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What are the best long hairstyles for women over 50?

2. Gray Highlights for Older Women with Long Hair. You can take a different route since you are not bound to go solid gray. Depending on your preferred color scheme, gray streaks are capable of creating stunning contrasts, delivering a sun-kissed effect, or adding the required depth to thinning locks.

Do older women look better or worse with long hair? What to choose, long or short hair, if you are a woman over 50? Thanks!

We don’t need the latest statistics to see older women with long hair being in the minority these days. It comes as no surprise considering the fact that until recently, we all believed that more inches can make us look only older, not to mention the trickier maintenance. However, the pictures below sell the idea of sticking to your preferred length regardless of your age – you just need to understand what to pay attention to.

1. Long Hairstyles for Older Women with Fine Hair. We are lucky to have messy hairstyles trending since they are perfect for mature ladies with thin long hair. From beachy waves to tousled ponytails, they give us a chance to bring in texture and get the roots elevated without tipping over into outdated bouffants.

2. Gray Highlights for Older Women with Long Hair. You can take a different route since you are not bound to go solid gray. Depending on your preferred color scheme, gray streaks are capable of creating stunning contrasts, delivering a sun-kissed effect, or adding the required depth to thinning locks.

3. Long Hair with Bangs for Older Women. Any hairdos for older women with long hair can be easily updated with bangs. A choppy fringe is today’s go-to option that flatters almost any face shape and allows for a fresher and classier look without much maintenance. Alternatively, go for side-swept bangs to gently frame your face.

4. Older Women with Long Gray Hair. Yes, embracing gray hair is officially in vogue, with a bunch of celebrities like Meryl Streep and Helen Mirren spearheading the movement. If you want to join them, just select a flattering shade of gray to go through the awkward transition phase, and you will end up with long silver hair that is minimally affected by chemical treatments.

5. Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50. Layers work great on long tresses, as they add both movement and volume to thinning locks. However, long layered hairstyles are also flattering to heads of hair, as they remove the bulk. Anyway, keep your layers on the softer side, otherwise, harsh lines and much disruption can make you look older.

6. Hairstyles for Older Women with Long Hair & Round Faces. Extra inches seem to be just the thing for round faces thanks to their built-in elongating effect. But it’s not enough for a lady over 50 – add layers or waves to amp up volume on the bottom and a side part for some height on the top.

7. Older Women with Long Curly Hair. Curls and waves are the best friends for aged hair since they create a flirty feel while delivering some dimension and dynamics. The key is to retain natural bounce or masterfully reproduce it if we’re dealing with perms. Make sure you trust your hair to professionals who understand curl patterns clearly and can avoid the “poodle perm” effect.

8. Older Women with Very Long Hair. Sure, ladies over 60 can wear their locks waist-long, but what’s the point? If the tresses are thin or fine, they will look even scarcer in long hairstyles since the length will pull them down. So, don’t hesitate to opt for extensions – they will make your mane full enough for really beautiful long ‘dos.

9. Braids and Bun Hairstyles for Older Women. Think you are too old for these trifles? Well, what about Madonna with her tight cool-girl plaits? Low buns are timelessly elegant, braids of all kinds are easily incorporated into casual and formal ‘dos, and even a top knot can look gorgeous if it chimes with your face shape and hair texture.

10. Medium-To-Long Haircuts. When you are not sure whether you want to go with short or long hair, a long bob is definitely a win-win pick. It gives you the best of both worlds, especially when combined with smartly placed layers. Moreover, if your face is heart- or square-shaped, this choice is sure to nicely balance your bone structure.

Lob for Older Women
By Lara

11. Hair Products for Older Women with Long Hair. Healthy locks are essential for long hairstyles, and mature women need to go the extra mile for their manes to retain shine, elasticity, and fullness. TLC for the scalp, heat-protectants, keratin treatments, deep conditioners, volumizing sprays, and thickening mousses – employ them all if necessary to stop aging processes in your hair.

12. Updos for Older Women with Long Hair. The main thing about age-defying updos is to keep them simple. It can be a sleek side-parted chignon or a cascading half-up half-down with a slightly teased crown, but it shouldn’t be overwhelmed with volume or details. Both a laid-back feel and clean lines are better than a bouffant.

13. Formal Hairstyles for Older Women with Long Hair. Formal ‘dos tend to add years even to young girls, but mature women have the experience to fix the problem, don’t they? The basic tip is to soften the lines around your face with bangs, tendrils, or face-framing layers – just choose what works best for your bone structure.

14. Natural Curly Long Gray Hair. If you choose to rock your natural curls, your main task is to tame the frizz and get your curl pattern revealed in all its beauty. While a longer hairstyle works towards the first goal by weighing the locks down, African-American curls are naturally more fragile, and it usually gets worse with age. This is the reason to recommend quarterly haircuts for older women with long hair, and protective hairstyles including various braids, twists, and buns.

15. Hair Accessories for Older Women with Long Hair. You can secure your hair with cute bobby pins, pull it back with silk or leather hair bands, or make ponytails using bright (yet hair-friendly!) elastics – as long as they are not cheap-looking. There are plenty of elegant hair accessories around to suit taller and smaller older women and make their hair look age-appropriate.

16. Super Long Curly Hairstyle Over 60. Let your hair down and make the girls go ga-ga with envy. It would be a shame not to flaunt such luscious and bouncy curls if mother nature gave them to you. Rapunzel’s long hairstyles for women over 50 are a hit.

17. Sassy-at-50 Highlights and Lowlights. The vibes we get here prove that older women with long hair can still look as hot as a vixen. The fascinating mixture of gray, charcoal, and black leaves us speechless.

Long Gray Hair for Older Women
By Anna

18. Trendy Salt-and-Pepper Hair. Who says long hair on older women is not flattering. Amp up the glamor with some lowlights. The blow-out, balayage with lowlights on ash blonde hair, and beachy waves are all on point.

19. Braids for Older Women with Long Hair. Revive your youthfulness with the age-defying high bun. Complement the style with a loose French braid and some embellishments for a girlie, wow-perfect look. Such long hairstyles for older women are best when you are transitioning to gray hair.

20. Fun and Formal Low Roll Updo. Searching for wedding long hairstyles for women over 60? Show off your queen with this lovely mother-of-the-bride updo. Tuck your long hair in a low roll to expose your slender neck.

21. Long Curly Silver Gray Hairstyle. Curls, curls, and more curls. Curls so gorgeous that you just can’t resist the temptation to run your fingers through them. Give the younger generation a run for their money with this breathtaking long hair for women over 50.

22. Side-Parted Thick Bangs. Long hairstyles for women over 60 can be cool and elegant. The bangs cover up wrinkles on the forehead, giving you a younger look. Another plus, messy hairstyles like this one are low-maintenance. A shag is a real savior nowadays!

23. Flirty Long Gray Hair Over 50. With age comes grace. Rock yours with pride showing off this gray hairstyle for senior ladies. The cascade of bouncy waves and the length of your gray hair will hold people spellbound.

24. Natural Gray Money Pieces and Lowlights. For elderly women who love to move with the flow, the trendy money piece highlights are not a bad idea at all. These fantastic natural money pieces are a cute idea to update old lady hairstyles for long hair.

25. Updos for Older Women. From a charity event to a wedding party and a dinner date, this adorable wavy updo for older women has got your back. The face-framing pieces, warm blonde highlights, and shadow roots give the hairstyle a sophisticated vibe.

26. Gray Long Layered Hairstyle Over 60. If you’ve retained your long hair after 60, you may not know how lucky you are. Show off your mane and enjoy what you’ve got. Flip up the ends for an enchanting feathered effect.

27. Bangs with Long Hair After 60. Bangs are rejuvenating. Trust a hairstyle with bangs to give you this fun and innocent beauty. If you’re on the overweight side, go for long haircuts for women over 50 like this one to hide a double chin and make your face less puffy. And yes, sometimes the length just below the shoulders is better than keeping your locks too long.

28. Curled Long Layered Hair Over 50. Wondering how to style your long hair for that event? Why not try this red-carpet-worthy hairstyle? The layers, curly ends, and swoopy bangs are befitting for any big event. One of those long haircuts that equally flatter women over 50 and twentysomethings.

29. Long Feathered Hair with Bangs Over 50. A showstopper! Rock this sultry and edgy layered long hair after 60. The style boasts a long feathered haircut with voluminous wispy bangs and curled ends.

30. Long Gray Hair with Pink Ends. For mature and elderly ladies who are not color-shy and desire a change, introducing a vivid color to your long gray hair is a step in the right direction. Another amazing aspect of this wonderful hair is the long feathered cut.

While you can successfully follow all the tips from our list of hairstyles for older women with long hair, customization is still required. You need to take into account your hair type and hair color, face shape and complexion, lifestyle and height/build to figure out whether you want to rock your tresses long or chop them off.

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by Donna Sullivan
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