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What are the best hairstyles/haircuts for scanty hair?

What are the best braids for scanty hair?

Scanty hair seems to be a scaring problem for modern girls around the globe, and even Hollywood celebrities can’t avoid it. However, there’s no reason to fall into despair – learn about hairstyles and haircuts for scanty hair from our short review!

Meaning and Definition

So, what does scanty hair mean? Using this term, they usually mean hair of insufficient thickness having the diameter less than 0.05 mm. As a rule, it’s too soft, unruly, often tangled, without volume, and it quickly loses its shape. Scanty hair requires professional consultations of a trichologist and a stylist.

This problem may occur on different sections of the head. Scanty hair on scalp is sometimes caused by genetic reasons and due to the increased heat in the blood. The roots get dry, and hair loss occurs. To avoid this problem on your scalp, you should minimize stress and consumption of spicy foods.

There are mainly three general reasons of scanty hair: heredity, and internal or external factors (wrong diet, lack of vitamins and minerals, stresses and overfatigue, inappropriate hair treatment, etc.). Age, race and natural hair color are also important. For instance, newborns have the smallest hair thickness (20-30 micron). Owners of thick hair are usually African Americans, Hispanics, and Asians, while Europeans usually have thinner hair.

Scanty hair in front often looks charmless, as well as scanty hair on crown. It resembles coarse straw. However, the aesthetic point is not the main thing here. Thin hair can cause some discomfort and troubles, such as fragility and increased electrification.

Haircuts for Scanty Hair

  • Layered Style. This would be perfect for long scanty hair. It’s used for a gradual transition of length which contributes to visually thicker hair. With this technique, the strands are cut gradually from the bangs toward the tips.

  • Long Angled Bob. If you like long hair, this may be a good option for you. Due to the hair length and angled shape, this haircut looks stylish and voluminous.

  • Blunt Bob is one of the scanty hairstyles perfect for middle length hair. It’s characterized by accurate edges, sharp cut, and clear proportions.

  • Pixie. The best haircut for those who prefer short hair. It has a lot of variants and allows experimenting with bangs and length. You can choose elongated straight bangs or asymmetrical ones, shaved temples, and a balayage color – all that would make your hair voluminous and textured.

Hairstyles for Scanty Hair

  • Bun. It makes the appearance more elegant.

  • Light waves. Such a hairstyle will add some romantic and feminine hints to the look.

  • Fishtail. It’s associated with simple hairstyles. It is performed on straight and curly hair with two strands braided together, and it goes well with straight and oblique bangs.

  • French waterfall. Another style with braids. It looks better on curled hair of medium and long lengths. It is also suggested to tease the hair a bit so that it looks more voluminous.


It seems impossible to get rid of scanty hair, but the appropriate care can be a solution. Home remedies include shampoos with keratin and proteins, for they can contribute to the additional volume. When styling with a hairdryer, it’s better to use a round brush.

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by Donna Sullivan
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