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30 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair to Do in Just a Few Minutes

29. Easy Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair. It might require you to have more styling products on hand but it’s still very doable at home. Make a high pony, braid, wrap, and pin.

Easy Braided Bun for Prom
Get the Tutorial from lalasupdos

Styling your locks may turn into a struggle sometimes, but that’s where our easy hairstyles for long hair come in handy. It’s highly recommended to master at least 3 quick styles that would suit both a date and a red carpet. The great thing is, we’ve got 30 of them!

Now, scroll further to see the gallery with amazing easy hairstyles for long hair to do at home and start practicing right away.

1. Trendy Bow Hairdo. It takes a bit of practice, but in the end, it will totally wow everyone. Basically, all you need is to split a low ponytail, loop its sections, and cover a hair elastic.

Trendy Bow Updo from Low Ponytail
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2. Easy Hairstyle for Long Hair with Braids. Among current cute hairstyles for long hair with braids and wavy locks, this one is the winner. For this hairstyle, you can either create two simple 3-strands braids and tie them together or learn how to braid waterfall plaits. You may need extensions for thinner hair types.

3. Easy Formal Updo. Some of today’s updos don’t look like simple hairstyles for long hair, but they are. To feel glam, but casual, go for a loose upbraid updo.

4. Cinnamon Roll Easy Work Hairstyle. You will use all the pins you have for this one. Just remember to secure each section, so the final bun doesn’t fall apart.

5. Quick Bridal Updo for Wavy Hair. Several easy steps and this hairstyle is ready. However, it will definitely be easier if someone’s helping you here. Especially if it is your big day. Everything must be perfect.

6. Simple Bubble Pony Half-Up Hairdo. There are lots of step by step easy hairstyle videos for styles like this one on YouTube, but it’s pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to do.

Half-Up Bubble Ponytail Braid
Get the Tutorial from Elvira

7. Easy Everyday Braid and Pony. Among many easy hairstyles for long straight hair, the one here just adds a lacy side braid to your usual pony, which is super easy to do.

Easy Braid and Pony Updo
Get the Tutorial from beautybyenna

8. Cute and Easy Long Boho Style. Elegantly messy, a crown of two chunky braids is always popular. It works both on naturally wavy hair and flat iron curls.

9. Simple Romantic Hairstyle. This look inspired by Belle from “Beauty and the Beast” is easy to recreate. Do a simple half-up. Do another one underneath and pull the first ponytail through. Tie this faux braid with a ribbon to match your outfit.

10. Low Messy Bun. A list of easy updos for long hair won’t be complete without a messy chignon. It is tender, feminine, and effortlessly beautiful. Do a looped ponytail and wrap its end around to hide your hair elastic. Leave out a few loose strands in the front.

11. Quick and Easy Braided Updo. If you’re after easy braided hairstyles for long hair, you’re in luck. Straighten your locks, make a sleek ponytail and try a chain link braid – split your pony into two sections, and then split each one into two once again, make 2 twist braids and twist them together. Et voila!

Quick and Easy Chain Braid Updo
Get the Tutorial from Viola Pyak

12. Cheeky Half-Up Buns. Pigtail buns are the 90’s essentials that are back again among the current hot trends! Not many hairstyles for long hair are that easy to master, so this one’s ideal even for those who have never tried to make an updo.

13. Easy Simple Space Buns. Make a pair of high ponies, twist, wrap, and secure – and you’re ready to either fight your ex or run for President.

Space Buns Half Updo for Long Hair
Get the Tutorial from Natalie

14. Simple Hairstyle for Long Hair with a Low Bun. Are you a fan of easy hairstyles with all kinds of low buns? We have a secret tip for you. To make the bun more textured and cute-looking, prepare your hair with a surf spray and add some soft bends with a flat iron.

15. Tender Twisted Half Up Style. This tousled look is as feminine as it is quick and easy to make. Section off two thick strands in the front, twist them loosely and tie in the back. Add a bow accessory for an even more adorable appearance.

16. Low Double Buns. Some cute easy hairstyles for long hair are universal. For example, these two low buns can be a perfect styling option for a boho wedding or a great addition to a cozy evening look. Add shiny accessories for festive events!

17. Fast and Simple Low Bun. It’s as easy as just creating a pulled halfway through low pony and then knotting the rest of the hair around the tie.

Fast Messy Low Ponytail Bun
Get the Tutorial from Nini Elisabeth

18. Half Up Braided Crown for Long Hair. If you want voluminous braids, go for the Dutch version. If not – stick to the French variation. Make two braids and connect them in the back hiding the ends. Add neat waves with a curling iron, and your princess half updo is ready!

19. Effortless Knotted Half Updo. We love easy hairstyles influenced by movies! If you are a fan of Khaleesi from “The Game of Thrones”, this platinum hairdo with a twist is our sincere recommendation! You can add a trendy clip as well!

20. Lazy Half-Updo for Medium Long Hair. In case you’ve got no time but need something special, a half-updo with a little twisted knot is the way to go.

21. Back to School Low Ponytails. You have all the freedom with these. Either go for bubble tails or pull-through ponytails. Leave the ends loose, wavy, and playful.

22. Elegant Braid and Ponytail. This hairdo doesn’t seem to belong to easy long hairstyles, but it will take only five minutes to do it. Decorate it with accessories or leave as it is – the fascinating braid and wavy pony will capture everyone’s attention anyway.

23. Easy Long Hair Updo Tutorial. Looking for quick long hair hairstyles for special events? Make 4 ponytails, tie them as pictured, form an elegant bun, and add a piece of jewelry. Such cute hairstyles are great for weddings and proms.

24. Chic Updo for Long Black Hair. Make them jealous of how glossy your flowing thick swirls are with a high pony and bent front pieces.

25. Down Hairstyle for Thick Hair. No secret how hard it can be to find really good and easy hairstyles for long thick hair. Put all of your straightened hair but one section away into a low pony, and then wrap its base with what you’ve left!

26. Voluminous Easy Long Braided Hairdo. You will have to do some volume-boosting manipulations with your long hair to get the same stunning result as in this picture. If your locks are thick enough, proper hair care will be enough. For trendy ‘fluffy’ hairstyles for long hair, buy a good volumizing hair care line.

27. Very Lazy French Knot. Universal and beach-ready. Twist and secure with a big hair clip. Pin this hairstyle if your hair is medium to long.

28. Flower-Bun Low Do for Long Hair. It’s not your typical bun, but it is very easy to put together. That’s a usual pony with a few simple loops creating this beautiful “flower”.

29. Easy Prom Hairstyle for Long Hair. It might require you to have more styling products on hand but it’s still very doable at home. Make a high pony, braid, wrap, and pin.

Easy Braided Bun for Prom
Get the Tutorial from lalasupdos

30. Loose Half Up Braid with a Head Scarf. Jump on the latest trend and weave a chic silk accessory into your travel-ready half updo.

Braided Half Updo with a Silk Scarf
Get the Tutorial from Lydia

There are plenty of absolutely stunning cute easy hairstyles for long hair and you deserve the best ones. Are you willing to try them all? Which one have you already pinned? Leave a comment below!

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