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30 Neatly Braided Medium Box Braids Your Stylist Must See

Looking to step out for that big day with g-or-g-eous medium box braids, or just need a protective hairstyle that would look fabulous on you while living up to its duty of keeping your natural hair healthy and growing?

Okay, here is the deal. We’ve rounded up 30 mind-blowing medium box braids hairstyles just for you. From fascinating collar-length braids to waist-grazing medium box braids and down to sassy colored braids; every medium box braids style you’re looking for is here. Feel free to share with your braiders.

What Are Medium Box Braids and Their 30 Beautiful Examples

Let’s talk about the box braids’ size first. You can see pictures of small, medium, and big box braids. Medium-sized box braids are the braids around 10 mm in width. Thinner braids are called small box braids, and wider plaits are called big box braids.

Sometimes people say ‘medium box braids’ meaning their length. In this case, medium box braids are the braids 10-20 inches long. Think shoulder-length box braids and other braids that reach the mid back.

In this article, we are showing the medium-sized box braids referring to their width, not length. However, there are some ideas for medium-length box braids here too. Choose the style you love most!

1. Medium Box Braids Lob Hairstyle. Precision and neatness herald the beauty of medium size box braids. Neatly parted in the middle with the braids cut evenly, this braided bob hairstyle is cool and sexy.

2. Medium Box Braids with Color. Do you want your medium box braids hairstyles to sparkle? Bring in some color. A few colored pieces here and there electrify your braids and add pizazz to your hair.

3. Colored Lob Medium Box Braids. You may want some show-stopping braids, why not? Colored braids are mesmeric, and a showy color like this neon violet shade arrests attention.

4. Medium-Size Box Braids with a Center-Part. The clean middle part and neat sectioning of this medium box braids hairstyle are awesome. Those golden metal beads are like the cherries on top.

5. Medium Golden Brown Box Braids. For the freshest look, use warm blonde-colored hair extensions to braid your hair. S-weet is just the right word to describe her honey-dipped box braids.

6. Medium Box Braids with Curls. Some delicate curly tendrils attached to your braids add a sultry feel to your hairstyle. Just peep the effect of these minimal curls.

7. Medium Honey Blonde Box Braids. The contrast between the blonde medium box braids and dark roots delivers a unique appeal to the hairstyle.

8. Medium Knotless Box Braids. There are several types of medium box braids depending on the braiding technique. Knotless box braids are as fabulous as the traditional type of braiding. They look very natural and are more lightweight and painless, as the braider starts with braiding your hair first and then feeds in extensions.

9. Medium Goddess Box Braids. Here come some killer curls. Medium box braids with curls are full of glamour. Part them to the side to flatter the shape of your face.

10. Medium Dark-to-Light Knotless Box Braids. One of the trendiest medium box braids hairstyles 2023! This particular style with larger sectioning and natural braided roots beats many others hands down.

11. Shoulder-Length Medium Box Braids. With a look that resembles a long inverted bob hairstyle, the shoulder-length medium box braids styles are really eye-catching.

12. Medium-to-Big Box Braids. Okay, now the style swings to a size a bit larger than your regular medium box braids. It’s almost too much width, but still in the medium box braids category. We love the way those curls broke down the otherwise heavy look of her hairstyle.

13. Bob-Length Electric Blue Box Braids. You can go as fancy as you like with your medium box braids. Whether color, length, or size – just about anything can be tweaked. By the way, have you noticed that the blue color gets her melanin popping like fire?

14. Medium Box Braids with Lots of Curly Ends. Curls cascading off and down your braids add a gorgeous dimension to your hairstyle. These curls can be minimal or generous, you call the shots.

15. Gray Medium Box Braids Lob. Your hairstylist can even make your medium box braids hairstyle look like a real lob. Very possible, especially for shoulder-length medium box braids or shorter ones. The gray-to-blonde ombre effect is stunning!

16. Medium Box Braids with Curls, Cuffs, and Rings. Braids with sticking-out curls are a must-try, especially the black ones. Shiny metal jewelry looks splendid on this type of hairstyle.

17. Gold and Black Medium Box Braids Hairstyle. This hairstyle ticks the box for everything cool and fabulous. We love the color combo and the way the colors complement each other.

18. Medium Bohemian Box Braids. A stunning Bohemian box medium braids style to recreate for a romantic look. Perfect hairstyle for a date night, a wedding, or a beach vacation.

19. Medium White Box Braids. Here’s one for lovers of edgy and sassy. All-white, icy blonde, or gray extensions can give you a medium box braids hairstyle this enthralling.

20. Medium Layered Red Box Braids. To get your melanin popping, go all red. If you wanna a stunning result like in the picture below, add some jewelry for braids.

21. Medium Triangle Box Braids. Just check out the scalp work. Her stylist knows her onions. Just take a look at that fascinating triangular sectioning! Yes, box braids can have square or triangle parts.

22. Medium Box Braids with Curls from Roots. There is something really boho about this medium box braids style. Okay, maybe it’s the gorgeousness of the curls or the messy feel.

23. Medium Box Braids with Golden Beads. You know we can’t talk about braids without mentioning beads. Braids with beads are a showstopper. They don’t even have to be numerous – 2 to 5 beads are enough to do the magic.

24. Medium Box Braids with Laid Edges. The first thing that got us captivated by these medium box braids was the neatness. Seriously, her hair is neater than neat. Those perfectly laid baby hairs sure look attractive too.

25. Waist-Length Medium Ombre Box Braids. For medium box braids styles that will keep you feeling sexy, go for extra length and fancy coloring. The flirty look of waist-length box braids with an ombre effect is intriguing.

26. Medium Knotted Box Braids. Your scalp and how clean it looks matter a lot in maintaining the neatness of your braids. Make sure to thoroughly wash your hair before braiding. Touching up the roots with edge control gel helps to keep your braids in good shape.

27. Long Medium-Sized Box Braids. When you see the handiwork of a good braider, you’ll recognize it at once. This hairstyle is neat. Medium box braids aren’t about the length but the size of the braids. Lengthy medium braids do look really cute.

28. Medium Box Braids with Twisted Ends. Packing the ends of your box braids into one big braid and dipping it in hot water makes the ends of your braids wavy. This is a chic finish for medium box braids hairstyles.

29. Face-Framing Medium Box Braids. With crisp box braids framing your face in all their glory, tell us why you won’t look this gorgeous. Her medium box braid hairstyle complements her complexion and face shape.

30. Side-Parted Bobbed Medium Box Braids. Beautiful medium size box braids parted to the side. To ensure your braids stay neat and good-looking, avoid touching and manipulating your hair frequently.

Now you can go on and make your pick among these awesome medium box braids styles. Share with your hairstylist and get ready to rock your world in style.

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