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What are the best haircuts for women with high cheekbones?

What is a good pixie cut or bob for people with high cheekbones?

Best Haircuts for High Cheekbones

Some women with high cheekbones are worried about their appearance, but this special feature can be beautifully enhanced by the right hairstyle. What should you pay attention to? Which haircut should you choose? How much will it cost? See below for some answers.

Advantages of Long and Short Haircuts

What is the best haircut for women with high cheekbones? It all depends on the length of your hair, facial contours and your facial features. Let’s have a closer look.

Round Face

Firstly, pay special attention to facial shapes. Pull your hair back to see the real lines of your face. If you have full cheeks and high cheekbones, your face is probably round. To balance out the image, choose short hairstyles with a non-circular shape. Bob and pixie haircuts will suit you perfectly. You can also have side, asymmetric or graduated bangs.

Square Face

Softer hairstyles are recommended for angular faces. For women with high cheekbones and a square jaw, it’s better to observe clean lines. It doesn’t matter what length you choose, just soften a strong jaw area. Make graduated lobs and haircuts with layers. Ask your colorist or hairstylist to highlight fringe with some bright color.

Oval Face

This shape is considered to be an ideal one. Even if you have an oval face with high cheekbones, there is no need to use any architectural illusions and camouflage any disproportions. Short bangs can give prominence to bright eyes and brows, especially if you have winter seasonal coloring. A long, rounded fringe can show off nice cheekbones.

Heart Face

The feature of this face type is a forehead. Women with a high forehead and high cheekbones have rather soft jawline. That’s why short, cropped pixies; mid-cut bobs; or long, flowy layers are perfect for heart-shaped faces. Some side bangs will help soften the forehead. Layered ends around your collarbone create the illusion of a smaller jaw and smoother chin.

If you want to hide your high cheekbones, long hair styles would be ideal for that. Just define the right type of your face and obey the voice of your heart. Choose any haircut you like.

But, in case you still have doubts or are afraid to cut your hair too much, then start with medium-length haircuts. Consequently, you’ll finally understand your limit and find good and lasting haircut. Experiment with your hairstyle.

It is important to bear in mind that cheekbones are a unique feature of the skull, particularly the malar region. If your cheekbones are located rather close to your eyes area, then that means that you have high cheekbones. But, if your malar bones are closer to the bottom of your nose, you have rather low ones. High cheekbones are as common as low cheekbones. Even if you have very high ones, there is no problem with that. Beauty is a highly subjective thing, indeed. High cheekbones are considered to be the ideal in our current fashion and beauty craze.

But, remember that, no matter who values certain face shapes or what the current beauty trend is, your personal appearance is special and attractive, anyway, so do your thing, ladies!

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by Donna Sullivan
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