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50 Chic Updos for Medium-Length Hair to Try in 2019

All too often medium length hair ends up in the boring category. It seems too short to do anything spectacular and too long for an edgy look inherent to modern short cuts. But don’t forget there are tons of updos for medium hair out there – look in the right place, and you’ll see there are at least 50 worthy hairstyles to choose from.

From formal events to weekend hangouts and nights out on the town with friends, there’s a style for every occasion.

1. Delicate Bouffant Updo

The loose curls frame the face very gently. Highlights look marvelous in updos for all lengths!

2. Medium Updo for Formal Events

Sweeping the hair back into a messy French twist is super classy. Show off your favorite earrings in this charming above-the-shoulders look.

3. Loopy Mid-Length Updo

The sexy updo with messy loops is a jaw-dropper. Leave some hair loose for an added undone effect.

4. Loose French Braid Updo

Take a cue from the French braid and finish your updo with a loose wrap.

5. Casual and Quick Braided Updo

Your everyday updo shouldn’t look like you put a lot of effort into it, but with a braid added, it turns out pretty fancy!

6. Loosely Twisted Medium Style

Keep hair up and off the shoulders with criss-cross and tucked sections.

7. Very Feminine Mid-Length Updo

Slicked back and polished off with a few curly pieces pulled out loose.

8. Tender Curled Bun

Look forward to prom? A sweet and feminine updo like this one will make you feel like a princess!

9. Curly Side Bun

A messy bun shifted to the side is a classy style with dimension to wear to any fancy event.

10. Medium Updo with Wedding Vibes

Whether you’re the bride or a bridesmaid at the wedding, the coiffed updo is perfectly elegant.

11. Loose Whipped Updo

Work a twisted bun with loose side pieces at a wedding or other formal event.

12. Medium Updo for a Date Night

A night out with your boo calls for a low bun, soft and romantic. Add a necklace or earrings to complete the look.

13. Beautiful Bob Updo

Messy doesn’t have to mean sloppy. A flirty style with lots of loose pieces is perfect for a casual weekend out and about.

14. Deconstructed Braid

Unleash you creativity and pin loose pieces of hair randomly to achieve a creative deconstructed updo.

15. A la’ French Braid

Your sixth grade French braid style has just got upgraded! Hide the end of the braid under the twisted and tucked messy bottom.

16. Braid and Tuck Updo for Medium Hair

These two last loose updos for shoulder length hair are basically the same but look different! That’s where we see the beauty of modern messy updos.

17. Simple Knotted Updo for Medium Locks

The twisted knot could be even prettier with a jeweled barrette or a flower.

18. Lacy Look

Another criss-cross style perfect for a wedding updo.

19. Bouffant Updo with a Twist

A little bouffant creates a fuller, luscious look especially when completed by a twist and tucked bottom pieces.

20. Tuck with a Messy Braid for Straight Hair

No one will know you actually have straight hair if you wrap up your pre-curled strands into a cute tuck.

21. Soft Medium Messy Updo

An easy formal look to work at the prom, wedding or a birthday party.

22. Mid Updo with a Big Bouffant

You don’t need long hair to make a statement. Give a little tease at the crown of the head for volume.

23. Loose Messy Knot

The nape knot is simple yet stunning, especially with side pieces completely loose.

24. Catwalk-Ready Knotted Updo

Buns aren’t given nearly as much credit as they’re due. A neat bun or a knot will always be classy.

25. Wrap-Around Braid

The French twist look is completed with a thick braid wrapping around the head.

26. Medium Updo for a Bridesmaid

You won’t mind always being the bridesmaid when showing off a style like this.

27. Messy Updo with a Fishtail

A fishtail braid is fed into a simple tuck for a classy, deliberately messy look.

28. Party-Proof Medium Updo

Hitting the dance floor soon? The twisted and pinned updo will hold together as long as you need.

29. Real Bedhead Updo

Backcomb and loosely pin only the back tresses for an easy change-up.

30. Delicate Waves for Medium Hair

Waves so soft! You’ll want to run your fingers over your hair every five seconds, but hold yourself together, it would be a shame to ruin this beauty!

31. Everyday Mid-Length Look

A casual updo for the weekend calls for a quick hair pull-back.

32. Flower Girl Updo

A low bun is really easy to put together in the morning. Add flowers or a lace ribbon as a detail.

33. Two Low Pigtail Buns

Pippi Longstocking gets an upgrade when braids are wrapped into two low buns.

34. Low Medium Updo

Given a little texture, the chignon updo with one loose face-framing piece in the front is effortless and pretty.

35. Wild and Wonderful Messy Updo

It doesn’t take much to gather messy hair into a knot, letting a few pieces fall out.

36. Chic Chignon Hairdo

A chic chignon is a go-to for weddings and other formal events.

37. Embellished Medium Updo

If I were to pick a style for my wedding, it would be this textured updo with pearls.

38. Mermaid Updo Hairstyle

Forget the loose and flowy hair, let’s load it up with braids and volume this time!

Loose Braided Mermaid Updo
By Mary

39. Intricate Romantic Medium Updo

A jumbo fishtail braid, instead of smaller ones, helps the hair look thick and full.

40. Blonde Effortless Updo

An effortless-looking chignon equals beauty. Pairs well with both casual clothes, and evening gowns.

41. ‘Not Too Perfect’ French Twist

Don’t want your hair to look too slick and perfect? Pull pieces loose at the sides and bottom of your roll.

42. Loose Half-Updo

Don’t want all your hair up? Tame curly locks with two side twists connected in the back.

43. Tuck with Double Twists

The boho chic formal updo helps show off any textured details of your outfit.

44. French Twist Updo

It’s all in the details – there are no two French twists alike!

45. Very Loose Feminine Updo

You’ve got all the inspiration you need with this textured updo based on loose twists.

46. Bridal Medium Updo

A braid turns into a tiara if started at the crown of the head and wrapped along one side. Curly ringlets make for easy delicate details to adorn this fragile look.

47. Mid-Length Updo for Boho Wedding

A super thick braid is really easy to use as a tie-in to a low updo.

48. Medium Updo with Bangs

This neat updo has soft piecey bangs in the front that pair well with the style.

49. Medium Updo for Prom

Curls and braids blend to be packed into a lovely small bun.

50. Dimensional Braid and Bun

Balayage hair is perfect for dimensional braids. Finish it with a messy bun and get a simple yet standout look!

Once you decide how you want to look – soft and feminine or edgy and hip – it’s just a matter of choice! Updos for medium hair come in all shapes and sizes, with braids or with no braids, neat or messy. You don’t need to chop your hair to your chin to update your look, and not having long hair doesn’t mean you can’t still look feminine. Many eye-catching updos are done on medium hair, you’ve just seen for yourself!

by Serena Piper