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30 Unique Honey Blonde Hair Color Ideas for 2023

29. Honey Blonde Ombre. This honey blonde ombre hair color is so elegant and unique – it won’t seem out of place on a woman of any age! It looks fantastic on all lengths but is especially show-stopping on longer tresses.

Finding a hairstyle and hair color to suit your face shape, complexion, and sense of fashion can be difficult, but no matter who you are, it’s hard to go wrong with honey blonde. If you’re interested in dyeing your hair honey blonde, or if you want to take your honey blonde hair color to the next level, it’s time to start looking for inspiration.

Let’s take a look at our hand-picked list of 30 trendy honey blonde hair styles; we’re sure you’ll find something just right for you!

1. Caramel Honey Blonde. Caramel honey blonde hair does a great job of mixing warmth with elegance. Pair this sun-kissed look with a soft face frame and a medium-length cut, and you have a trendy style fit for any season.

2. Warm Blonde Balayage. No doubt, balayage is here to stay! For a trendy yet simple style like this, your hair colorist will use a honey blonde hair dye to create highlights and then tousle your hair into gentle waves.

3. Nude Honey Blonde Waves. This shade of honey blonde adds a bit of coolness to an otherwise warm shade. Use a curling iron to add waves and volume, and you’ll end up with a look suitable for both work and play.

4. Long Loose Honey Blonde Curls. Here the eye-catching style resorts to ribbons to add depth, dimension, and brightness to your hair. The result is flattering, feminine, and fun, and looks especially fabulous on long, silky waves.

Long Brown and Honey Blonde Ribbons
By Amy

5. Sunny Honey Blonde Ribbons. If there’s one hairstyle destined to last until the end of the century, it’s this one. These show-stopping honey blonde ribbons are feminine and sophisticated, and will probably be seen on the “best of” hairstyle lists for decades to come.

6. Honey Blonde Highlights. This honey blonde balayage combines the sweetness of honey blonde highlights with a sultry chocolate base that will turn any cut or style into an automatic winner.

7. Blonde Ombre Highlights. If you’re looking for a style sure to turn heads, try adding face-framing honey blond ombre highlights. These bright pieces look great with any style, whether we’re talking pixie-cuts or mermaid-length locks.

8. Honey Blonde Curly Hair. Curls can make any hairstyle seem both cozy and sophisticated, and curls paired with this gorgeous honey blonde hair color are no exception.

9. Dark Honey Blonde Hair. This gorgeous look uses a combination of highlights and lowlights to deliver the sparkling dark honey blonde balayage. Medium-length waves also add depth and volume to this coppery mane of hair.

10. Dark Root Honey Blonde. Dark roots are no longer a sign of a messy dye job: pairing dark roots with honey blonde hair can add both depth and brightness, helping you elevate your style into something eye-catching and distinctive.

11. Warm Blonde Shade. Warm blonde hair is eternally classic, whether you’re strolling along a seaside boardwalk or bundling up in winter coats. This soft, lovely color is feminine and elegant, and a great look for all ages.

12. Windswept Neutral Blonde Waves. If you’ve ever wanted to look like a blonde Natasha Romanoff, blend long, glamorous curls with a honey blonde color to create an aesthetic fit for both movie stars and superheroes.

13. Black and Honey Blonde. If you’re looking for a hairstyle dramatic enough for a movie premiere, try adding honey blonde highlights to brown hair. The juxtaposition immediately draws attention, giving you a look that would make any prima donna proud.

14. Honey Blonde Balayage. This attractive, glowing style uses a bright honey blonde balayage to deliver a stunning set of waves that anyone would love to run their fingers through.

15. Honey Beige Blonde. This gorgeous hairstyle uses a subtle root fade and a honey beige blonde foilayage to create a show-stopping look that pairs well with both short cuts and longer hair.

16. Light Honey Blonde Hair. For a style and shade that would make even Farrah Fawcett green with envy, use a light honey blonde hair dye and a curling iron to turn even the most lifeless style into something eye-catching and fabulous.

17. Brown-Blonde Foilayage. If you want to make a statement, highlighting is definitely the way to go. The soft, warm shade of brown perfectly blends with a sweet and sassy honey blonde hair dye, creating a look destined to turn heads.

18. Honey Blonde Ribbons. Searching for an aesthetic that can be both down-to-earth and distinguished? Try these gently-blended honey blonde ribbons; they pair well with anything from pajamas to little black dresses and look good both flowing around your shoulders and in up-dos.

19. Honey Blonde Highlights. Oh, well, honey blonde highlights are classic for a reason, and that’s because they flatter just about every skin tone. For a more edgy look, try pairing them with cool-toned blonde highlights and a choppy lob cut.

20. Honey Blonde Bob. Bobs are timeless, and this shaggy light honey blonde bob is no exception. For an even trendier look, use a flat iron to create chic, flirty waves.

21. Honey Gold Hair. On its own, honey gold hair is already gorgeous. Combine the color with long, luxurious waves, and you’ve got a look so dazzling it belongs on a red carpet.

22. Honey Blonde Hair on Brown Skin. Honey blonde hair isn’t just for lighter skin tones; it looks just as stunning against brown skin. Try it with relaxed waves, a side-part, or a short, asymmetric bob.

23. Honey Blonde Short Hair. A chic, choppy chin-length bob can work wonders for all face shapes, and merging the cut with honey blonde highlights will help you create a down-to-earth look suited for just about everyone.

24. Honey Brown Waves. It doesn’t matter where you live or what season it is: honey brown hair combined with feathered face-framing layers is basically synonymous with “beach-ready.”

25. Honey Blonde Streaks. For a rockstar-inspired hairstyle, add honey blonde streaks as money pieces to your shaggy, messy layers. Feel free to tousle your hair for an even more striking look.

26. Honey Blonde Box Braids. We know box braids are always beautiful, but pairing them with a sweet, honey blonde hair color can make them even more dramatic. Play around with different lengths, and experiment with waist-length box braids for a look befitting any runway.

27. Shaggy Honey Blonde Lob. This casual, uber-cool lob screams self-assurance and style. Run your fingers through your hair to tousle it, or use a flat iron to build a confident, Instagram-worthy look.

28. Runway-Ready Honey Brown Cut. Try honey brown highlights to design a subtle balayage for the look that says “I was invited to Fashion Week.”

29. Honey Blonde Ombre. This honey blonde ombre hair color is so elegant and unique – it won’t seem out of place on a woman of any age! It looks fantastic on all lengths but is especially show-stopping on longer tresses.

30. Messy Blonde Bob. A shaggy bob is one of the quickest ways of bringing a bit of edginess to your style. This honey blonde bob embraces tousled waves for a dramatic effect.

No matter what hair texture and length you prefer, honey blonde hair can take any look from drab to fab. Try it out today!

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