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What are the best long hairstyles for women over 50?

2. Gray Highlights for Older Women with Long Hair. You can take a different route since you are not bound to go solid gray. Depending on your preferred color scheme, gray streaks are capable of creating stunning contrasts, delivering a sun-kissed effect, or adding the required depth to thinning locks.

Do older women look better or worse with long hair? What to choose, long or short hair, if you are a woman over 50? Thanks!

We don’t need the latest statistics to see older women with long hair being in the minority these days. It comes as no surprise considering the fact that until recently, we all believed that more inches can make us look only older, not to mention the trickier maintenance. However, the pictures below sell the idea of sticking to your preferred length regardless of your age – you just need to understand what to pay attention to.

1. Long Hairstyles for Older Women with Fine Hair. We are lucky to have messy hairstyles trending since they are perfect for mature ladies with thin long hair. From beachy waves to tousled ponytails, they give us a chance to bring in texture and get the roots elevated without tipping over into outdated bouffants.

2. Gray Highlights for Older Women with Long Hair. You can take a different route since you are not bound to go solid gray. Depending on your preferred color scheme, gray streaks are capable of creating stunning contrasts, delivering a sun-kissed effect, or adding the required depth to thinning locks.

3. Long Hair with Bangs for Older Women. Any hairdos for older women with long hair can be easily updated with bangs. A choppy fringe is today’s go-to option that flatters almost any face shape and allows for a fresher and classier look without much maintenance. Alternatively, go for side-swept bangs to gently frame your face.

4. Smokey Gray Fluffy Hair. Here is one of the trendiest hairstyles for a 50-year-old woman with long hair. It combines volume with airy texture to create a stunning diva look further dramatized with a fancy color scheme.

5. Feathered Long Hair with Bangs over 50. A deep and long wispy fringe is a cool addition to hairstyles for a 50-year-old woman with long hair since it gives fullness to the front and directs attention to the eyes.

6. Bouncy Long Hair with Bangs Over 50. The flicky layers cut in this chestnut brown hair move into top gear toward the bottom to produce plenty of bounce and radiate eternal youthfulness.

7. Graduated Bangs and Face-Framing Layers. Adding a lightweight fringe is a perfect way to revitalize long hair styles for women over 60, but it’s even better to pair the bangs with choppy side layers to arrive at your version of The Rachel 2.0.

8. Rooty Peach Blonde Hair with Long Bangs. Deepened by a bit of brown at the roots, the peachy hues of this style chime well with pink undertones in the lady’s skin and bring her back into her younger years.

9. Braids and Bun Hairstyles for Older Women. Think you are too old for these trifles? Well, what about Madonna with her tight cool-girl plaits? Low buns are timelessly elegant, braids of all kinds are easily incorporated into casual and formal ‘dos, and even a top knot can look gorgeous if it chimes with your face shape and hair texture.

10. Heavily Layered Long Hair after 60. We do recommend considering layered haircuts for older women with long hair — check how these short layers running from the cheekbones debulk and shape the thick mane.

11. Wavy Auburn Shag with Curtain Bangs. Rich color with extra shine added through a seamless balayage is just the thing for long hairstyles for women over 50 since it makes the hair look healthy and youthful.

12. Long Layered Hair over 50 with Reverse Ombre.This picture shows that layer placement is crucial for layered hairstyles for a 50-year-old woman with long hair, as it can create bounce in the right place.

13. Long Layers and a Full Fringe for Golden Blonde Hair. This is a great example of dimensional long hair for older women that boasts a naturally sun-kissed feel and enhanced movement gained with a few long layers.

14. Textured Long Hair with Arched Bangs. Rockstar vibes are not something we frequently observe in long hairstyles for older women, but this messy razor-cut hair with a dense jagged fringe puts things to rights.

15. Long Straight Hair with Gray Blending. With some smart layering and texturizing, these straight strands don’t lay flat all the way down, and thanks to the masterfully blended silver, brown, and blonde, they look anything but gray.

16. Shaggy Chocolaty Waves with Bottleneck Bangs. Although shaggy long haircuts for women over 50 are highly suitable for wash-and-go styles, this picture proves they can be easily glammed up with a heat tool and texturizing product.

17. Chic Salt-and-Pepper Hair for Elderly Women. A bit of toning and some lowlights work magic on long haircuts for older women making them edgy and dimensional.

18. Streaky Honey Blonde Hair with Feathered Bangs. Here is a worthwhile tip on how to spice up your layered long hair after 60 — give it a color boost by blending your silver bits with a bright honey blonde.

19. Gray Blending Highlights for Straight Long Hair on Older Women. Not only does this gray blending job help to camouflage grayness and avoid frequent touch-ups, but it also brings dimension into the straight tresses.

20. Wispy Fringe and Piece-y Layers. Keeping the ends blunt on the bottom for a fuller look, this long hairstyle softens the facial contour with the light bangs and face-framing layers while infusing texture into the straight hair.

21. Icy Blonde Hair with Flippy Ends. Retro styles are seriously in vogue nowadays, so it’s cool to incorporate flipped ends into longer hairstyles for older women and even bend them in different directions.

22. Long Gray Hair with Side-Swept Bangs. Short face-framing layers and side-swept bangs work nicely with hairstyles for older women with long hair & square-shaped faces, as they create plenty of texture to balance the angles.

23. Playful Blonde Hairstyle with Flipped Up Ends. What about transforming your natural long gray hair into a frisky summery blonde shag like this?

24. Layered Bangs and Face Framing for Older Ladies. If you don’t know how to give texture to flat long hair on older women, this polished version of the hot and happening wolf cut will give you a clue.

25. Thick Silver Blonde Highlights in Long Hair. While longer length allows us to style hair in many ways, we love classy straight haircuts with bangs and high-contrast highlights, achieving an elegant and up-to-date look for women of all age groups.

26. Gray Long Layered Hairstyle Over 60. If you’ve retained your long hair after 60, you may not know how lucky you are. Show off your mane and enjoy what you’ve got. Flip up the ends for an enchanting feathered effect.

27. Bangs with Long Hair After 60. Bangs are rejuvenating. Trust a hairstyle with bangs to give you this fun and innocent beauty. If you’re on the overweight side, go for long haircuts for women over 50 like this one to hide a double chin and make your face less puffy. And yes, sometimes the length just below the shoulders is better than keeping your locks too long.

28. Tousled Red Hairstyle with Wispy Ends. You are welcome to choose messy old lady hairstyles for long hair with layers since their carefree feel has a truly rejuvenating effect.

29. Feathery Shoulder-Length Hair with Extra Lift. This ashy mix of gray and blonde strands is handsomely textured and volumized with feathered layers, and the swept-back hair above the fringe delivers additional height without overexposing the face.

30. Long Gray Hair with Pink Ends. For mature and elderly ladies who are not color-shy and desire a change, introducing a vivid color to your long gray hair is a step in the right direction. Another amazing aspect of this wonderful hair is the long feathered cut.

While you can successfully follow all the tips from our list of hairstyles for older women with long hair, customization is still required. You need to take into account your hair type and hair color, face shape and complexion, lifestyle and height/build to figure out whether you want to rock your tresses long or chop them off.

by Donna Sullivan
Donna is a hairstylist with 8 years of experience. Ask her about any hair-related problem (haircuts, hairstyles, colorings, hair care) and get a pro advice!