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30 Most Enviable Purple Hair Ideas and Looks to Copy ASAP

6. Lavender Purple Hair. Lavender is one of the most popular shades of purple. It looks best with voluminous curls and creates a sensual impression.

Purple hair color looks elegant, chic, and unusual. Thanks to the rich palette of shades to choose from, it can gracefully freshen your complexion, accentuate your eye color, and make you look younger.

This article will give you inspiration on how to style your purple hair whether it’s long or short, thick or thin, straight or curly. Browse through the selection of images below and pick the purple hair idea that fits best your age, complexion, and lifestyle!

1. Plum Purple Brown Hair. This is the most natural way of using purple. The plum color will shine bright under the sun and look barely there in your workplace.

Plum Dark Brown Hair with Subtle Purple Highlights
By Kali

2. Dusty Purple Hair Color. Combining several shades of purple prolongs the longevity of your hair color. It won’t lose its appeal when the color starts to wash out.

3. Multicolored with Purple Hair Highlights. With your hair down you’ll look like a mermaid. In a braid, your hair will show off a cute rainbow effect.

4. Burgundy Purple Hair. Accentuates the expressive face of a natural brunette with dark eyes and either pale or olive skin. Makes you look young but not eccentric.

5. Platinum Purple Hair. This coloring scheme looks dramatic and mysterious. It creates a stunning impression in life and in photos. Pair it with elegant dresses and full makeup.

6. Lavender Purple Hair. Lavender is one of the most popular shades of purple. It looks best with voluminous curls and creates a sensual impression.

7. Pastel Purple Hair. This soft transition of shades looks feminine and eye-catching at the same time. It gives volume to thin hair and creates a spectacular shimmer in a braid.

8. Purple Blonde Hair. Blonde hair with purple nuances looks avant-garde and fascinating. Just a couple of purple strands will be enough to change your style from classic to forward-thinking.

9. Deep Dark Purple Hair. Perfect for straight thick hair. The smooth geometric haircut looks confident and expressive together with a bright color.

10. Purple Streaks in Hair. You may try both light and dark hair with purple highlights. Purple streaks look spectacular on long hair and in waves or curls. You can choose the same shade of purple for all the streaks or combine 2-3 different shades.

11. Silver Purple Hair. You can create extra volume in the back of the head by adding a bit of purple to your silver hair. Purple gives an attractive depth to silver.

12. Purple Balayage Hair. The multilayered structure of this balayage looks especially impressive in motion. It will make your natural waves look artistically gorgeous.

13. Bright Purple Hair. This hairstyle is perfect for summertime, open-air music festivals, and photoshoots. The color needs refreshing at least twice per week.

14. Half Black Half Purple Hair. With this hairstyle deep roots look exquisite, so you won’t have to see your hairdresser every month. Also, it’s an ideal option for high ponytails.

15. Ash Purple Hair. This combination looks premium, especially if you have olive skin. It works best with full makeup and eyelash extensions, creating a cinematographic look.

16. Pink and Purple Hair. The longer your hair, the chicer this hairstyle looks. If your hair is thin, it’s better to curl it. If it’s thick, you may leave it straight.

17. Gray Purple Hair. The delicate combination of gray and purple looks classy and refined. Ideal for medium length hair with moderate waves.

18. Red and Purple Hair. If you’re an artist or just a passionate personality, this could be your everyday hairstyle. If not, try it out for parties, weddings, or other special occasions.

19. Red Purple Hair. The combination of red maroon and purple is so eye-catching that applying it to the whole length of your hair would be excessive. Coloring only the ends and face-framing pieces is a safe bet.

20. Purple Hair Dye with a Vintage Flair. Enjoy retro romantic vibes with a modern twist. Purple looks flamboyant on asymmetrical medium length haircuts with moderate waves.

21. Purple Hair Framing. Try this coloring scheme to decide if you feel comfortable enough with purple. Later on, you can either cut off the ends or get more purple strands.

22. Blue and Purple Hair. The contrast between colder and warmer shades creates a passionate look. It’s more than just a hairstyle — it’s a statement of your personality.

23. Purple Hair Dye for Restless Hair. Some ladies with curly hair complain that their choice of hairstyles is limited. This hair color will give you enough freedom of self-expression.

24. Neon Purple Pink Hair. Ideal for young ladies with porcelain skin. You will keep looking classy even if you cut your hair, no matter how short.

25. Black and Purple Hair. If you use this color scheme, you’ll easily style your hair both for casual and special occasions. It works equally impressive with straight and wavy hair.

26. Short Purple Hair with Dark Roots. With shorter hair, it’s not always possible to create the right transition of shades. But if you wear a cropped fringe and opt for darker roots, it will work.

27. Purple Natural Hair. Choose purple if your hair is ultra-short but you don’t want to look too plain. You can experiment with a new shade each time when your hair grows out and you cut it.

28. Light Purple Hair with Shadow Roots. If you are bored with being silver blond, try this option. It won’t make a drastic change but will refresh your look and add a cool accent.

29. Reverse Purple Ombre Hair. Technically, ombre implies a softer transition of shades. But a more defined border looks more artistic and allows you to balance out the proportions of your face.

30. Purple Curly Hair. Accentuate the texture of your curls by using different shades of purple. You can distribute the shades chaotically, and still, they will look elegant.

As you can see, purple hair color isn’t restricted to just one particular haircut or hair texture. You can switch completely to purple hair or just add a few colorful streaks to your usual hairstyle with a natural hair color. With so many shades and coloring techniques available, you’ll easily choose the one that looks best on you.

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