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40 Trendy Money Piece Hair Highlights for Women

36. Light Red Money Pieces for Dark Auburn Hair. Redheads are also encouraged to don face-framing highlights, following the example of this ginger hair queen who spiced up her look with a bit of orange.

Money piece hair is in vogue. Fashionistas can’t seem to get enough of the invigorating power of money piece highlights. Let’s check out the latest variations of this trend and choose something for your next visit to the salon. Read on!

What is ‘money piece hair’? Money piece highlights are a type of balayage that involves making the front stripes of hair on both sides of your face brighter than the rest of your hair. The highlighted pieces are called money pieces, and they do an awesome job of brightening your complexion and accentuating your face.

See our selection of the poshest money piece highlights to inspire your next salon visit.

1. Dark Brown Money Piece Hair. A matching, lighter shade of brown money highlights could be all your dark hair needs to give it the luminosity and classy feel you desire.

2. Natural-Looking ‘Sun-Kissed’ Money Piece Hair. Starting off as soft blonde money piece touches and fanning out into more elaborate highlights, this stunning balayage with money piece can make even Beyonce go green with envy.

3. Stunning Money Bangs. Is the money piece hair trend for you? The answer is a resounding yes. In fact, the burst of color on the bangs framing your face delivers some admirable radiance to your complexion. The hairstyle below is an absolute showstopper, isn’t it?

4. High-Contrast Money Piece on Dark Hair. Sometimes all you need is just a touch of color here and there to set your dark hair ablaze. Choose a color two or three shades lighter than the rest of your hair to brighten up your look.

5. Layered V cut with Beach-Style Money Piece. A V-shaped haircut is a show-stopper, especially on medium or long hair. Lighten up a small portion of your front hair for some exquisite money piece fringes that will keep people staring in admiration.

6. Blonde Money Piece on Long Brown Hair. Would you like to give your hair a fresh look without any major transformation of your hair color? Try a money piece hairstyle. You won’t need to dye your entire hair. Just touch up a few strands of hair in the front. Also, a good litmus test if you want to find out how a particular hair color would look on you.

7. Dark Money Piece Hair with Blonde Strips. The bright blonde ribbons running along the face echo the basic highlights growing in intensity toward the ends and fill the brunette hair with shine and movement.

8. Caramel Money Piece Highlights for Chocolate Brown Hair. This yummy color scheme kills two birds with one stone — it spotlights the face and infuses the hair with beautiful warm tones.

9. Blonde Money Piece Light Brown Hair. This is another image to draw inspo from if you want to brighten up your brown hair. A blonde money piece goes well with different shades of brown. Warmer hues of blonde such as a golden blonde money piece are a hit on light brown hair. It supplies the vibrance your hair needs to pop.

10. Auburn Colored Money Pieces on Brown Hair. This long brown mane is a bit spiced up with red-tinted gloss throughout the length, and the light auburn strips near the face add to the glow of the skin.

11. Lob Money Piece Hairstyle. The length of your hair shouldn’t deter you from hopping on the money piece hair trend. It looks just as cute whether your hair is barely grazing your jaw or sweeping past your hips. You’re good to go as far as you have some fringes contouring your face. The following fantastic bob with money pieces in a golden shade also confirms this fact.

12. Toffee Brown Hair Contouring. Apart from immediately spotlighting the face with contrasting toffee brown pieces, this amazing color job works as face sculpting by adding definition to the facial contour and making it slimmer.

13. Blonde Highlights with Money Piece. As far as current highlights go, blonde money piece highlights are among the trendiest. Light up your complexion with bright blonde face-framing pieces for an edgy, fashionable look.

14. Money Piece Side-Parted Hair. The face-framing money streaks can be placed anywhere in the front. They can go from the middle parting, side parting, or even cover your entire bangs. The effect remains the same – extra dimension, sophisticated glamor, and brightened complexion. Check out this alluring side-parted hair.

15. Chunky Blonde Money Piece Hair. Here is a modern take on the 90s chunky highlights, where the bright platinum bands around the face are combined with more delicate blonde pieces and a depth-adding reverse balayage.

16. Neck-Length Brown Hair with Money Piece. Brunette babes with short hair will cherish this amazing money piece type of highlights. Her blonde face-framing strands on cinnamon brown hair are adorable.

17. Purple Money Pieces and Underlights. For a totally revamped look, try high contrast balayage money piece hair. The streaks of hand-painted highlights in a vividly contrasting color add definition to your face. The result is very compelling but not overpowering.

Brown Balayage with Purple Money Pieces
By John

18. Earthy Brunette with Glossy Money Pieces. This dimensional color scheme includes a whole range of natural muted brown shades, except for the front pieces in a light-reflective hazelnut blonde.

19. Honey Blonde Money Piece Hair for Brunettes. If you want to stay on the warmer side of brown without going too red or yellow, the ‘caramel meets honey’ palette sported by this girl is what you need.

20. High-Contrast Money Pieces Hair. Although it may seem counterintuitive, cooler blonde shades placed around the face can work fine for warm and olive complexions, neutralizing yellow undertones and making the skin look creamier.

21. Striking White Face Framing. This combination of auburn gloss and snow-white highlights is totally out of the ordinary, yet the statement-making shade chimes really well with the icy blue eyes and makes them pop.

22. Lived-In Blonde with Chunky Money Pieces. Here we can see a lovely, seamless blend of a money piece and highlights — as the front streaks get wider, they are better blended with the blonde balayage of the mid-shaft.

23. Straight Dark Brown Money Piece Hair. This hairstyle retains depth created by the dark base color and doesn’t wash out the face thanks to the illuminating effect of the caramel highlights adjusted to the warm skin tone.

24. Light Brown Hair with Money Piece. Lighter shades of brown can also play out in fresh colors if paired with a subtle balayage and complemented with golden touches around the face.

25. Platinum Blonde Money Piece for Bronde. This hairstyle takes quite a different approach to money piece hair since it features a kind of color fade that gets darker and softer as it moves away from the face.

26. Caramel Money Piece Highlights. These soft caramel highlights give a touch of warmth to the cool complexion while the toned-down shade fits with both the dark brown base and the chocolaty hue on the bottom.

27. Muted Gold Against Dark Hair. Here is a stunning example illustrating how an ashy brunette balayage can be masterfully illuminated by some splashes of muted gold painted along the face.

28. Taupe Bronde with Pops of Silver. Although white blonde is not the most frequent money piece hair color, it is fairly wearable when paired with deep smokey root melt and fancy greige highlights.

29. A Bar of Copper Chocolate. Adding red tones to your brunette hair is a good move if you want to arrive at a richer color, and warm caramel highlights will create soft lightness around the face.

30. Blonde Money Piece Hair Perfection. The secret to great-looking money pieces hair highlights is choosing the right placement (from the roots or lower), the proper thickness of streaks, and the hair shade to complement your skin tone. Cooler shades are better for cooler skin tones and vice versa.

31. Dramatic Micro Money Pieces Hair. Unlike other color schemes that use money pieces to support a balayage or ombre, these tiny face-framing highlights are done to make a strong statement of their own.

32. Blonde Money Piece on Blonde Hair. Angelic in appearance and adorable in every aspect, her fascinating shoulder-length hair money piece highlights are everything a girl can dream of. The diagonal arrangement of the strips doesn’t escape our notice.

33. High-Contrast Balayage Money Piece Hair. Although blended with the surrounding highlights, the near-face pieces are bright enough to pop against the rich dark base while keeping the whole palette cool-toned.

34. Barely-There Money Piece Balayage. This girl has the front pieces of hair dyed just one or two tones lighter than her base color to arrive at a naturally sun-kissed look with extra glow added to her face.

35. Amber Money Piece Hair Color on Deep Brown. This warm shade doesn’t require much bleaching to lift the color yet invokes dimension, adds energy, and creates a stunning autumnal look.

36. Light Red Money Pieces for Dark Auburn Hair. Redheads are also encouraged to don face-framing highlights, following the example of this ginger hair queen who spiced up her look with a bit of orange.

37. Wispy Money Piece Hair. The beauty of her wispy blonde money piece on blonde hair is ethereal. The streaks of blonde highlights are completed with soft and wispy blonde money pieces.

38. Streak Dyed Front of Hair. You must have heard about peek-a-boo highlights. One of the advantages of this money piece hair is that you can rock your highlights like it’s nobody’s business and tuck it hidden away from the view if necessary.

39. Beige Blonde Money Piece Balayage. Following current trends, this gorgeous color job delivers loads of dimension with slightly intensified brightness near the face and sticks to the neutral beige color family, which looks natural and suits different skin tones.

40. Subtle Bronze Money Pieces. While the black base of this lob creates a striking contrast with the light eyes, the metallic shine of the face-framing bits highlights the girl’s features and flatters her peachy complexion.

We believe you have ticked down one or two money piece hair ideas. Go on, show them to your hair colorist and enjoy your new smashing look.

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