dirty Blonde Hairstyle in Two Lengths. You don’t have to commit to one dirty blonde style. The options are endless. Show off your long hair in platinum and leave just the roots dirty blonde. In a while you can also present a chop with lowlights. Get short dirty blonde hair in a warmer sandy color for a new season.

13. Shiny Dirty Blonde Balayage. Natural dirty blonde hair is exceptionally beautiful, but why not amplify it? Add some platinum or champagne highlights, and don’t forget to use a toning shampoo to bring a cool gloss to your hair.

14. Dirty Blonde Hair Color Plus Face Framing. While this dimensional mix of blondes is anything but warm, some peachy tones incorporated into the face-framing layers make the style a perfect fit for the yellowish skin undertone.

15. Striped Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights. What a lovely contrast is created here by placing quite frequent ribbons of bright blonde against a fairly dark brown base!

16. Creamy Dirty Blonde for Loose Waves. The next hairstyle doesn’t pop with bright flashes but delivers a perfectly blended flow of muted shades to leave us craving for its classy feel.

17. Toned Down Dirty Blonde Balayage. That’s a nice example of a contrasting color scheme much softened and cooled down with the help of a gray-tinted glossing toner.

18. Long Messy Dirty Blonde Ombre Hair. You can select a long haircut with a natural-looking balayage delivering a fresh, new look. Have the best of both worlds with darker shades at the roots and a gentle gradient of lighter dishwater blonde tones down to the ends. Add depth to your fine hair with dimensional highlights and messy waves.

19. Bright Dirty Blonde Hair Color. Highlights will help you to achieve a bright dirty blonde look with minimum effort. A bit of extra touch to the front strands will frame your face and showcase your pretty eyes and cheekbones.

20. Feminine Mid-Length Dirty Blonde Hairstyle. An amazing subtle yet eye-catching hairstyle for dirty blonde curly hair. Pushing your hair back and teasing the crown gives you a sleek, pronounced style. This fun and gorgeous hairdo is easy to maintain and style.

21. Dirty Blonde with Vanilla Highlights. There’s no color that works better for creating a delicate hairdo than vanilla blonde. If you are into experiments, try mixing warm and cool shades for a complex dirty blonde balayage.

22. Bronzed Dirty Blonde with Root Shadow. This coloring takes a dark blonde hair dye, couples it with depth-boosting root shadowing, adds highlights intensified towards the ends, and polishes the look with an illuminating metallic shade.

23. 3D Bronde with Dirty Blonde Highlights. As is expected from a good bronde, this style is neither brunette nor blonde, but it receives the best of both worlds to create a dramatic and dimensional look.

24. Bronze Blonde Balayage for Long Hair. That’s the color palette for girls with warmer skin undertones, as it has the right hues to avoid an ashy feel and keeps the brightness under control.

25. Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights. This hairstyle is a classic that seems to never go out of fashion. If your natural hair color is dark, you can still achieve a dirty blonde look by generously adding beige blonde highlights to it.

26. Glowing Dark Dirty Blonde Hair with Highlights. Have you ever had any doubt that masterfully placed highlights can make your locks shine? Here you are! The dirty blonde is full of sheen.

27. Icy Dirty Blonde Hairstyle with Pops of Brightness. Although dirty blonde hairstyles often stick to soft color blends, nothing can prevent you from spicing up your hair with a few splashes of bright white.

28. Dark Dirty Blonde Hair with Barely-There Highlights. You can keep your locks overall dark blonde and neutral yet brighten up the face and accentuate the hair texture with just a bit lighter hue.

29. Delicate Natural Dirty Blonde Hair. If you want to try a more natural, soft dirty blonde look, you can opt for this less pronounced shade. Get a smooth, elegant hair appeal with gentle curls that bring your hair ends together.

30. Dirty Blonde Hair Dye for Blue Eyes. To highlight your sparkly blue eyes, you should go a few tones lighter around the face. Money pieces will help your features to stand out naturally!

Dirty Blonde Money Pieces for Blue Eyes
By Hiro

31. Lived-In Dirty Blonde with a Dab of Drama. This high-contrast style promises to grow out nicely since the highlights are pushed away from the roots, which makes them no less spectacular thanks to the super light blonde shade.

32. Champagne and Vanilla Blonde. Mixing several blonde shades creates impressive results. For example, champagne and vanilla blonde work together perfectly, merging into a light dirty blonde hair color. Consider a layered haircut for additional texture and glow.

33. Pearly Dirty Blonde with Money Piece. Here is another great way to insert a trendy money piece into a dirty blonde color palette — it has a much softer feel due to a lighter base and more delicately colored highlights.

34. Gold-Tinted Dirty Blonde. It’s not a problem if your hair is from the coppery family, as there is a dirty blonde for every hair color and skin tone, which is earnestly proven by this rich golden style.

35. Dirty Blonde Hair Color on Long Hair. If you are rocking such a gorgeous hair color as dirty blonde, no wonder you would want to show it off in longer hairstyles. If you are lucky to have wavy locks, your hairdo is guaranteed to look textured and voluminous at all times!

36. Creamy Dirty Blonde with Different-Sized Highlights. Isn’t it the yummy color of your morning latte? It mixes light blonde babylights throughout the style with wide ribbons of platinum near the face to happily avoid excessive ashiness.

37. Dirty Blonde Hair Transformation. If you need a change from warm hues, trying this creamy ash blonde blend is an exciting experiment. Besides, shadow roots can prevent your worries about regular visits to a beauty salon.

Dirty Blonde Hair with Shadow Roots
By Amy

38. Summer-Ready Dirty Blonde Hair. Apart from the beach waves we totally adore, this style has those naturally sun-kissed streaks that can turn you into a Cali girl as one-two-three.

39. Glamorous Shimmery Dishwater Blonde Curls. An artistic blend of dirty blonde highlights interwoven with a brown and sandy blonde base creates an alluring balayage hair. Revitalize your hair ends with a choppy finish. See how the hair flows freely and effortlessly.

40. Dirty Blonde Hair with Lowlights. Another sweet option if you’re getting ready for a vacation or want to look as if you’ve recently got back from one. Many delicate lowlights and some texturizing spray will easily deliver that straight-from-the-beach look.

Who would say dirty blonde hair isn’t flawless after seeing how absolutely customizable, chameleon-like it is! We love it for its universal nature and the way it suits just about any skin tone and hair texture. You can easily bring more dimension and depth to your blonde hair with highlights and lowlights, or soften very dark hair with ashy light brown highlights. The point is, there’s so much room to experiment with dirty blonde hair and no matter whether you’ve got long or short, curly or straight hair, there’s totally a style for you.

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