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What is a Deva Cut?

What haircut will you advise for curls?

Have you ever heard of the Deva Cut? Many women have naturally curly and wavy hair, but the Eurocentric standards and solutions make it hard to know how to take care of them. The Deva Cut is a haircutting technique by Lorraine Massey, a co-owner of Devachan Salon and the author of Curly Girl.

What Is a Deva Cut

The deva curl cut will help you in maintaining your natural curls and waves. It’s a revolutionary technique versus the traditional haircutting method because traditional techniques were made for straight hair.

A Deva cut will enhance your curls as each strand is individually cut not to disrupt the curl pattern. Deva curls are uniquely tailored for your hair.

Types of Deva Cuts

Deva Cuts are styled exclusively for each individual and require a qualified specialist trained to perform the Deva Cut. Curly hair is cut when it’s dry because that’s how you would normally go out, and curly hair is different when it’s wet.

There are three levels of stylists who can do Deva Cuts:

– Level 1: Deva Inspired

– Level 2: Deva Advanced

– Level 3: Deva Certified

The higher the level, the more training received by a styling professional.

Rezo Cut vs. Deva Cut

Rezo Cut is from Nubia Suarez, a curl specialist of Utopia Salon & Day Spa in Westfield, New Jersey. While Deva Cut focuses on framing the face, Rezo cut maintains an even length of hair around your head, so the curls move freely. If straightened, the hair that underwent Rezo cut will have the same length, while hair after Deva Cut may appear uneven.

Is a Deva Cut Worth It for Wavy Hair

Deva Cut for wavy hair aims to focus on the unique pattern of each section and is specially made for curls and waves. It’s definitely worth investing in a Deva Cut!

DIY Deva Cut

Whether you find it challenging to make appointments with your Deva Cut stylist because of your schedule or lack of budget, a Deva Cut at home is only recommended if you’re going to do a little trim. Invest in a good pair of scissors and clips and get to know each of your curls when you decide to do it on your own.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a Deva Cut at home:

Deva Cut Hairstyles

Now let’s look through the best examples of the Deva Cut from the top curly hair specialists.

1. Deva Cut Bob. Take the timeless elegance of the bob haircut and elevate it with your exquisite curls.

2. Deva Cut 2c Hair. This borderline curly hair also deserves special treatment with a Deva Cut as it is prone to frizz and may be hard to style.

3. Deva Cut with Bangs. Upgrade your curl game with some fluffy bangs that are perfect for your overall look! Deva Cut will give your bangs their needed attention.

4. Deva Cut Black Hair. Graceful and mysterious, black will always be an ageless pick among hair shades. Look fabulous with a Deva Cut done on black hair!

5. Deva Cut in Long Afro. Deva Cut is specifically designed to work with any curls, so don’t worry about the type of hair you have!

6. Deva Cut and Tortoiseshell Highlights. These eye-catching and low-maintenance highlights elevate your hair color and fit perfectly with a Deva Cut!

7. Deva Cut for Loose Curls. Notice the difference with Deva Cut before and after — the added fluff, shape, and volume scream wow!

8. Deva Cut in Red and Gold. Boast your stunning hair color reminiscent of red fire and autumn gold along with a Deva curl cut. Check the picture of the Deva Cut 3b hair below for reference.

9. Deva Cut for Big Curls. Do you have big, defined curls? Deva Cut makes sure you keep your curls and frame your face nicely.

10. Deva Cut Long Hair. Got long curls? Don’t be afraid to try the Deva Cut when you’re sporting a long hairstyle, as this notable haircut suits every hair length!

11. Deva Cut 4c Hair. Yes! Even if you have tight curls and coils – 4a, 4b, or 4c – a Deva Cut will still work for you!

12. Short Deva Cut. If you want a haircut that shows your fierce side with your curls as the highlight, look no further than a Deva haircut!

13. Deva Cut for Untamed Curls. A Deva Cut for long curly hair is also doable! Turn the spotlight on your loose waves while staying true to their pattern.

14. Comb Over Lob Deva Cut. Your curls have a lot of volume, and choosing a Deva Cut will help you manage them at all times.

15. Deva Cut Natural Hair. Enhance your natural hair with a touch of highlights and work on the shape and volume with a Deva Cut. Celebrate the crowning glory you were born with using this unique technique!

16. Deva Cut and Flamboyage Highlights. If you find it tiring to maintain a dyed hairstyle but still want color in your hair, you can go for a combination of ombre and balayage as it’s effortlessly perfect.

17. Deva Cut in Medium Length. Since the Deva Cut you’ll be getting is customized for you, and only you, the final result may be different from the hairstyle on the picture you like but it’s good to have a look at such beautiful examples like this one for inspiration.

18. Deva Cut with Golden Bronde Balayage. Add fun and quirky blonde highlights to your Deva cut to make your curls stand out.

19. Deva Cut in Solid Color. If you want to keep the attention on the cut and the unique curl pattern of your hair, choose a solid color. It’s also easier to maintain!

20. Deva Cut and Balayage. Balayage can complement Deva cut 3c hair. An additional color in the balayage showcases the impressive texture of the delicate coils.


This special haircut can cost between $85 and $200.

How to Prepare Hair for a Deva Cut

Prepare yourself for a Deva Cut in four easy steps:

1. Make sure that your hair is clean from any products with silicones, butter, and oils.

2. Use a conditioner that doesn’t have any silicones, butter, or oils.

3. Arrive with your hair defined with a water-based curl-defining product.

4. Do not come with bobby pins, head wraps, etc.

How Long Does a Deva Cut Last

How often to get a Deva Cut? This particular haircut lasts 3 to 6 months for the curliest hair of them all. It also depends on the density of curls you have.

The Deva Cut is an answer to naturally curly girls who have had a hard time finding a good solution to maintain and enhance their hair. Embrace your natural hair and get a deva haircut today!

by Donna Sullivan
Donna is a hairstylist with 8 years of experience. Ask her about any hair-related problem (haircuts, hairstyles, colorings, hair care) and get a pro advice!
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