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What are the best hairstyles for a small face?

Ema Globyte
I have a small face, what hairstyles would be great for me?

Today, a stylish hairstyle for small face is not an issue anymore – there are so many different options and tips that can help correct the head and face proportions. If natural fragility and grace come together with a small face and thin hair, it looks beautiful, but if not, a minor correction would be needed; in many cases, a proper hairdo will make a small face look normal.

Short Hairstyles for Small Face

A haircut for small face plays a significant role: it may take the focus off a big nose or a disproportionate chin, and even correct the back of the head. So, let’s start with the best hairstyles for a small round face which is characterized by broad cheekbones, a wide chin, and low and wide forehead.

Women with short hair are advised to choose haircuts with an elongated silhouette from ears to the top (for instance, a tapered pixie or an angled bob), side-swept bangs and a side parting. It’s better not to comb the hair back or part it in the middle.

Medium Hairstyles for Small Face

In case you have a small oval face, you’ve got to cope with some challenges together with your hairstylist. A small thin face doesn’t need elongation, but it will certainly benefit from a slightly wider, rounder appearance.

The distance from chin to shoulders is something you can play with, not worrying about weighing down your face. Even fine thin hair with a small face looks nice if you let some strands in the front fall below your chin. This trick will make your face look perfectly oval. If you have straight hair and small face, you should also consider a blunt bob.

Long Hairstyles for Women with Small Face

Here are some tips on a proper haircut for a small diamond face shape. A nice workaround for women with long hair and a diamond face is layered hair. It delicately frames the face enhancing its advantages and making it look more oval. Wear layers confidently with glasses and small face – your appearance will be gorgeous.

At the same time, if you have waves or curls, don’t straighten them all the time. Make your curly hair fall on your shoulders, create new hairstyles – never stop experimenting!

There is one more option for a small face with wavy hair – think of updos, like buns, ponytails, etc. If you have a small forehead and oval face, it would be cool to leave a few curls loose at the cheekbones. Fine hair and small framed face look tender and extremely feminine.

Bangs for Small Faces

Be careful when choosing bangs if you have a small forehead and round face. The right decision may be to opt for a pixie or a la garcon cut with side bangs, and similar hairstyles that will make your features look more sophisticated and proportional.

A big head with a small face is not a problem if you pull your hair away from the face and create some side volume. With glasses your face can look bigger, just opt for bigger frames.

Good wedding hairstyles for a small face are loose updos with wispy locks around the face. Try not to overwhelm your small face with hair, but some light delicate curls fallen out of your updo will definitely flatter you.

Well, a flattering hairstyle for small face is quite easy to choose, it’s only necessary to define your face shape first. Never be afraid of trying something new and be fascinating!

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