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20 Best Hair Colors for Pale Skin Women

5. Universal Baby Blonde Hair. This light shade of blonde looks almost platinum, but it actually has warm and deep sun-kissed hues throughout to make it the best hair color for pale skin with different undertones.

What hair colors look best with pale skin? This article offers 20 hairstyles women with pale skin can surely give a try. They will look flattering and attractive. You will find out what hair shades fit your super fair skin best, what tones to avoid, and other important tips.

It’s crucial to choose a hair color that goes perfectly with your skin tone and complements your personality as you know it’s the crown you never take off. The right hairstyle can make you look even prettier, fresher, and thus make you happier. For every skin tone, some hair colors are very flattering, while others are a big NO. Check out the info and pictures below to finally sort it all out.

1. Ash Blonde Balayage. An ashy balayage can always make a statement in no time as the super subtle highlights blend very well with a pale complexion. So, it’s always nice to stay on the safe side that you’re sure would complement you.

2. Dark Golden Blonde with Money Piece. Although it may sound counterintuitive, hair experts recommend gold-tinted hair colors for pale skin with cool undertones to add some warmth and create a beautiful contrast.

3. Caramel Bronde Hair. Brown blonde is another perfect balance if you’re torn between staying blonde or going brown. This hue is neutral enough to complement about any skin tone, including pale skin.

4. Dark Base with Blonde Highlights. This is one way to tread the line between blonde and brunette hair. You could always go for a darker base and add lighter streaks to it. This hairdo is low-maintenance and looks exquisite on all pale skin tones.

5. Universal Baby Blonde Hair. This light shade of blonde looks almost platinum, but it actually has warm and deep sun-kissed hues throughout to make it the best hair color for pale skin with different undertones.

6. Dark Auburn Hair with a Hint of Violet. Since natural redheads often have a pale skin tone, stylists do recommend reddish hair colors for light skin females, the more so as they can adapt the hue to cool or neutral undertones, for example, by adding a touch of plum.

7. Dimensional Beige Blonde Balayage. If you are after subtle color schemes rather than bold contrasts, this delicate balayage will give you dimension and face illumination in the bargain.

8. Contrasting Bright Platinum. While platinum blonde can be adjusted to have more warmth or coolness for different skin tones, it never fails to garner attention and create a stunning contrast with pale skin and brown eyes.

9. Red-Tinted Brown Hair Color for Pale Skin. Here is a cool-tone brown that works seamlessly with dark blue and green eyes and will suit your goal if you don’t want to see any gold in your mane.

Cool-Tone Brown Hair with Red Highlights
By Yuki

10. Medium to Light Golden Blonde Melt. Golden and caramel blonde blends are good hair colors for pale skin leaning toward cool or neutral, but you can keep the contrast on the less dramatic side by adding some pearly strands around the face.

11. Spiced Up Dark Hair for Pale Skin. Brunettes in search of the best hair colors for pale skin that will suit any undertones can opt for a neutral brown and then spice it up with soft highlights or lowlights.

12. Ashy Blonde with Shadow Roots. Since reds sit opposite green on the color wheel, this lived-in ash blonde with a bit of pink works great for pale skin and green eyes, making them really pop.

13. Neutral Beige Bronde. You won’t need a hair color chart for fair skin with this neutral bronde since the option is both light and dark and doesn’t have any harsh ashy or golden hues to clash with your complexion.

14. Dark Red Hair. Bangs with a sleek bob always give your look a playful vibe. And if you play with fiery colors, it will help you look youthful as well.

15. Smokey Blonde for Pale Skin and Blue Eyes. If you are looking for blonde hair color ideas for pale skin to chime with your icy-blue eyes, a bright cool-tone shade like this will turn you into a gorgeous snow queen.

16. Creamy Light Skin Hair. This wheaty mix of golden and ashy hues will save you from wondering what colors look good on pale skin since it doesn’t feel too warm in tone and has no chance to wash you out.

17. Muted Chocolate Brown. This girl has a pale face and dark eyes, which makes this brunette color a perfect choice to let her brown eyes pop, while a hint of red in the chocolate brown neutralizes the unwanted yellow.

Brunette Hair for Pale Skin and Brown Eyes
By Yuki

18. Medium Brown Hair Tone. Add brown to your list of flattening hair colors. This color always gives a simple, yet classy look. And it will go great if you work with a brown makeup palette.

19. Dark Strawberry Blonde with Highlights. This dark version of blonde is a go-to hair color for pale skin and hazel eyes since its warmth goes well with the green and amber in the iris and the red tinge brings out the rosiness of the skin.

20. Sunflower Blonde Balayage. Blonde shades provide the safest hair colors for fair skin, so if you are comfortable with softer looks, go for this delicate light hue with a pale yellow undertone.

What hair colors to avoid if you have pale skin? Stylists recommend avoiding too light and too dark hair colors. Bleached blonde or the darkest one-tone black may be not a good option for fair-skinned women. Also, make sure that your hair color always looks fresh. Dull, matted, lifeless, yellowish or greenish locks can spoil your look.

The variety of choices is striking when it comes to choosing a hairstyle for pale skin, right? From fiery hues to breathtaking soft neutral hair color solutions, we have given an outlook on different hairstyles for women with light skin tones that could complement your personality and make you stand out. What are your favorite hairstyles for light skin? Tell us what you’ve tried and what worked out perfect for you in the comments below, and we will update the post with even more hair color ideas for pale skin women.

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