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40 Updos for Long Hair to Make You Feel Like Royalty

Choosing a hairdo with hair up can be tiresome, but with these stylish updos for long hair, it will no longer be an issue. It certainly takes time and effort to create something magnificent – this is why we have put together a list of hairstyles ranging from casual to Hollywood-worthy to help everyone find “the one” for them.

The right hairdo can change your whole look, so start scrolling through these updo hairstyles for long hair to unleash your inner Queen!

1. Elegant Updo French Twist. A true classic amongst massive updos, this voluminous messy roll with a teased crown will go with any of your fancy gowns.

2. Low Formal Bun Updo. Pull your shiny waves back into a low roll and tease a few strands out for an effortless touch. Add some sparkly accessories to feel like a queen.

3. Classic Updo with a Bow. Anything becomes prettier with a bow on it. It’s all about the finishing touches, so don’t forget to add it to your low updo. This is actually easy to do yourself: start with a ponytail, tease a little and do a twist that you will later wrap up with the remaining hair. Secure with pins and you’re good!

4. Messy Bridal Bun. There are many takes on the low bun, but messy elegant ones are the best. Add some loops into your twisted bun, let out a few loose pieces for a soft feel, and bring in a sparkly barrette.

5. High Updo with Bangs. This one is multi-purpose. You can wear it to formal events or work, or just out and about to impress others. It’s particularly good for thin hair, as you may achieve extra volume by teasing the roots.

6. Tight Updo for Long Straight Hair. A good old crossed bun is a timeless idea. It’s glam, chic, and looks good in any setting. It may be tricky to get it looking sleek on the first try, but it’s not impossible!

7. Wedding Updo for Long Hair. This chaotic chic Mohawk updo works best for wavy hair and requires a bit more precise and delicate work. Depending on what you want, bring more volume to the top, loosen up the strands at the sides, and control the messiness in the back.

8. Updo for Long Thin Hair. A super delicate hairstyle that requires lots of bobby pins and patience. Style your loose curls into a low rolled bun and add pearly accents to feel like a princess. It’s important to keep the curls separate, as this creates volume in the updo.

9. Side Updo for Long Hair. Here you have a casual option that you can try to recreate at home. All you need to do is separate your hair into two sections, make a bun out of the top one and cover it with the lower part in a wrap!

10. Updo For Long Curly Hair. Naturally curly hair is already a great start for a beautiful updo. To get the same style, try a pony with a twist, secure it with bobby pins, and wrap a little braid above it as a finishing touch.

11. Casual Updo for Long Hair. An easy everyday look you can get by twisting parts of your hair and tucking it away in a low bun. The trick is to carefully tease the crown to create the bouffant-like effect.

12. Prom Updo for Long Hair. A lovely traditional high bun updo that works amazingly with balayage hair. Complete with pearl pins or flowers.

13. Updo for Long Thick Hair. An extremely complex and beautiful style with lots of texture and an airy feel. Here it’s all about wraps and loose braided locks intertwined to form a low halo.

14. Partial Updo for Long Hair. A great option for a date night or a semi-formal event. Do your usual loose waves and imitate a half-up ponytail securing it with texture spray.

15. Messy Updo for Long Hair. A delicate yet statement updo. To achieve it, curl and tease your hair, then twist and pin individual sections. As you work your way up, secure the twisted sections with bobby pins. In the end, your masterpiece will seem more majestic than the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

16. Cute Updo for Long Hair with a Halo. You won’t need much to create this hairstyle as long as you pay attention to what you’re doing. It’s rather easy and works on most occasions! Here you separate your hair into three sections, make a rolled bun in the middle, and cover it with the rest of the hair from the sides.

17. Updo for Long Black Hair. Protective styles for black hair are always a winner, as they’re both low maintenance and good-looking. This combo of flat and individual twists gathered into a compact updo will give you a flawless look for every day.

18. Long Hair Updo for Work. A thick inverted braid finished with a low bun will help you look professional and chic wherever you go. If you’ve got highlights, they are going to create awesome dimension in the loosened sections of the updo.

19. Loose Updo for Long Brown Hair. A delicate twist in the back with a tousled top is a great addition to either your day or night time look. For this hairstyle, you need to separate your hair into two sections and make two buns joining them into one voluminous low bun accessorized with pearl pins. You can’t go wrong with the old-fashioned casual-chic hairstyle.

20. Braided Updo for Long Hair. Such an easy and delicate style calls to mind romantic French movies. It’s not only pretty but really simple: all you need is a loose braid wrapped into a high bun and a pretty silk scarf to finish the look.

21. Chic Ponytail Updo for Long Curly Hair. Let everyone see how luscious and long your hair is. While the high pony creates a formal look, the curls and delicate accessories add some softness and a sensuous charm to this ‘do.

22. Bridesmaid’s Updo for Long Hair. There’re plenty of upstyles for long hair, but none of them shows off the prettiness of highlighted hair better than this twisted updo with crisscrossed sections.

23. Romantic Updo for Long Hair with Curls. This hairstyle works well for both medium-length and long hair. It’s pretty easy, but made fancy with curls and randomly gathered bun – these help the look appear both sophisticated and casually messy.

24. Ponytail for Very Long Hair. This is as good for an everyday look as it is for an official event that requires you to look your best. It’s also a great option for girls with fine hair, as the style is all about teasing and adding volume.

25. Updo with Two Fishtail Braids. Braids have always been a great element of beautiful and simple updos for long hair. If you know how to make a fishtail braid, you can even recreate it yourself by plaiting two fishtails and joining them into a cute updo.

26. Chunky Twisted Bun Updo for Long Hair. Low buns are the best. They’re fast to whip up, easy to work with, and you can elegantly fashion them using a soft twist or a braid.

27. Up Hairstyle for Long Hair with a Side Braid. Braids work marvelously as a natural accessory. Add one to your updo and finish your loose curly style with some sparkly accents.

28. Relaxed Long Hair Bun. Sometimes you just don’t want to invent anything. Simplicity is key to looking your best on some occasions, so why not style your locks into a messy tousled bun? Besides, this style lets you show off your highlighted brown hair.

Messy Long Hair Bun Updo
By Lena

29. Messy Updo with a Loose Braid. A great bridal option in case you want something sweet yet elegant. You might want to show this to a stylist for the best result, as it requires some skills to tie it together creatively and keep everything in place.

30. Quick Updo for Everyday life. Something easy yet amazing that you can wear to school or maybe a Bridal Shower when you haven’t got much time to get ready. The twisted braid makes the whole look much cooler.

31. Low Flower Bun for Long Hair. Arrange your beachy locks into a delicate flower bun. Loosen it up and see for yourself how your hair can form a beautiful texture on its own.

32. French Twist Vintage Hairstyle. You can’t lose with this classic. It’s one of the beautiful and easy traditional updos for long hair that you can do at home using a couple of bobby pins.

33. “Bow-Bun” for Long Hair. Instead of putting fabric bows in your hair, why not use your extra length for a natural one? These hairdos for long hair don’t ask for much – twist, wrap, and pin, adding an accessory or flower if you need an accent.

34. High Vintage Updo for Blondes. Feel like you’ve just walked out of a medieval castle with a fancy bun higher than the Eiffel Tower.

35. Sleek Low Hairdo for Medium Long Hair. Easy and quick, this low knot will suit almost any occasion whether you are going out with friends or preparing for a formal work event.

36. Easy Knotted Bun for Balayage Blondes. Using your hair as a tie to secure a loose bun is a brilliant solution, especially for long hair. A cool example for all minimalist girls.

37. Ready for Work Twisted Bun. A low delicate bun with lots of twists can be a nice idea of an updo for long hair with bangs. The latter help soften the look, but if you want, you can gently pin them back.

Low Bun Updo for Long Hair with Bangs
By Vera

38. Bridal African American Updo for Long Hair. Consider this marvelous protective wedding hairstyle. It’s easily adjustable, so you can vary the size of the bun and choose the right accessories yourself.

39. Wedding Day Boho Updo. Jump on the bohemian trend and style your hair with flowers, rings, leaves, and anything else you can find for an out-of-this-world romantic look.

40. Hairdo for Very Long Colored Hair. If you want to show the melting gradient of color in your hair and wear your hair up, this is the style for you. Add any accents you want to match your hair color!

Even though having long hair can be tiresome at times, it’s definitely much more fun to play with when it comes to styling it. Whatever your next important date is, you’re now fully armed with ideas for the prettiest updos for long hair.

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