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30 Unique Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2024

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

29. Honey-Toned Beige Blonde. A pale skin tone and a light eye color make you a good candidate for sporting honey blonde yet in a lighter and softer version, like a beige base with subtle warmth.

Finding a hairstyle and hair color to suit your face shape, complexion, and sense of fashion can be difficult, but no matter who you are, it’s hard to go wrong with honey blonde. If you’re interested in dyeing your hair honey blonde, or if you want to take your honey blonde hair color to the next level, it’s time to start looking for inspiration.

Let’s take a look at our hand-picked list of 30 trendy honey blonde hair styles; we’re sure you’ll find something just right for you!

1. Caramel Honey Blonde. Caramel honey blonde hair does a great job of mixing warmth with elegance. Pair this sun-kissed look with a soft face frame and a medium-length cut, and you have a trendy style fit for any season.

2. Warm Blonde Balayage. No doubt, balayage is here to stay! For a trendy yet simple style like this, your hair colorist will use a honey blonde hair dye to create highlights and then tousle your hair into gentle waves.

3. Nude Honey Blonde Waves. This shade of honey blonde adds a bit of coolness to an otherwise warm shade. Use a curling iron to add waves and volume, and you’ll end up with a look suitable for both work and play.

4. Long Loose Honey Blonde Curls. Here the eye-catching style resorts to ribbons to add depth, dimension, and brightness to your hair. The result is flattering, feminine, and fun, and looks especially fabulous on long, silky waves.

Long Brown and Honey Blonde Ribbons
By Amy

5. Sunny Honey Blonde Ribbons. If there’s one hairstyle destined to last until the end of the century, it’s this one. These show-stopping honey blonde ribbons are feminine and sophisticated, and will probably be seen on the “best of” hairstyle lists for decades to come.

6. Honey Blonde Hair with Root Shadow. This girl got her natural hair color lifted through the mid-length to the ends and then matched with a darker tone at the roots for a low-maintenance and lived-in look.

7. Shoulder-Length Light Honey Blonde Hair. Pairing a delicate shade of honey at the base with a creamy champagne blonde throughout the perimeter keeps the whole color scheme on the much lighter and softer side.

8. Honey Blonde with Bright Ribbons. Here, tiny streaks of a brighter blonde fill the base honey hue with extra shine and enhance the movement created by masterful layering and a bit of curling.

9. Bobbed Honey Blonde Hair with Something Bright. Enrich your light brown base with warm honey hues and spice it up with tiny bright highlights to enter the blonde territory without much bleaching.

10. Dark Root Honey Blonde. Dark roots are no longer a sign of a messy dye job: pairing dark roots with honey blonde hair can add both depth and brightness, helping you elevate your style into something eye-catching and distinctive.

11. Streaky Honey Blonde Hair Color. It’s a great idea to build tons of dimension with fluid blonde hues placed against the dark honey base, which also emphasizes the texture and movement created by choppy layers.

12. Luminous Honey Hair Color for Brunettes. Dark-haired girls with olive complexion are encouraged to add some warm glow to their skin by lacing the deep base with honey blonde and light golden shades.

13. Glowing Cool-Toned Blonde. Although honey blonde is basically a warm shade, it can be tailored to different complexions, for example, by glossing it with a metallic hue that weakens the warmth and makes it suitable for cool skin tones.

14. Amber-Tinted Honey Blonde Balayage. Girls with medium to dark warm skin tones should fall in love with this choppy long hair that has the dark honey base lightened up around the face and toward the ends.

15. Honey Flavored Blend of Highlights and Lowlights. If your base color is on the lighter side of brown, you can create a stunning contrast for your honey tint to shine out by complementing it with medium brown lowlights.

16. Rooty Honey Blonde with Splashes of Platinum. Place your honey blonde highlights against deep brown roots for both enviable dimension and less frequent touch-ups, and accentuate your texture with dramatic platinum.

17. Sun-Kissed Honey Blonde. By inserting light blonde highlights here and there, you can add a good deal of interest to your honey blonde hair shade and help your strands pick up sparkles of sunlight much better.

18. Honey Blonde with Dramatic Money Piece. Face-framing highlights are everywhere nowadays, but it’s up to you whether to get them seamlessly diffused or let them shine out like that.

19. Honey Blonde Balayage. Here is a seamless balayage that blends honey highlights into a medium brown base and then lets them transition into a creamy blonde shade to create a delicate glow around the ends.

20. Hand-Painted Sunset Blonde. You are welcome to mix and match your favorite hues to arrive at an exceptional color scheme, for example, a brown-to-blonde color melt that brings together a pink champagne and honey blonde hair tint.

21. Caramel Honey Blonde with Extra Shine. While caramel and honey tones are good at reflecting sunlight, your long, layered waves will gain more glitter with strokes of a lighter blonde put throughout the bends.

22. Dimensional Honey Blonde. Refresh your past-the-shoulder hairstyle with a set of cascading layers and a combo of honey and light golden hues to enjoy a boost of brightness, dimension, and dynamics.

23. A Mix of Warm and Cool. A warm shade of honey hair color may clash with your cool-tone complexion unless you blend it with neutral or even ashy hues, such as cream soda blonde.

24. Cali Girl Waves in Honey Blonde. This beautifully textured hair incorporates effortless waves and strategically placed bright blonde highlights to land an absolutely enviable summer-ready style.

25. Sun-Kissed Bright Honey Blonde. Unlike many other styles in our collection, this hair shimmers with subtle splashes of a lighter shade throughout the length rather than accumulating the blonde around the ends or near the face.

26. Deep Honey Blonde with Face Framing. Girls with light complexion look fabulous in a warm, saturated honey blonde since it brings the lacking pigment into their skin, but a contrasting piece along the face will do no harm.

27. Pearly Blonde with Flashes of Honey. If you wonder if honey blonde plays well with neutral and cool hues, these radiant ribbons with an added play of light and shadow should eliminate your uncertainty.

28. Creamy Blonde Jazzed Up with Warmth. Those who give preference to softer blonde shades can still incorporate some honey into their multitone color schemes and end up with a delicate buttery look.

29. Honey-Toned Beige Blonde. A pale skin tone and a light eye color make you a good candidate for sporting honey blonde yet in a lighter and softer version, like a beige base with subtle warmth.

30. Summery Honey Blonde Lob. This long bob starts with a rich honey hue at the roots and gracefully fades into golden and sun-bleached shades, reminding us of hot summer days spent on the beach.

No matter what hair texture and length you prefer, honey blonde hair can take any look from drab to fab. Try it out today!