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30 Haircuts for Big Foreheads to Inspire Your Next Look

4. Long Shag with Wispy Bangs for Big Forehead. If you have a narrow face with a strong chin and broad forehead, the style can fix every issue with some pieces of hair in the front, soft waves around the chin, and volume-boosting layers at the cheekbone level.

Are you in search of some really working haircuts and hairstyles for big foreheads? Good news: they exist!

If your forehead is looking more like a “fivehead”, it can be difficult to find a good haircut that frames your face. Thankfully, there are a few hairstyle cheat-codes that can balance your features and proportions of your face. So, whether you want long hair, short hair, medium-length curls, new bangs or a cute pixie cut, there’s a flattering hairdo for you!

Is your forehead big/wide/broad? According to the ‘golden ratio’ theory, the three-thirds of our face are supposed to be equal (1.the middle of the hairline-the point between the eyebrows, 2.the point between the eyebrows-the bottom of the nose, 3.the bottom of the nose-the bottom of the chin). If the upper third is significantly bigger… yes, these foreheads are considered as large. The other, simpler measurement is to count how many fingers you can place (horizontally) between the hairline and eyebrows. Four is the norm. Five – your forehead is big.

Read on and check our 30 favorite hairstyles for big foreheads:

1. Textured Wispy Shag. Flat hair accentuates a wide forehead. Balance it out by adding bangs and some volume to the sides.

2. Choppy Lob. Curtain bangs are a great way to make your forehead “smaller”. Combine it with a choppy lob for the ultimate trendy look in 2023.

3. Curtain Bangs for a High Forehead. Take the focus off your high or wide forehead with these drop-dead gorgeous bangs. The long fringe and face-framing layers add so much glamor to the hair!

4. Long Shag with Wispy Bangs for Big Forehead. If you have a narrow face with a strong chin and broad forehead, the style can fix every issue with some pieces of hair in the front, soft waves around the chin, and volume-boosting layers at the cheekbone level.

5. Long Parted Bangs. Make your forehead smaller by sweeping the bangs to the sides of your face. This automatically cuts off a major portion of your forehead from the people’s view. Medium hairstyles for big heads are the top choice because they usually create the right proportions.

6. Bed-Head Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs. Who wouldn’t fall in love with hot and sultry messy haircuts for big foreheads like this one? Feathered wispy bangs and shaggy layers play together to complete this adorable look.

Wispy Bangs for Big Foreheads
By Ali

7. Bouncy Cut with Off-Center Parting. Dense curtain bangs look great in hairstyles for big foreheads, as they camouflage the problem securely, and you can enhance the effect by doing an asymmetric part.

8. Choppy Layered Wavy Lob. Hairstyles for big foreheads don’t necessarily have to come with bangs. The wavy center-parted lob, for example, will do its job of minimizing the big forehead and balancing the face shape by adding volume on the sides.

9. Voluminous Curly Bob for a Wide Forehead. The side-parted no-bangs bob cuts the width of your forehead making your face visually narrower. Make it also asymmetrical, if you want to enhance the slimming effect.

10. Loose Blonde Waves with Highlights. This girl has chosen not to hide her face under a fringe. Instead, she has lifted her face-framing strands to get a smaller forehead while shifting the focus to the play of shades in her beautiful waves.

11. Neat Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs with Long Hair. The secret of such a cute look is the accurate textured bangs. The right hairstyles for big foreheads hide the disproportion and balance out your face shape. Tell your stylist to cut the bangs thick and falling a little past your eyebrows for a sexy forehead-concealing hairstyle.

Long Hair with Bangs for Big Foreheads
By Ali

12. Long Caramel Brown Hair with Side Bangs. Deep yet wispy bangs offer a happy middle ground for big forehead haircuts since they disguise the massiveness without overwhelming the face.

13. Shaggy Mid-Length Cut. Bangs for big forehead can vary. However, those parted in the middle are sure to fulfill your goals and add a pinch of cuteness to your overall look.

14. Medium Cut with Side Bangs. If you are wondering how to make your forehead smaller without getting massive bangs, you can opt for a medium cut of your choice. The trick is to add thin side bangs that will frame your face in a flattering way.

15. Wispy Bangs and Layers. Girls with big foreheads will appreciate a layered cut with wispy bangs. This style veils the forehead which is a certain win if you are not content with how it looks.

16. Teased Layered Haircut. The dynamic layers of varying lengths help take the focus away from the forehead.

17. Choppy Bangs and Top Volume. Give a fresh twist to these popular basic bangs for big forehead. Cut your hair in layers, throw in some loose waves and blow the hair out for extra volume. The voluminous bangs make a perfect hiding place for a massive forehead.

18. Side-Swept Bangs with Short Bob. Side-swept bangs are an inherent component of big forehead hairstyles that never fail to take attention away from a large forehead. Style your fringe in the way that suits your face shape and throw in some color to spice things up.

19. Center-Parted Hair with Trendy Money Pieces. Here we have a rectangular face balanced by highlighted face-framing pieces which also divert attention from the forehead and spotlight the cheekbones instead.

20. Side-Parted Forehead-Concealing Bangs. Another gorgeous hairstyle with side-swept bangs for big heads. The transformation, as shown in the pictures below, is mind-blowing. In the second picture, it’s hard to even notice she has a broad forehead. Thanks to the cute side-parted bangs, even a huge forehead looks balanced.

21. Auburn Hair with a Choppy Fringe. When choosing between haircuts for big foreheads, you shouldn’t leave other problem areas unaddressed. For example, this style conceals the high forehead with bangs and widens the face with strategically placed layers.

22. Wavy Hair with a Middle Part. If you have been struggling to accept your large forehead for quite a while, it is time to solve this issue once and for all! Even if you have thin hair, a middle part will work miracles and hide the unwanted space.

23. Soft Lob for Big Forehead and Thin Hair. Deep bangs can not only hide your big forehead but also create the feeling of fullness in the front, thus delivering the most flattering result.

24. Wolf Cut with Jagged Bangs for a Large Forehead. Wolf cuts are all the rage nowadays, and their shagginess pairs well with short choppy bangs which are cute and friendly to large foreheads.

25. Layered Bangs with Graduation. Full-on bangs provide another way to make a forehead smaller, but you’d better get them thinned out and layered to have more freedom in styling and enjoy a trendier look.

26. Effortless Waves with Curtain Bangs. This is a modern take on the 70’s shag filled with lived-in texture and adorned with a light forehead-slimming fringe.

27. Long Side-Swept Fringe for a Wide Forehead. Side bangs can come in long versions too, such as this swoop fringe that reduces the forehead and creates flattering volume around the face.

28. Lob with Swoopy Layers. Don’t underestimate the power of haircuts for big foreheads, as they can be real game-changers. Long bangs or swoopy face-framing layers, for instance, create volume around the face, distracting the attention from the features you wish to mask.

29. Tousled Wavy Hair with Baby Bangs. Time to let your hair go on a little wild adventure. Style your hair as shown with this super cute hairstyle. Pump up the volume of the baby bangs by swooping more hair forward at the top, and tousle up the waves for a captivating messy look. A big forehead is not a problem anymore.

30. Asymmetrical Razored Bob. An asymmetrical haircut like this one “tricks” the eye into seeing a smaller forehead, especially when combined with a side part.

If you’re constantly asking yourself, “do I have a big forehead?”, then you probably do! But it’s no big deal because beauty isn’t reliant on a single feature. All you need to do is play around with your look and find ways to put the right accents while your bigger forehead is out of the spotlight. Once you find the right hairstyle for your big forehead, you’ll be one step closer to being your most beautiful self!

No matter your face shape, hair color, or personal style, one of these hairstyles for big foreheads is sure to suit you!

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