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30 Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Hairstyles with Bangs for Your Big Makeover

Serena Piper

Warning: if you believe that getting a fringe is not your cup of tea, we are going to prove the contrary with this set of low-maintenance medium-length hairstyles with bangs.

From poker-straight hair to bouncy curls, from timeless bobs to the trendiest haircuts, we have collected a wide range of styles that strike a balance between short and long hair while working effortlessly with specific textures and face shapes. Keep on scrolling to find out how to make your beauty routine way easier and wow the public with an edgy look.

1. Shaggy Lob with See-Through Bangs. Have some fun when styling your easy-maintenance mid-length haircut by bringing a straight, light fringe and shaggy layers together.

2. Bouncy Layers with Bottleneck Bangs. These shoulder-length layers are blown out, but you don’t need to polish them to perfection for a modern take on the ‘90s supermodel hair.

3. Layered Curls with Arched Bangs. When your curls are masterfully structured, properly hydrated, and nicely shaped with a curl cream, you will have no problem getting them to fall just in place.

4. Dreamy Lob with Face Framing. Girls with fine hair don’t need much density to adopt wispy bangs and face-framing layers, and they can keep their bottom hair blunt for a fuller look.

5. Retro Lob with Full Bangs. Having a mane of straight hair often results in tiresome styling, which is not the case with this debulked, rolled-under bob adorned with full bangs blended into side layers.

6. Textured Lob with Grown-Out Bangs. While cropped fringes only make large foreheads appear longer, grown-out bangs help to balance out the long face and can be effortlessly styled with a dab of texturizing product.

7. Honey Blonde Shag with Crescent Bangs. Here, the shag is kept on the softer side by avoiding too much disconnection yet spiced with pointy front bits getting longer toward the temples.

8. Pin-Straight Lob with Side Bangs. There are many ways to complement easy-maintenance medium cuts, but nothing suits the round face shape better than a sweeping fringe.

9. Lightweight Flicks and Bangs. Fine hair is sure to look fuller with a deeper base peeping out from blonde highlights and graduated bangs lifted at the roots with a large round brush.

10. Long Strawberry Bob with Layered Bangs. With a handsomely textured lob, styling becomes a breeze, but you’d better spare a few extra minutes to accentuate layers in your fresh curtain bangs.

11. Hime Cut with Wispy Bangs. Girls with straight hair are encouraged to play with their hime hairstyles — you can get your side sections super flat-ironed while bending the layered bottom with a big-barrel curling wand.

12. Feathery Face-Framing Bangs. This chestnut brown hairstyle pairs fine bits on the forehead with layered and textured side pieces, which can be beautifully flipped out with a sweep of a hot brush.

13. Mussed Up Lob with Center-Parted Bangs. Textured haircuts radiate laid-back vibes that are easy to maintain with tousled styling and little attention given to roughly parted bangs.

14. Inverted Bob with Side Parting. Opt for longer bangs, and get them subtly layered if you want to enjoy the freedom to switch your parting when rocking your slightly angled cut.

15. Disheveled Shag with Bottleneck Bangs. All you need to enjoy that volume is to muss up your shaggy strands at the roots and then adjust your fringe so that it hugs your face.

16. Long Layers with Curtain Bangs. If you are looking for low-maintenance shoulder-length hairstyles with bangs flattering for every face shape, stick to curtain bangs hitting the part of your face you want to accentuate.

17. Blonde Wolf Cut with Choppy Bangs. Wolf cuts are intended to look wild with little styling efforts applied, but keep your straight-across bangs a bit textured for a more effortless feel.

18. Curly Concave Layers with Bangs. Concave layers are good at removing weight from the ends and giving more definition to curls while playing well with sweet messy bangs.

19. Textured Tips and Stepped Curtain Bangs. Follow this minimalistic approach to texturizing straight hair of a medium length, with layering and feathering focused around the face and at the bottom.

20. Razored Haircut with Tapered Bangs. With your hair chopped off up to the shoulders and the lavish texture instilled by razor cutting, you can perfectly do with air-drying and some sea salt spraying.

21. Top Heavy Shag with Flipped-Out Bangs. Apart from blow drying your hair upside down with a dab of volumizing mousse worked in, you will need just a few more minutes to style your shaggy bangs outward.

22. Voluminous Waves with a Short Fringe. Don’t you like the contrast created by this combo of voluminous, non-uniform waves and sweet baby bangs neatly swept to the side?

23. Nutty Brown Waves and Long Piece-y Bangs. Girls with thinner hair will be glad to add shape and fullness to the front with the help of defined wispy bangs directing attention to the eyes.

24. Curtain Bangs for Seriously Blonde Shag. As a bold color can easily steal all the show, make sure to bring the focus back to your face with a choppy, graduated fringe hitting the eyes and cheekbones.

25. Fluffy Pastel-Colored Hair with Bangs. Turn your poofy hair into a trendy fluffy hairstyle spiced up with dreamy pastel shades, and add interest with a more polished straight fringe.

26. Micro Bangs for Ginger Mullet. Those ready to rock bold low-maintenance medium-length hairstyles with fringe should go for sassy micro bangs, choppy in the middle and face-hugging toward the temples.

27. Burgundy-Tinted Shag with Sculptured Bangs. Razor cutting is famous for its power to release waves, so you will only need to enhance them with a curl cream and arrange your tapering bangs as you see fit.

28. Bob and Bangs with Texture. Thick-haired girls can liberate themselves from the tiresome efforts to tame their manes by adopting the shaggy bob set for messy styling.

29. Flippy Layers with Soft Bangs. If you wish to visually narrow and elongate your face, here is a perfect solution adding bends, angles, height, and length just where you need them.

30. Hush Cut with Floaty Bangs. The trending hush cut offers a softer take on layered hairstyles, keeping the whole look wispy yet prettily textured and full of movement.

Mid-length hairstyles provide a happy middle ground for those who are not ready for a big chop and are tired of fighting with long strands. Choose a flattering type of bangs for your face shape, and go for your next edgy look.