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50 Gorgeous Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 40

49. Simple Style. Reshape boring hair into a fashionable and flirty short do.

You might think that hairstyles for women over 40 are less chic and eye-catching than hairdos for younger crowd. However, these 50 looks will change your mind!

Welcome warm weather, sunshine, summer breeze, and… your new hair inspiration! We tend to shorten up our styles to keep hair off our necks or at least easy to pull back when it’s hot outside, but there are ways to stay cool and keep the length you love if short isn’t for you. And if you are feeling bold and ready for cropped locks, there’s something for you as well!

From a cute shoulder-length shag or a long a-line bob to an ultra short pixie, your only problem will be deciding which look to try!

1. Big Sun-Kissed Curls. With hair shining like the sun, you’ll ooze summer vibes all year long.

2. Perfect for Summer. Probably one of the more popular youthful hairstyles, a long cut that works in waves. It will knock 10 years off your age, really.

3. Loose Curls. Summertime means you need a relaxed hairstyle. With a short-to-medium cut and loose waves you’ll always look your best.

4. Icy Blonde. A twist on the short hairstyle you love? Add some blonde ice for a cool summer-ready look!

5. Blonde Layered Cut. Show the world you’re ready for summer with an all-over blonde and a long-layered cut!

6. Work-Ready Shoulder Length Style. Take this classic cut to work and pull it back by the end of the day for an evening event.

7. Voluminous Bob Over 40. Combine a tapered shape with extra body around the crown for a fun take on a short hairstyle.

8. Pack a Punch. A bold color like purple, dark pink, and burgundy, works wonders on a shag hairstyle.

9. Concave Bob. If you’ve been growing out your pixie hairstyle for a while, it may be time to try a cute short inverted bob with side bangs.

10. Short and Sweet. Shorter on one side than on the other is the perfect option if you want to keep your length but try a shorter style too.

11. Side-Part with Waves. A short curly cut with a side-part is manageable and trendy. Light waves can be easily done with a straightener.

12. Classic Blonde Highlights. Ease into a new do by taking length up above the shoulders and trying subtle highlights.

13. Shoulder-Length Straight Cut. Add a touch of beautiful silver over a brown base to upgrade your shoulder-length hair and mask first gray hairs.

14. Lighter for Summer. Let the waves in your short, curly hair remind you of the ocean waves and the beach where you’ll be hanging out the next weekend!

15. Sassy Short. This pixie hairstyle is perfect if you’re not the one who spends too much time on your hair in the morning!

16. Cropped and Cute. The simple short cut looks trendy with a side-swept bang and blonde undertones.

17. Dramatic Red. A bold move for shoulder-length hair? A rich red and a deep side part for extra drama.

18. Long Straight Blonde Hair. Subtle highlights are so beautiful on long straight hair with bangs!

19. Edgy Undercut Pixie. Go for spunky and spiky with a short pixie dressed up by peek-a-boo highlights for flair!

20. Super Short Haircut. Short androgynous pixies look very trendy with a silver balayage.

21. Blonde Balayage Lob. Be beautiful with a brightening balayage. Don’t be afraid to leave roots darker.

22. Classic Short Bob. You know what never goes out of style? A short bob cut with subtle highlights.

23. Insta-Worthy Long Hair. You’ll want to post this one all over your Instagram – the popular long, blonde hairstyle.

24. Tapered Pixie with High Crown. A little wave action at the top brings attention to the nice cheekbones and chiseled bone structure.

25. Bright Blonde Medium Cut. Get your medium-length hair summer-ready and add chunks of blonde!

26. Short Hair, Don’t Care. Wave goodbye to hair problems like frizz when you upgrade to an extra-short pixie hairstyle.

27. Modern Straight Haircut. Don’t want to go too casual? Keep locks straight and add a short feathered bang.

28. Curly-Sue. Be the envy of the office with an adorable hairstyle like this!

29. Shiny Smooth. Pin-straight will always be popular – rock it with a high-low cut and a mid-part.

30. High-Low Bob. If you have thick hair, in summer you need to wear it all the time up, but a stacked bob will have you looking your best with your hair down even in the heat of July!

31. Brunette Pixie-Bob. Experiment with a longer pixie hairstyle and work some curl in for personality.

32. Blondie with Straight-Across Bangs. Bangs are always a classic finish for short haircuts, especially when point-cut to emphasize a wavy hairstyle.

33. Side-Parted Shortie. Tired of the same old middle part? Part the hair a little further than halfway to break up the symmetry.

34. Soft and Sweet. A subtle curl in blonde highlighted hair keeps you looking fresh.

35. Style Envy. Treat yourself to a cut and color this trendy, and friends will be asking you for style tips!

36. Platinum Pixie with Shaved Nape. Who says platinum is only for young people? Rock it with an edgy pixie hairstyle!

37. Auburn for Cold Season. When transitioning from warmer weather to cold seasons, go for a beautiful auburn shoulder-length style.

38. Razored Wavy Bob. The inverted cut is both cute and professional! Work in a little curl on the side for a spark of sassy.

39. Youthful All-Over Curl. You can never go wrong with classic blonde all-over curls. They’re playful enough yet work-appropriate.

40. Keep Your Length. Not ready to let go of your long locks? You can still try something new with a blonde balayage and a zig-zag side part.

41. Geometric Hair Envy. A sleek and smooth hairstyle like this would work best on fine, thin hair.

42. Blonde Bombshell. Prove blondes do have more fun with a rich color, luxe curls and a flattering fringe.

43. Spike It Up. Get a little spiky at the crown of your head when you sport a trendy pixie hairstyle.

44. 50 Shades of Blonde. Another stunning A-line bob. Different shades of blonde will play with light perfectly.

45. Sassy Brunette Bob. Is your hair on the thin side? Work with what you have and shape it into a perky little bob.

46. Luscious Layered Over 40 Haircut. Shoulder-length hair looks even better when layered and given choppy ends. And these lowlights… they are simply gorgeous!

47. Purple Power. Have fun with your hair! This graduated bob rocks a deep purple to punch things up.

48. Metallic Color. Hair color that is subtle yet noticeable. The cute pixie hairstyle looks much better with shiny highlights!

49. Simple Style. Reshape boring hair into a fashionable and flirty short do.

50. Ultra-Short Pixie with Baby Bangs. Already have short hair and not sure what to do? Go even shorter for an edgier pixie hairstyle!

Surely now you have a better idea of current hairstyles for women over 40. With the right attitude, your hairstyle will be the envy of your friends or the inspiration for strangers who also want to try something new.

by Serena Piper
Serena graduated from the University of Oregon where she majored in magazine journalism. She is a published writer both in print and online. She currently lives in Daytona Beach where she works at the Early Learning Coalition, an organization supporting children of low-income families. In her free time she enjoys spending time with family, reading, country music concerts, exploring Florida, and of course, the beach.