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30 Effortlessly Chic Medium Length Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Here we are talking about medium length hairstyles for women over 50, that are becoming more and more popular. Shorter locks are super chic and easy to maintain. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to cut your hair short and pixies are your only option.

If you’re looking at wearing your hair in a style that flatters your face, hide a receding hairline, mask facial wrinkles, and give you effortless beauty, think medium haircuts. Another plus is that medium length haircuts for women over 50 come in several styles and options and look fascinating in most hair colors.

Read on to get ideas for attractive medium haircuts and hairstyles before heading to your stylist. Whether you like your hair laid-back or edgy, there’s something for you in our collection. Take a look.

1. Layered and Blown-Out Mid-Length Haircut. There is a reason why mid-length haircuts for older women are so popular. One is the ease of styling and maintenance. Add the fact that medium hair looks gorgeous straightened, curled, and in updos. Plus, layering and a good blowout easily make medium hair more voluminous. This is harder with longer locks.

2. Wavy Medium Hairstyle with Dark Roots. A shoulder-length lob with soft loose waves offers you a sophisticated and elegant look. Highlighting your hair helps to perfect it. Dab on your favorite lipstick for that feminine finishing touch.

3. Messy Mid-Length Haircut. A picture-perfect bedhead mid-length haircut with bangs such as this gives you a classy fashionable feel with less styling stress and low maintenance. The glow of golden blonde hair color with reddish undertones adds extra allure to your locks.

4. Medium Hair with Gray Highlights and Lowlights. Have you heard about the miraculous youthful medium length hairstyles for women over 50? They are not a myth! This picture is evidence that your hairstyle can add or take away years from your look. Here, an inverted bob hairstyle provides proof that it is just the right youthful hairstyle you need to look younger.

5. Classy Medium-Length Hairstyle with Face-Framing. Chic and classy is an attitude. Loose waves of lustrous hair in an exquisite shade of blonde sure speaks class. The graceful put-together vibes of this hairstyle make it a suitable medium-length hairstyle for senior women who love to look fabulous.

6. Medium-Length Shag Hairstyle. Medium haircuts for women over 50 don’t have to be matronly. You can style your hair in a trendy shag to revive your youthfulness. How about some playful vibes in your look?

7. Medium Haircut with Feathered Layers. Lob haircuts are more than fitting for middle aged women! Use flips and layers to add a personalized touch to your medium locks. Long layered curtain bangs are a perfect addition to it.

8. Side Bangs with a Shoulder-Length Haircut. An ideal hairstyle for older ladies should tick the boxes for fashionable, face-framing, and fuss-free. Leaving out some hair around your face as in bangs, face-framing pieces, etc. helps you to conceal anything you’d like to keep out of sight.

9. Gray Medium-Length Bob Hairstyle. For senior women, cute money piece highlights in a mild shade that complements the rest of your hair color would give your hairline an illusion of thickness and also add some pizzazz to your shoulder-length haircut.

10. Chic Mullet-Like Medium-Length Hairstyle. Want to go for chic and trendy? A gorgeous long mullet-like haircut with bangs is a great idea. Lengthy swoopy bangs and stunning blonde highlights go in to make this style a hit among popular mid-length haircuts for older women.

11. Medium Straight Hair with Bangs. One thing we love about bangs is that they add to your beauty while keeping wrinkles and large forehead off view (if needed). No wonder they often top the charts of the most favorite hairstyles for senior women these days.

12. Edgy Salt-and-Pepper Medium-Length Hairstyle. A little bit of ‘edgy’ never hurts. Your hairstylist can tweak your highlights here and there to give your hairstyle a sassy touch. The silver face-framing highlights added a mesmeric edge to her hair.

13. Medium-Length Hairstyle for Women with Glasses. This is a fantastic haircut idea for older women wearing glasses. The face-framing locks conceal the corners of your glass frames softening the look and adding a touch of chic playfulness.

14. Casual Choppy Medium-Length Hairstyle. Choppy and piece-y cuts have a volumizing effect on your hair. If you are fair in complexion, try infusing a darker hue in lowlights or shadow roots to stop your face from looking washed out.

15. Piece-y Medium Haircut with Thinned-Out Ends. These piece-y strips of golden locks are amazing. Her hairstylist really knows what to do with fine hair. The feathered ends look so good.

16. Sleek Mid-Length Haircut. If you’re over 50 and still have your mane gorgeous and thick, ma’am you have every reason to flaunt it. Recreating this super gorgeous mid-length haircut with curled-up ends will get you just the right attention.

17. Curly Shoulder-Length Hairstyle. Curly-haired ladies aren’t left out. Cutting down the length of your curly hair to stop around your neck makes your curls bouncier, fuller, and livelier.

18. Gray-Purple Shoulder-Length Haircut. For thin hair to look its best in a medium haircut, try leaving your roots a tad darker than the rest of your hair. Also, you can add a bit of color such as ash, silver, or even purple. Layering your hair towards the tips helps too.

19. Silver Gray Medium Hairstyle with Curls. A collarbone haircut will keep you looking as pretty as ever. Brush your hair to a side to make it appear more stylish and disguise a thinning hairline. Such a haircut will be a perfect option not only for women looking for haircuts over 50, but for women over 70 and over 80.

20. Middle-Parted Medium Hair with Highlights. Parting your mid-length haircut down the center or slightly off-center provides you with fringes that slim down any chubbiness and make your face look less round. Highlights add youthfulness to the face.

21. Side-Parted Shoulder-Length Bob with Glasses. Bangs are cute. Side bangs are the cutest. On a medium haircut, side bangs catapult the beauty of your haircut several notches higher. Don’t have bangs? Then fake them with one of the hair strands by flipping your center-parted hair to one side!

22. Layered Medium-Length Hairstyle for Seniors. Layered and feathered to perfection. This medium hairstyle for women over 50 packs both glamour and convenience. Easy to style, fashionable, and easy to maintain.

23. Medium-Length Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs. Curtain bangs offer that cute peekaboo effect that highlights your lovely facial features while masking any telltale signs of aging.

24. Middle-Parted Gray Medium-Length Hair. Long face-framing fringes add more intrigue to your haircut and draw attention to your eyes. You can even use them to hide a double chin.

25. Blonde Medium Hairstyle for Thick Hair. The two-tier cut with a mixture of feathered and blunt ends lends a fascinating twist to this resplendent thick hair.

26. Beach Waves on Medium Length Hair. With mild beachy waves that remind you of ripples in a lake on a quiet evening, this shoulder-length hairstyle is sure stunning. The stripey brown lowlights and blonde highlights add to the fascinating feel of this hairstyle.

27. Gray Mid-Length Hairstyle for Women Over 50. Go with the flow, embrace the force of nature, and try a gray-blonde balayage to go with your natural grays. Icy blonde hair looks fabulous on older women.

28. Warm Blonde Layered Mid-Length Haircut. Cut in several layers in your hair and part it down the middle, then tease your hair at the crown to elongate the shape of your face. A great beauty hack for women with chubbier face shapes.

29. Champagne Blonde Medium-Length Hair. Need fresh ideas of medium length haircuts for women over 60? Get that effortlessly chic and polished look of senior celebrity women of Beverly Hills. The side part frames the face nicely and is super flattering on most face shapes.

30. Bedhead Medium-Length Hairstyle. It looks tousled but not over the top messy, just the right type of bedhead to make you look cool and fashionable. Long curtain bangs like these add dimension and drama to your hairstyle. Another plus is it’s low-maintenance too.

50+ Low-Maintenance Medium-Length Bob Hairstyle
By Lena

Now that you have a good idea of what your choice of medium length hairstyles for women over 50 can look like, it’s time to book an appointment with your hairstylist. Found what you needed? Share in the comments below!

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