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30 Alluring Curtain Bangs Hairstyles for Every Hair Texture and Length

Ema Globyte

23. Curtain Bangs on Shoulder-Length Straight Hair. This is a great hairstyle if you have medium straight hair and want to add an extra touch to it. The curtain bangs will beautifully frame your face and correct its shape where you think you need it.

What are curtain bangs? Curtain bangs are a type of bangs that frame the face on both sides. Such bangs are cut shorter on the inside and become gradually longer outside. Most often a curtain fringe is center-parted.

Should you get curtain bangs? This depends on your face shape and your goal. Curtain bangs perfectly hide big foreheads, are very good for showing beautiful cheekbones, and always highlight your best features, if cut right. Curtain bangs are good for all face shapes! You just need to find a skilled hairstylist to choose the bangs that suit you.

There are many different options to style curtain bangs depending on the hair type and your face shape. Here are some top-class examples of perfect curtain fringe bangs for your reference.

1. Straight Curtain Bangs with Highlights. Curtain bangs may involve highlights that emphasize your eye color. This hairdo looks current and effortless, which can be perfect for work or play.

2. Long Curtain Bangs with Defined Disconnection. While many hairstyles blend curtain bangs into face-framing layers to create a seamless flow of strands, this long fringe is paired with clearly disconnected pieces to give it some interest and balance the oblong face shape.

3. Shaggy Long Bob with Curtain Bangs. This soft peach-blonde shag is coupled with a set of layered bangs stepping down along the oblong face to break its length and shift attention to the eyes.

4. Curtain Bangs with Step Layers. This is a great hairstyle if you want to combine curtain bangs with a heavily layered haircut. The longer face-framing curtain bangs shape the face right the way you need, the layers add texture and movement. Lovely!

5. Choppy Curtain Bangs with Layers and Highlights. Do not forget to place some splashes of blonde on a fringe when spicing up your dark hair with highlights — this will illuminate the face and make the overall style look naturally sun-kissed.

Sun-Kissed Lob with Curtain Bangs
By Hiro

6. Long Feathered Curtain Bangs. Curtain bangs are without a doubt the most popular bangs now. They frame your face with soft layers that blend into the hair and go great with any hairstyle and length.

7. Choppy Shoulder-Length Hair with Voluminous Curtain Bangs. Although heavily sliced out on the bottom, this buttery blonde hair retains plenty of volume around the crown thanks to the deep and thick bangs attached to it.

8. Balayaged Long Curtain Bangs with Long Hair. This is a great choice if you’re looking for haircuts with curtain bangs while keeping the length of your hair. Curtain bangs, layers, and a full-head balayage create a seamless and effortless look.

9. Sandy Blonde Curtain Bangs with a Wave. Versatility is only one of the reasons why you may want to cut curtain bangs. Even if your hair is basically straight, you can add effortless beach waves to it, and it will chime well with your voluminous, long fringe.

10. Curtain Bangs with Wavy Hair. If you have medium-length locks, soft curtain bangs that blend with soft shaggy layers of your hair are a great choice. Bounce and volume are guaranteed!

11. Soft Curtain Bangs with Straight Hair. If you prefer to leave your hair straight, cutting some soft curtain bangs will add dimension to the front of your hairstyle. Otherwise, everything could look flat. The result is elegant and sophisticated!

12. Sleek Long Curtain Bangs. The best way to style long curtain bangs is to use a round brush. This way you’ll create soft and natural-looking curves that will blend in with the rest of the hairstyle. However, there are a lot of styling options for curtain bangs. You just need to find the way you like the most.

13. Cute Short Curtain Bangs. The great thing about curtain bangs is that they can be adapted to fit different face shapes and hair textures. Short curtain bangs, for example, can enhance your cheekbones and jawline.

14. Layered Curtain Bangs with Flipped Out Ends. This picture illustrates how beautifully a shorter version of the fringe can define cheekbones and create plenty of softness and texture with densely cut layers curled away from the face.

15. Long Curtain Bangs. To make thick wavy hair attractive, you don’t need a sophisticated hairstyle. Instead, add flowing long curtain bangs and one-two tone lighter highlights to your waves to enhance that beach look.

16. Straight Brunette Hair with Polished Bangs. While we are more accustomed to shaggy curtain bangs hairstyles, this version offers quite another approach and emphasizes the smoothness of the hair with a polished finish for the fringe.

17. ‘90s Hair with Wisps of Bangs. Supermodel’s hair with blunt ends, face-framing layers, and bouncy blowouts is back, but it never hurts to add a modern touch through unrefined styling and effortlessly parted bangs.

18. Midi Hairstyle with Long Curtain Bangs. This lengthy version shows how you can safely dip your toe into fringed hairstyles since it gives you the freedom to easily pin the fringe back or tuck it behind the ear.

19. Layered Curtain Bangs with Wavy Hair. If you have long hair, you can choose layered curtain bangs and add curls to the length. Some extra volume ‘never killed nobody’, right?

20. Curtain Bangs with Long Straight Hair. If you’re looking for retro vibes, this is a must-have. The curtain bangs will add a touch of femininity and softness even to the most masculine features. Moreover, they will visually become a cute small accent in a completely straight hairstyle.

21. Shaggy Hair with Tapered Bangs. Boasting a lush texture enhanced with honey highlights, this cute brown shag radiates serious ‘70s vibes and beautifully frames the face with the sculptured bangs lightened at the ends.

22. Chic Blowout with Feathered Curtain Fringe. This pretty brunette wears her lavish mane with lots of bounce and volume on the bottom and aptly balances the look with cheekbone-grazing bangs rich in texture.

23. Curtain Bangs on Shoulder-Length Straight Hair. This is a great hairstyle if you have medium straight hair and want to add an extra touch to it. The curtain bangs will beautifully frame your face and correct its shape where you think you need it.

24. Curtain Bangs for a Rounded Bob Haircut. Face-framing curtain bangs will take even the most classic bob haircut to the next level. Need to add a sophisticated and luxurious feel to your haircut? Curtain bangs will do this.

25. Neck-Length Hair and Curtain Bangs. Curtain bangs with layers are a great choice when you want to soften and frame your face. Waves in hair soften the face by themselves, but who doesn’t need that extra touch of cuteness? A great fit for all age groups, as it creates a youthful look.

26. Blonde Shag with Airy Bangs. This blonde head of hair adorned with the minimalist version of Farrah Fawcett’s bangs is handsomely layered and textured to remove some bulk and fill it with movement.

27. Blonde Locks with Step Layers. You will definitely need a good deal of layering in the front and at least some blowout to mimic this gorgeous hairstyle full of movement and volume.

28. Long Curtain Bangs on Medium Hair. It is better to rely on a professional hairstylist when it comes to cutting curtain bangs. Especially if you need a color service too. This hairstyle shows as a transitional hair color job. The beautiful lady comes out from the dark shade with the help of highlights. Stunning!

29. Layered Lob with Structured Bangs. If you don’t know how to style curtain bangs with flair, take a page from this girl’s book and flip out the ends all along the face with a clear definition.

30. Long Boho Hair with Messy Bangs. Here is a great example of a more bohemian take on the trendy fluffy texture translated through the tousled fringe that brings out the cheekbones.

Curtain bangs are, without any doubt, one of the most popular trends among hairstyles for the upcoming year. There are so many ways to get a curtain bang haircut that will enhance your beauty and unique personality. Before styling curtain bangs, consider your hair type and haircut. Think of adding colorful accents to your curtain fringe or throughout the length.