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50 Awesome Long Layered Hair with Bangs Ideas for 2024

This year, long layered hair with bangs is among women’s favorites, and you should try it too. Yes, we know, that long hair needs a lot of attention, but it’s a good base for so many hairstyles and haircuts!

You can experiment with long or short bangs and get the option that suits you best. There are so many kinds of layering techniques that can refresh your hairstyle, making you look more glam or natural, and why not give it a shot? Believe us; you’ll feel more confident and beautiful!

Let’s see the most liked and shared pictures from Instagram:

1. Voluminous Layers. There’s always room for more volume! Isn’t it dazzling? And these voluminous bangs!

This year, long layered hair with bangs is among women’s favorites, and you should try it too. Yes, we know, that long hair needs a lot of attention, but it’s a good base for so many hairstyles and haircuts!

You can experiment with long or short bangs and get the option that suits you best. There are so many kinds of layering techniques that can refresh your hairstyle, making you look more glam or natural, and why not give it a shot? Believe us; you’ll feel more confident and beautiful!

Let’s see the most liked and shared pictures from Instagram:

1. Voluminous Layers. There’s always room for more volume! Isn’t it dazzling? And these voluminous bangs!

2. Sexy Layers. For girls with such a gorgeous hair length, a mix of highlights, layers and bangs is a must.

3. Soft Waves with Parted Bangs. That’s a beachy look you’ll hardly forget! Medium bangs flowing on both sides into smooth waves, that’s a combination every girl should try at least once.

4. Wispy Bangs for Fine Hair. This effortless style pairs eye-grazing bangs with long hair running along the cheekbones and plenty of disconnections throughout the perimeter to land an airy look with tons of texture and movement.

5. Short Choppy Fringe for Cool Shag. Shorter bangs won’t overload a shag cut on thick manes, and you can wear them slightly parted in the middle to open up the face. Place some glimpses of blonde in the front to lighten the style even further.

6. Gray and Blonde. Gray, blonde and some dark roots (plus bangs) – your new look will leave anyone speechless…

7. Beautifully Highlighted Long Layered Hair with Bangs. Layered hair perfectly chimes with smartly placed highlights, which create a totally natural sun-kissed effect. Bonus: the dense bottleneck fringe makes the eyes show up.

8. Tousled Long Hair with Bangs and Blunt Ends. Beach waves and messy hair are all the rage nowadays, and you can have both with those piece-y strands throughout the length and chunky, blunt-cut ends.

9. Jagged Bangs for Long Layered Hairstyle. Got thick hair? Check out the ravishing shag you can make on that full hair. Your stylist can suggest cutting long layers with bangs. Jagged bangs with lengthy side pieces will bring out a cute, adolescent beauty of a round face.

10. Long Hair with Bangs and Caramel Highlights. A gorgeous style with textured highlighted hair that goes as well with thick piece-y bangs as peanut butter goes with jelly.

11. Heavily Layered Soft Waves with Center Parting. It’s layering that allows invoking a wave in thick strands and removing excess weight to give them shape and movement.

Long Thick Layered Hair
By Yuki

12. Tousled Long Layered Hair with Side Swept Bangs. Somewhat magical and with a touch of color, this cut is both glam and cute. It sharpens the jaw-line while keeping the back view full of volume.

13. Long Bangs with Layered Hair. The long layered hair with bangs boasts added texture and movement. No wonder it looks so classy and chic. The long bangs amplify the rich appearance of this hairstyle and can visually elongate your face.

14. Straight Bangs on Feathered Blonde Hair. Rocking this long layered hair with bangs you’re sure to be the center of attraction. The cute brow-grazing bangs on gorgeous blonde hair can steal anyone’s attention any time of the day.

15. Fine Layered Hair with Off-Center Bangs. Some added lift at the roots attached to a volumizing blowout is just the thing for your long layered hair with bangs, especially if you have a finer texture.

16. Feathered Curtain Bangs with Layers. This playful hairstyle radiates volume and bounce thanks to layered, feathered, and flipped strands cascading from the top to the bottom.

17. Layers with Curtain Bangs. Long hair with bangs is a perfect hairstyle that has plenty of variations. This style, for instance, puts the curtain bangs in the spotlight, and we love it! Add beach waves and highlights for a relaxed and effortlessly cool look.

18. Highlighted Long Layered Hair with Bangs. If you’re going for long bangs that sweep across your eyes, style them to align with your eyebrows. This gives your bangs a sharp and edgy look that is pleasing to behold.

19. Colored Long Hairstyle with Bangs. Looking to add more glamor to the hair already revamped with super-terrific highlights? Here is an idea – go for subtle bangs. Face-framing pieces on both sides of your face will add an effortlessly careless feel to your highlighted hair.

20. Butterfly Layers with Graduated Bangs. Apart from the bouncy waves created on the bottom, this gorgeous brunette hair features a sculptured fringe that steps down along the face to merge with the side layers.

21. Wispy Bangs for Long Hair. Masterfully cut hairstyles for long hair with bangs never go unnoticed. Here is an example of a simple yet eye-catching look with wispy bangs and highlights on layered hair that’s worth our attention.

22. Three-Tier Hair with Feathery Bangs. There are dozens of ways to wear long layers with curtain bangs, and this option gets the dense fringe debulked through the feathered ends and combines it with soft layering toward the bottom.

23. Long Layers with Curtain Bangs. Wide curtain bangs offer a fresh charming touch to a long layered haircut. Not only do they add a classy feel to your hair, but the long bangs also reshape your face and give it a slimming effect.

24. Shaggy Wavy Layers. Layers are gorgeous, so why make them subtle? This hairdo enables you to show off your sense of style by combining shaggy layers, flirty waves, curtain bangs, and honey blonde shades harmoniously.

25. Messy Layers with Parted Bangs. Layered hair with bangs in a messy style is something we can’t get enough of. Give this hairdo a chance and enjoy how effortless it is! Besides, parted bangs and shaggy waves will add a rock’n’roll twist to your style.

26. See-Through Bangs with Subtle Layers. Side bangs that create volume are great for the ladies who wish to balance out their face shape and make it appear softer. You can also try to tousle your hair to achieve a lasting shaggy effect, which is currently a hot trend.

Long Shaggy Hair with Side Bangs
By Yuki

27. Blonde Shag with a Highlighted Fringe. We like how this masterful transition from the honey base to the bright blonde at the tips spotlights the shaggy finish of the totally wild, cheekbone-hitting bangs.

28. Shaggy Layers and a Wispy Fringe. This version of long hair with bangs opts for a smoother feel around the crown and pairs the shaggy layers in the lower part with wispy bangs and feathered face framing.

29. Off-Center Bottleneck Bangs. Slightly moving the parting of her bottleneck bangs a little off the center was a well thought out move. It delivered the desirable result to her bangs and layered hair – an admirable saucy and sultry look.

30. Long Hair with See-Through Bangs. If you prefer your bangs light and barely there, we suggest you go for wispy bangs. They’re mostly fine and soft, feathered and brow-grazing. Wispy bangs are easy to manage too.

31. Long Layers with Side Swept Bangs. Textured waves and a side-swept fringe is a great way to soften the angles. Blending the edges of the bangs creates a very soft, elegant feel.

32. Long Wolf Cut with Lightweight Bangs. The jet-black shade of this long wolf cut is beautifully frosted with some blonde to accentuate the choppy texture, while the bangs are kept fine and airy to balance the look.

33. Extra Long Straight Hair with Bangs. Big manes with flirty fringes are hands down at the top of the most popular long layered hairstyles this year, thanks to the 70s obsession! The see-through bangs blended softly with the rest of the layers are to die for.

34. Long Layered Haircut with Side Bangs. The enticing vibes of bangs sweeping across your forehead and ending on the other side of your face are what make side bangs so appealing and chic. This side fringe that brushes all the way down to the jawline packs a punch of both classy and edgy.

35. Bardot Bangs with Long Hair. This recreation of Bridget Bardot’s bangs style on a long layered haircut is amazing. One of the upsides of this style is that it’s relatively low-maintenance and doesn’t require frequent salon visits.

36. Feathered Long Hair with Bangs. The easiest way to soften the transition from the fringe to the rest of the hair is through face-framing layers. They are super easy to style at home if you have a round brush and a hair-drier at hand.

37. Long Hair with Thinned Out Bangs. A soft blonde shade is a great stand-alone complement to the porcelain skin, but pair it with a wispy fringe for the next level of gorgeousness.

38. Wavy Long Hair with Long Bangs. The power long hair holds is still quite hard to comprehend. Reinforce it with flowing layers, melted colors, and a feathered parted fringe to awaken your full potential.

39. Curled Long Layered Hair with Side Bangs. Curls make your long hair appear livelier and bouncier thanks to the lightness of the layers. Besides, color transitions also stand out much better with teased and tousled curls.

40. Shaggy Bangs on Long Layered Haircut. A never-missing accompaniment for shag haircuts, the shaggy bangs are so cool. Their carefree and edgy vibes complement the messy feel of shag haircuts.

41. Center-Parted Long Hair with Bangs and Layers. Nothing beats a soft cascade of center-parted face-framing layers. Try some official attire for Kate Middleton’s look and prepare to steal some hearts with regal grace.

42. Luxuriant Long Shag Haircut. To copy these fantastic long layers with bangs, ask your stylist to cut lots of long layers in your hair, and then pair your layered haircut with cheek-brushing layered bangs. This style is a longer version of the classic shag, and we think it’s absolutely stunning.

43. Luxurious Look. Want that gorgeous hair from a shampoo commercial? Choose your colors, get a balayage, add some layers and wow, here you go!

44. Two-Tier Long Layered Cut. Check this long hair with bangs and layers – isn’t it cute? With the K-pop influence, such layered hairdos are becoming increasingly popular. The good news is that experimenting with hair dye is also a part of this trend!

45. Grown-Out Bangs with Long Hair. Growing out your long hair with bangs to no bangs? No problem. Keep your hair looking as stunning as ever. A middle part with the grown-out bangs blended into the rest of your hair delivers a pretty hairstyle. It won’t even be obvious you’re transitioning from bangs.

46. Effortless Hairstyle with Messy Bangs. Side swept bangs and a layered haircut, this combination is magical. It’s a must try for 2024! You’ll get that effortless, natural look we all want!

47. Peek-a-Boo Curtain Bangs for Long Layered Hairstyle. This magnificent hairstyle belongs to chic and fashionable girls. Thick curtain bangs brushing past your cheek and effortlessly merging into a cascade of wavy pieces present the most fascinating layered haircut with bangs.

48. Long Layered Cut with Bouncy Bangs. While long black hair may make you appear somewhat intimidating and all, a swoopy middle-parted fringe fixes it by bringing softness to your face and smoothing your facial features.

49. Layered Bangs and Layered Hair. Have your stylist cut your bangs in defined layers to add a fascinating edge to your hair. Layered bangs provide you with more styling options. Brush them into straight bangs, part down the middle as curtain bangs, or style to a side of your face; you are sure to step out each day with a new look.

50. Long Bangs for Thick Hair. When looking for current long layered hairstyles with bangs, you should put a pin on this cut. It features soft waves for the dreamy vibe and adds nice contouring to your face thanks to the arched shape of the fringe.

Long layered hair with bangs will suit you even if you struggle with fine or thin hair, as layers can add a lot of volume to your locks. Celebs all over the world love such haircuts, and they proudly shake their manes on the red carpet. Jennifer Aniston and Blake Lively are just two of them! You’ll get the look you dream about, a movie star appearance everywhere you go!

by Andreea Haba
She is social media enthusiast and loves everything that goes hand in hand with that. Since high school, writing is one of her passions and that's what got her into PR and social media area. She loves animals, has two dogs and enjoys any moment she can spend reading. When it comes to hairstyling, she loves bright colors and she's not afraid of changes.