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Which foods really help hair growth?

What should I eat to stop hair loss? Which foods help hair grow faster?

Every woman dreams of healthy and shiny hair. However, not all women are ready to put in the effort to achieve it. If you want to know how to make your hair more robust and thick, this article will be useful for you. Read about the recommended food for hair growth and start your journey to the desired look.

Actually, numerous factors affect the condition of your hair. You should take them all into account if you aim at the fast growth of hair. These factors can be divided into two groups:

1. Processes beyond your control like genetics, age, and hormonal changes.

2. Aspects that you can manage easily and have a strong influence on your hair condition.

The most essential is maintaining your daily food diet. So, let’s find out which food habits are important for proper hair growth and reveal the foods that can lead to problems.

How to Make the Desire for Strong and Thick Hair Come True?

Nowadays many hair care products promise to make your hair irresistible. But the trick is that even the most expensive shampoo or hair mask will not show the desired effect if you eat unhealthy food. Therefore, the first step for healthy hair and nail growth should be a diet rich in vitamins and trace elements. The benefits of a balanced diet and the positive effects of healthy food on hair will make you go “Wow!”

Insufficient intake of iron, fatty acids, and calcium or following mono-diets can result in severe skin, hair, and nails deterioration. So, let’s discuss the best food for hair growth that you should include to your daily diet.

Calcium-rich foods are essential foods that strengthen hair. Calcium is an element that takes part in hair follicles function, influencing the intensity of hair growth and its overall condition. Calcium deficiency can be replenished by adding cheese, natural yogurt, sardines, beans and lentils, almonds, and leafy greens to your diet.

– The best protein food. Protein is the primary building material of the body. It participates in all vital processes: from the enzyme and hormone production to the formation of cells, including hair and nails. With a reduction in protein intake, the body slows down all activities and begins to use proteins only for the essential processes. So, a low protein diet can cause a sharp deterioration in the condition of hair and nails. To avoid such consequences and achieve hair fullness, you should not reduce the consumption of high protein foods like white and red meat, eggs, and seafood, which are essential protein foods for hair growth.

Silica foods for hair growth. Silica is another important element that is necessary for skin, hair, and nails. Natural food containing silica includes cucumbers, eggs, fresh oysters, asparagus, mango, beans, and horsetail herb.

Folic acid foods for hair growth. Folic acid is a vital component for future mothers. It participates in the formation of genetic material and bone marrow cell growth. This element is contained in broccoli, white rice, red meat, poultry, nuts, green vegetables. Folic acid will not make your hair grow faster, but it will make it look much better.

Iron-rich foods. Hair follicles surrounding the roots of your hair need iron. It promotes hair growth and boosts volume of your hair. When the level of iron is low, anemia occurs, and it can cause shedding. Iron is contained in red meat, chicken, fish, beef liver, green salad, and broccoli.

Omega 3 foods are also important participants of hair growth. They help maintain water balance in the cells of scalp and hair. Since our body doesn’t produce omega-3s, they should be a part of our nutrition from a healthy diet. Salmon, herring, and other oily fish contain omega-3. Some veggie products that deliver this element are avocado and walnuts.

– Foods with biotin. The low level of this element can make hair brittle and dull. To avoid it, eat more whole grains, soy flour bread, liver, and egg yolks.

Sulfur rich foods. Sulfur is one of the main components of keratin, which is an essential building material of nails and hair that helps them stay healthy. It’s found in Brussels sprouts, onions, garlic, colewort, and cauliflowers.

Keep in mind that this food for hair growth is also necessary for nails and skin.

Vegetables and Fruits for Hair Growth and Thickness

In pursuit of beautiful and shiny hair, you should remember that it is impossible to accelerate hair growth artificially. However, a proper diet can improve the condition of your hair and make it look thicker and shinier. The range of products for dense hair growth is impressive. Let’s start from vegetables and fruits:

– Hair growth vegetables that can also help with weight loss are avocado, potatoes with skin, carrots, green salad, broccoli, kale, pumpkin, and spinach. Besides, green vegetables, oils, nuts, and seeds are rich in minerals and trace elements.

Fruits that are good for hair growth are working like the best food supplement. Eat kiwi fruits, strawberries, oranges, or bananas as an everyday snack, and you will be amazed at your hair changes.

Vegetarian Food for Hair Growth

The list of hair growth foods for vegetarians is easy to follow and it includes healthy raw food for hair growth. Vegans should consider taking vegetable oils, seeds, nuts, and supplements that contain folic acid, omega-3, and vitamin D. By the way, the latter is not found in plant-derived foods.

Food for Hair Loss

The diet for hair loss is associated with foods rich in protein and essential nutrients preventing hair damage, thinning, and falling. But before you start changing your diet, you should consult a trichologist and ensure that your hair loss is not associated with hormonal imbalance, severe stress, or scalp diseases.

Foods that Lead to Hair Loss

To prevent hair loss, try to eat less junk food and reduce sugar intake. In both cases, the body starts producing male hormones that result in excessive hair shedding. A high level of selenium (oysters, whole wheat bread, tuna) and vitamin A (liver, salmon, goat cheese, butter) can also lead to hair loss.

The Best Hair Growth Products for Black Hair

Foods that help to promote hair growth and bring shine to African American hair are similar to the recommended foods for hair growth listed above. Personalizing your diet, make sure that the products you eat include vitamins B and C, iron, zinc, calcium, and protein.

Foods that promote hair growth really exist. Change your eating habits asap and you will notice positive changes just in several months!

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by Donna Sullivan
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