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50 Hairstyles for Long Hair with Bangs and Layers

Long hair needs a lot of attention, but it’s a good base for so many hairstyles and haircuts. This year, long layered hair with bangs is among women’s favorites, and you should try it too! You can experiment with long or short bangs and get the option that suits you best. There are so many kinds of layering techniques that can refresh your hairstyle, making you look more glam or natural, and why not give it a shot? Believe us; you’ll feel more confident and beautiful!

Let`s see the most liked and interesting pictures from Instagram:

1. Wavy Layers and Flipped Bangs

You’ll fall in love with this long hair with bangs and layers! Add some highlights, and get a celebrity look.

2. Cool Colors and a Cropped Fringe

Long layered haircuts with bangs can do wonders for fine hair. Combine it with a copper color, and you’ll get noticed in a second.

3. Extra Long Hair and Side Bangs

Soft shades of blonde create an excellent balayage solution on long straight hair. You can also play with other shades to boost the color and dimension of your hair.

4. Long Layers with Curtain Bangs

Are you ready to transform your long and dull hair? Try a haircut with long bangs to create a face frame that will emphasize your features.

5. Effortless Hairstyle with Messy Bangs

Side swept bangs and a layered haircut, this combination is magical. It’s a must try for 2020! You’ll get that effortless, natural look we all want!

6. Long and HOT

Long layered hairstyles are perfect for thick hair. You’ll get more volume and why not brag about your enchanting strands?

7. Sun-Kissed Balayage

Long layered hairstyles with bangs look great with every color! If you choose a warm tone, you’ll get a “kissed by sun” look.

8. Waves and Bangs

Front bangs create a schoolgirl look, and you may appear younger than ever. After all, isn’t that what every woman wants?

9. Soft Waves with Parted Bangs

That’s a beachy look you’ll hardly forget! Medium bangs flowing on both sides into smooth waves, that’s a combination every girl should try at least once.

10. Long Airy Layers

Classic but effective! You grab everyone’s attention with a hairstyle like this!

11. Swoopy Layers

Who said angled bangs? If you did, check this out! And those long layers with sombre is something that can’t go unnoticed.

12. Voluminous Banged Hairstyle

Short segments are perfect if what you need from your hair is more volume. Give it a try; you’ll be amazed at the results!

13. Choppy Straight Across Bangs

A straight edge razor did this miracle! Remember that it only works for straight and slightly wavy hair.

14. Wispy Long Bangs

It doesn’t matter where you go; you’ll rock the world with this haircut! You can style it in so many ways: braids, ponytail, waves, curls… give it a try!

15. Straight Fringe

This will be your new 2020 crush: long layers with bangs slightly parted in the middle. If you also add an ombre, the effect is mesmerizing.

16. Long Razored Layers

You have to agree that this hairstyle looks mind-blowing with those very long bangs and that magnificent color.

Long Hairstyle with Long Bangs
By Kaye

17. Layered Haircut with Jagged Bangs

If what you want for this year is a perfectly framed face, jagged bangs are the answer.

18. Long Shag with Short Bangs

Do you want to add texture to your hair? Need more volume? Fringed ends and a balayage might be the best transformation!

19. Long Layers with Heavy Bangs

Bangs are the new thing this year, and everyone loves it. What are you waiting for, make an appointment at your favorite salon!

20. Beachy Sombre Hairstyle

We love waves, and when you create them on layered hair, the effect is impressive.

21. Long Side Swept Bangs

Bold enough to wear a color like that? You will quickly become a bombshell blonde, just choose a certified colorist with a good experience.

22. Airy Straight Razored Layers

It’s your choice if you want to shake your head and let your hair arrange itself or if you style it, either way, you’ll look amazing.

23. Layered Hairstyle with Shadow Roots

No, for this hairstyle you don’t need to pant your roots, blend them with your dyed hair and save on touch ups. A deep side part with a long side fringe look marvelous, doesn`t it?

24. Blown Out Side Bangs

It doesn’t matter on which side you choose to wear your bangs because with the right blow out you look gorgeous!

25. Redhead Mane

We’re telling you, everyone will admire your look. This hot red style with long parted bangs is insane!

26. Black Layers

The dark hair with layers is healthy and voluminous even though it’s a solid color.

27. Stunning Layers with Thin Bangs

If you resort to a balayage color solution, layers will make the hues blend in an exquisite way.

28. Fresh Layers with Side Bangs

No wonder she looks fantastic! Curl the ends of your layered hair and enjoy a natural girlie look.

29. Bangs and Highlights

If you want to define your layers better, you can emphasize them with highlights, and the result will be fantastic, trust us!

30. Super Long Bangs and Layers

This voluminous fringe grazes the chin, and the layers cascade from there to the ends.

31. Daring Layers

Being absolutely effortless, this fantastic hairstyle breathes with sophistication and luxury.

32. Glowing Layers

This girl’s hair is a feast for the eyes! The color is impressive, and the blonde mixes perfectly with the roots. Of course, this haircut will look good with any color.

33. Natural Layers

Struggling with thin hair? No problem, this layered haircut will add more texture and volume to your hair, and people won’t stop staring at your mane.

34. Gorgeous Waves and Full Bangs

With this haircut, you’re always ready to go out. Mess your hair a little bit and have fun!

35. Impressive Long Layers

Mix a wheat bronde balayage with some waves and a layered haircut, and you’ll look like a princess every day.

36. Winding Hairstyle

If your hair is slightly curly, get long bangs and some layers, and you’ll be amazed by the way they blend.

37. Stunning Wavy Layers

If your hair is as long as the mane pictured here, you can try this soft wavy hairstyle to gain movement and volume.

38. Soft Layers

Layer up your strands and discover a more natural and cute side of yourself.

39. Long Bangs with Curly Layers

Such volume, texture, and richness! You’ll feel like a real goddess when walking even to the closest store.

40. Sexy Layers

For girls with such a gorgeous hair length, a mix of highlights, layers and bangs is a must.

41. Fine Layers

Are you ready to shine? Feel like a supermodel on the catwalk with this effortless tousled hairstyle.

42. Highlighted Layers and Very Long Bangs

Those smooth highlights at the ends, mmm, the hair looks impressive! After a transformation like this, you won’t want something new for your hair for quite a while!

43. Gray and Blonde

Gray, blonde and some dark roots (plus bangs) – your new look will leave anyone speechless…

44. Voluminous Layers

There’s always room for more volume! Isn’t it dazzling? And these voluminous bangs!

45. Creative Hairstyle

Why not layer your hair and add a little bit of color at the ends? A subtle balayage should do the trick for a look like this!

46. Luxurious Look

Want that gorgeous hair from a shampoo commercial? Choose your colors, get a balayage, add some layers and wow, here you go!

47. Bronde Hair with Flat Bangs

Don’t know what bronde is? It’s a shade between blonde and brown that you can create with the balayage technique. We are in love with it!

48. Large Curls

The layered haircut with some large curls would make even Snow White jealous!

49. Very Short Bangs

Want to try something more rebellious? Try a layered haircut with micro bangs that are also called “cropped” or “baby” bangs; these show more of your forehead.

50. Edgy Jagged Ends

For long thick hair start your layering from the collar bone and go down. This approach will alleviate the heavy feel and bring in a ravishing texture.

Long layered hair with bangs will suit you even if you struggle with fine or thin hair, as layers can add a lot of volume to your locks. Celebs all over the world love such haircuts, and they proudly shake their manes on the red carpet. Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively are just two of them! You’ll get the look you dream about, a movie star appearance everywhere you go!

by Andreea Haba
She is social media enthusiast and loves everything that goes hand in hand with that. Since high school, writing is one of her passions and that's what got her into PR and social media area. She loves animals, has two dogs and enjoys any moment she can spend reading. When it comes to hairstyling, she loves bright colors and she's not afraid of changes.