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30 Easy Hairstyles for Long Hair to Do in Just a Few Minutes

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

5. Quick Bridal Updo for Wavy Hair. Several easy steps and this hairstyle is ready. However, it will definitely be easier if someone’s helping you here. Especially if it is your big day. Everything must be perfect.

Styling your locks may turn into a struggle sometimes, but that’s where our easy hairstyles for long hair come in handy. It’s highly recommended to master at least 3 quick styles that would suit both a date and a red carpet. The great thing is, we’ve got 30 of them!

Now, scroll further to see the gallery with amazing easy hairstyles for long hair to do at home and start practicing right away.

1. Trendy Bow Hairdo. It takes a bit of practice, but in the end, it will totally wow everyone. Basically, all you need is to split a low ponytail, loop its sections, and cover a hair elastic.

Trendy Bow Updo from Low Ponytail
Get the Tutorial from Lydia

2. Massive Side Braid Updo. Braids are definitely among the most popular easy hairstyles for long hair, and this version requires only some accuracy when braiding and wrapping the ends into a loose side bun.

3. Easy Formal Updo. Some of today’s updos don’t look like simple hairstyles for long hair, but they are. To feel glam, but casual, go for a loose upbraid updo.

4. Cinnamon Roll Easy Work Hairstyle. You will use all the pins you have for this one. Just remember to secure each section, so the final bun doesn’t fall apart.

5. Quick Bridal Updo for Wavy Hair. Several easy steps and this hairstyle is ready. However, it will definitely be easier if someone’s helping you here. Especially if it is your big day. Everything must be perfect.

6. Simple Bubble Pony Half-Up Hairdo. There are lots of step by step easy hairstyle videos for styles like this one on YouTube, but it’s pretty self-explanatory and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to do.

Half-Up Bubble Ponytail Braid
Get the Tutorial from Elvira

7. Low Pony with a Sculptured Crown for Prom. This step-by-step guide explains in detail how you can arrive at a stunning ‘do just by wrapping, pinning, and raising sections of your hair throughout the crown.

8. Cute and Easy Long Boho Style. Elegantly messy, a crown of two chunky braids is always popular. It works both on naturally wavy hair and flat iron curls.

9. Free-Spirited Half-Up for Long Hair. Easy hairstyles for long hair can beautifully play up your hair color scheme, similar to this carefree voluminous half-up showcasing the sparkles of platinum blonde in the masterful balayage.

10. Massive Dutch Braid and Low Pony. Many hairstyles for long hair involve some braiding, but this version offers to combine it with a low pony for reduced plaiting time while turning the massive braid into a focal point.

11. Softly Twisted Half-Up Half-Down Hair. You don’t need to be a braiding pro to rock easy long hairstyles where a part of your locks is packed into a loose twist braid running around a bit lifted crown.

12. Buns and Waves Combo. Here is a great way to maximize the volume of long thin hair with loose waves, a slightly elevated crown, and a pair of messy swirls sitting in the back of the head.

13. Sleek and Tight Chignon with a Statement Accessory. Easy updos for long hair don’t need to be perfectly polished if you have an eye-catching accessory that will shift the focus from styling to your sense of style.

14. Wavy Half-Up with an Intertwined Detail. You will need a curling iron to prep your locks and some pins to fix a couple of strands in the back if you want to rock one of our easy hairstyles with romantic vibes.

15. Braided Hair with Floral Accents. This loosely braided half-up can be effortlessly transformed from a cute hairstyle into a chic ‘do by simply adding decorative hair pins into the pockets created in the pull-through braid.

16. Low Double Buns. Some cute easy hairstyles for long hair are universal. For example, these two low buns can be a perfect styling option for a boho wedding or a great addition to a cozy evening look. Add shiny accessories for festive events!

17. Messy Low Bun. Low buns are quite easy upstyles for long hair, but this version screams nonchalance and texture with its untidy finish from top to bottom, intensified by the abundance of flyaways.

18. Dreamy Half-Up Bouffant. Unlike classic bouffant hairstyles, this dreamy blonde half-up swaps stiffness and height for touchable texture and a relaxed feel, keeping the whole look on the softer side.

19. Looped Bun and Braid for Long Hair. Here is how just a few details can turn simple hairstyles for long hair into unique looks — add effortless braiding to a side and tie the hair into a relaxed bun while letting the ends stick out.

20. Neat and Themed. With the right hair accessory at hand, you can construct easy long hairstyles for special occasions, such as this Valentine’s Day half-up with a smooth crown and twists of hair pinned with a heart.

21. Half Up Pony with a Lift. This amiable hairstyle combines lavish brushed-out waves with a lifted crown made of soft twisted strands that are packed into a low pony.

22. Elegant Braid and Ponytail. This hairdo doesn’t seem to belong to easy long hairstyles, but it will take only five minutes to do it. Decorate it with accessories or leave as it is – the fascinating braid and wavy pony will capture everyone’s attention anyway.

23. Easy Long Hair Updo Tutorial. Looking for quick long hair hairstyles for special events? Make 4 ponytails, tie them as pictured, form an elegant bun, and add a piece of jewelry. Such cute hairstyles are great for weddings and proms.

24. Chic Updo for Long Black Hair. Make them jealous of how glossy your flowing thick swirls are with a high pony and bent front pieces.

25. Tousled French Twist with Loose Ends. If you are looking for quick, easy hairstyles that can show a bushy mane to your advantage, this uncombed clump of hair rolled in the back may serve as your inspiration.

26. Non-Uniform Chignon. Easy hair styles with a carelessly wrapped chignon will look gorgeous if you bother to go the extra mile and tease the hair on the crown for some added volume.

27. Structured High Pony. We couldn’t fail to list high ponytails among simple hairstyles for long hair, especially when a pony is so handsomely structured and made more voluminous with waves and a bouffant.

28. Romantic Waves with Braided Bun. Now we want to expand our collection of easy hairstyles with a beautifully braided and neatly wrapped bun placed high enough to make a startling focal point.

29. Sweetheart Beauty. Don’t panic girls, as this style is not difficult to recreate with some wrapping and pinning, all the more so that you are not expected to deliver a polished look.

30. Brigitte Bardot Half Up. The key to this Bardot-esque hairstyle is texture and volume, which are achieved with a curling iron, texturizing spray, a claw clip, and a bit of styling magic.

There are plenty of absolutely stunning cute easy hairstyles for long hair and you deserve the best ones. Are you willing to try them all? Which one have you already pinned? Leave a comment below!

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