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50 Most Flattering Hairstyles for Thick Hair

23. Silver Bob for Thick Straight Hair. Doesn’t she flaunt this gorgeous silver hair? Choose a silver dye job if you’re looking for something a little different.

Thick hair has long been one of the most desirable attributes – and many women would give anything to have thick, voluminous tresses like yours. Embrace your mane while making it more manageable with these super flattering haircuts for thick hair of any length and texture!

Having a hairstyle that suits your hair type, face shape and complexion is truly the key to owning your style. It’ll make you feel confident and highlight your best features while minimizing the time you spend taking care of your thick locks.

And now we have compiled a list of the most flattering hairstyles for thick hair! Get ready to find your ideal cut – maybe even a few. After all, thick hair is versatile and can be turned into a variety of stunning looks!

1. Face-Framing Layers. When we think of the best hairstyles for thick hair, an image of long straight hair almost immediately pops into our mind. Upgrade it with face-framing bangs – and you’ve got a winning hairstyle.

2. Medium Shag Haircut. There’s nothing we love more than modern shag haircuts! They’re low-maintenance, and incredibly spontaneous. While shag haircuts are often used by those with fine hair to add volume – there’s no reason gals with thick hair can’t enjoy them too!

3. Long Layers. Another fantastic hairstyle for those keen to keep their hair long. Adding short and long layers will stop your hair from falling flat – and accentuate the soft waves.

4. Sophisticated Pixie. Pixie haircuts are just perfect for ladies with thick hair, because they minimize styling time – as well as subtly reveal how lush your hair is.

5. Smoky Mauve Bob. Not a fan of silver, but would like to experiment with color? Mauve deserves to be at the top of your list!

6. Medium-Length Choppy Haircut. Make your thick hair less bulky with a chopped medium-length haircut. This hairstyle for thick hair features disconnected layers with jagged ends. The style of the cut and highlights make the hair appear absolutely weightless. The balayage brightens it, giving it lightness and glitz.

7. Thick Hair Cut with Highlighted Waves. This haircut for thick wavy hair is stunning. The dimension, gloss, sleekness, and length… Everything about this hairstyle screams – sophistication! Don’t even get us started on those captivating ripples. Or should we talk about the exotic feel the chestnut-brown balayage adds to the dark brunette hair? Good to know this hair can be replicated. The same haircut, some lovely loose beachy waves, light brown highlights, and voila!

8. Pretty Bed-Head Hairstyle for Thick Hair. If nature gives you a lemon… you know the rest. Find perfection in imperfections. If your hair is not only thick but also unruly, then just go for a flattering messy hairstyle such as this beauty here. Get a shoulder-length cut, use layers to thin out the strands, a little tousle, and your fabulous thick hair will do the rest of the work.

9. Long Hair with Face-Framing Layers. Layered haircuts are a beautiful solution for thick-haired ladies. It is also a low-maintenance option, as texture, volume, and beautiful bounce come effortlessly!

10. Natural Waves for Thick Hair. Dealing with thick coarse hair can be tricky – but finding the right hairstyle will help. These natural-looking waves work wonders in shaping your thick hair into perfection. And remember – a smoothing serum goes a long way.

11. Platinum Pixie with Lifted Crown. If you prefer short haircuts for thick hair, this stunning pixie could be your top pick. It is elegant and flawless, showing off the neck and shoulders.

12. Shaggy Midi Cut with Piece-y Bangs. Thick medium-length hair makes a pretty combination with piece-y bangs, resulting in a cute shaggy style. It is a hot trend and an easy-to-maintain hairdo!

13. Dark Chocolate Hair. No matter how obsessed we are with unicorn hair, dark brown shades will never go out of style! Haircuts for thick hair look great with razored ends to subtly reduce weight and volume.

14. Soft Messy Bob. Ladies with thick short hair can go for a creative style like this one! Tousled strands and a sophisticated hair color will make you stand out from the crowd.

15. Shag with Curtain Bangs. Wondering if a shag with bangs is a good hairstyle for thick hair? Look at this picture. Can you see the bangs removing weight off her long thick hair? The bangs together with layering make her hair appear less bulky and more weightless. The wispy ends of the layers also help to keep things under easy control.

16. Long Feathered and Blended Layers. Another neat haircut for thick hair. This thick long layered hair with an awesome root fade is a sight for sore eyes. We totally love the way the shaggy layers flip up to form those fanciful waves in her locks. The feathered ends of the blended layers keep the hair from appearing too bulky. A combination of adventure, drama, and sophistication.

17. One-Length Cut with Curtain Bangs. The parted bangs reduce the weight of your thick hair, nicely frame your face, and draw attention to your eyes and forehead. For the best results, keep your hair shoulder-length and the ends shaggy to deliver a nice tousled effect to your thick hair. Subtle highlights or lowlights come in handy here for a more relaxed, fashionable vibe.

18. Long Wavy Cut with Textured Ends. Hairstyles for thick hair can be very creative. This style, for instance, features dynamic waves with jagged ends and subtle cherry highlights that will look even more incredible in bright sunlight.

19. Soft Textured Bob. Spice up the classic bob with delicate razored ends for a softer finish.

20. Long Thick Bob with Balayage. Highlights bring interest to the bottom part of your hair. As your natural color stays at the top, the growing roots will blend into your hairstyle instead of ruining it. Easy to maintain and gorgeous!

21. Long U-Cut with Flowy Layers. You can still flaunt your long thick coarse hair without it looking heavy. Thick long layered hair allows you to wear gorgeous downdos and fancy updos. You get to wear your hair long, showing off your luxuriant mane and enjoying your comfortable beauty. The secret is in the haircut. Ask your stylist for a U-cut with multiple midshaft-to-ends layers.

22. Silver Textured Bob. Silver hair has been dominating in the trends for a while now – and it will continue to do so! Add urban sophistication to your thick medium length hair with silver shades and tousled waves.

23. Silver Bob for Thick Straight Hair. Doesn’t she flaunt this gorgeous silver hair? Choose a silver dye job if you’re looking for something a little different.

24. Textured Silver Bob. Bob haircuts will never go out of style! Especially when you opt for metallic silver – a trend that’s stronger than ever.

25. Balayage for Coarse Hair. Colors make your hair fun and customize your hairstyles for thick hair. No doubt, one of the best solutions for coarse hair is a hand-painted balayage. This technique suggests applying the color by hand, making the result look natural and fresh.

26. Sassy Waves for Thick Hair. Got a voluminous mane? Embrace it! Cool, sassy waves are the way to go!

27. Medium Length Hairstyle with Highlights for Thick Hair. Craving for perfect sun-kissed hair? The contrast of colors created by highlights gives depth and dimension to your hair. Match it with some waves for an even more stunning look.

28. Short Layered Pixie. Thinking of cutting your locks very short? Well, we fully support your choice! Not only are short hair cuts easy to manage, but they’re super sophisticated, too.

29. Fiery Multidimensional Bob. Add a touch of fire to your shoulder length hair for a unique look that’ll turn heads!

30. Medium Straight Hairstyle. Got naturally thick straight hair? Then medium haircuts are the way to go. You’ll enjoy some subtle volume without it looking too overwhelming.

31. Dimensional Brunette. Brunette meets blonde! To add intrigue to brown hair, go for a beautiful blonde balayage. It’s a stunning look that’s elegant and easy to maintain.

32. Long Pixie for Thick Hair. Another example of a glamorous longer pixie. Short hairstyles are the right way forward for anyone looking to minimize their styling time. They create an empowering look we just can’t get enough of!

33. Enchanting Waves. If your hair is naturally wavy, let it do its thing (with a little guidance). Ask your stylist for subtle layers on medium hair – and enjoy an easy-to-manage yet gorgeous hairstyle!

34. Medium Shaggy Hairstyle. Medium hairstyles work great on thick hair – and this is one of our absolute favorites!

35. Pretty Ombre Hairstyle. Want to experiment with another hair color without dyeing your entire head? Ombre is the way to go! Creating an illusion of naturally sun-kissed hair, ombre looks stunning.

36. Contrasting Soft Waves. A chic hairstyle that’s just perfect for thick hair. The highlights will make your hair look great even if you’re running late and need to skip shampoo!

Chic Tousled Bob with Soft Waves
By Ivan

37. Gorgeous Waves on Long Hair. There’s nothing we love more than soft waves! If your locks are naturally wavy, this layered hairstyle will help create an interesting, elegant look.

38. Soft Textured A-Line. Are you looking for a hairstyle you can easily manage – but are not willing to chop it all off? Go for a soft, textured A-line.

39. Wavy Shag with Curtain Bangs. Haircuts for thick wavy hair provide a variety of styling options. This ash-platinum shag gives us strong elven vibes, especially in combination with pale complexion.

40. Asymmetrical Lob. And if you’re after an edgier cut, ask your stylist for an asymmetrical lob. Unique, stylish, and youthful – do we need to say more!?

41. Luscious Long Locks. Want to know the secret of making your long hair look modern? Razored ends, layers, and balayage.

42. Straight Blunt Bob. We love the mid-length bob because it creates a balanced hairstyle that complements almost any face shape (even round faces – once it’s below the jawline)!

43. Razored Textured Bob. Are you not into the blunt cut? A razored and textured bob is a great alternative!

44. Balayage and Swoopy Layers. Your thick long hair will only benefit if you decide to add some details to your natural color. Pro tip: balayage, ombre, or contrasting highlights look amazing with a layered cut!

45. Stacked Voluminous Lob. A long bob is definitely one of the cuts that can complement thick hair. Style it with a blow dryer and a round brush for long-lasting volume.

46. Beachy Blonde Waves. A beautiful balayage comes to life when combined with beachy waves!

47. Subtle Layers. We can’t get enough of these effortless waves! Add lighter tones for a simple yet sophisticated look.

48. Beautiful Bangs. If there’s one thing we’re obsessed with right now, it’s face-framing bangs. Check out this glamorous hairstyle with a cool fringe!

49. Beautiful Layers. Ah, aren’t these luscious locks simply gorgeous? Remember that layered haircuts are a fantastic way to shape long hair, and reduce some of the volume and thickness.

50. A-line Bob for Thick Locks. While shaggy layers are a great way to add shape and movement, the classic A-line cut can be just as flattering!

We hope this extensive list of haircuts for thick hair has provided plenty of inspiration for your next hairstyle. There are so many wonderful hairstyles to choose from – whether you prefer classier, timeless looks or trendy, edgier styles. We’ve incorporated hairstyles for those looking to do the big chop to make their hair more manageable, as well as those who want to breathe new life into their luscious, long locks. We hope you’ll enjoy experimenting with your thick hair this year – and remember that wearing it with confidence is key!

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