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50 Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair You Will Adore

42. Chin Length Bob. A haircut this short gives a great face framing, nice shape, and boost of texture for thick wavy hair.

We know it feels like your thick hair has its own personality: it may feel heavy sometimes, difficult, and very time-consuming when it comes to care and styling. Check the following haircuts for thick wavy hair – these can make miracles and save your precious time in the morning.

1. Medium Wavy Hair. Textured layers, tousled styling, and a shiny color make thick hair silky, supple, and lightweight.

2. U-Shape Haircut for Thick Wavy Hair. A medium-length haircut layered in the outline of a U shape will take away the excess heaviness from your thick wavy hair. The beauty of such a haircut is best seen when your hair length is somewhat past your shoulder.

3. Shaggy Long Bob. This hairstyle needs a good tousle before you go out, and you’re ready to look spectacular all day.

4. Wavy Layered Shag with a Center Part. Shaggy hairstyles for thick wavy hair never fail to look cool with their I-woke-up-like-this vibe. And the heavy layering they come with also allows for removing a vast deal of bulk, leaving your waves airy and effortless.

5. Wavy Brunette Lob. If you’re a fan of bobs, this look is for you! Waves made with a straightening iron can give your thick hair a natural beach touch.

6. Mid-Length Cut with Babylights. Do you want to spice up your natural hair color without radical changes? Thick wavy curls will only benefit from a medium cut with delicate babylights. Opt for a blunt cut or choose layers – it will be gorgeous either way!

7. Choppy Lob with Face-Framing Layers. Stylists often recommend choosing longer haircuts for thick wavy hair since extra length helps weigh hair down and tame the frizz. Take this charming lob as inspiration and use its face-framing magic to emphasize or mask certain facial features.

8. Thick Wavy Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs. Layering can be one of the best decisions you make in regard to hairstyles for thick wavy hair. When layered correctly, those thick locks look effortlessly gorgeous and light, like in the hairstyle below. Add curtain bangs to make your hair look this fabulous.

9. Curtain Bangs for Long Hair. Beautiful curtain bangs transitioning into longer layers belong to our favorite wavy hairstyles due to their simplicity and effortless chic. This styling option seems to be made for thick unruly hair!

10. Long Wavy Hair. Emphasize your wavy locks with choppy layers and dimensional highlights. We’re sure you’ll love it!

11. Lob with Patchy Highlights. Which styling trick creates even more texture for thick wavy hair? Highlights contrasting with your natural hair color! So, if you want to amplify the beauty of your lob hairdo, select a hue to dye some strands and welcome the changes!

12. Shoulder-Length Hairstyle for Wavy Hair. A shoulder-length cut sitting a little past your collarbones makes a wonderful hairstyle for wavy hair. Make your hair piece-y to show off your lovely waves and keep it tame and put together.

13. Stacked Lob with Partial Highlights. We love hairstyles for wavy hair that look fun and creative! This inverted lob with bright strands is a fit for an artistic personality. Besides, highlighting the front locks helps to showcase the eyes!

14. Choppy Sun-Kissed Layers. Ladies with long wavy hair can achieve a sun-kissed effect either naturally or by dyeing some of their locks a lighter shade. For a sun-kissed effect that will last all year round, we suggest the latter option!

15. Medium-Length Stacked Bob. Lots of closely stacked and flipped layers in the back of your head down to the nape of your neck add a vivacious and cheerful note to your personality. Pair with bangs for extra oomph.

16. Choppy Wavy Brunette Bob. Fresh, relaxed and pretty! This is how you’ll feel with a wavy bob like the one presented below.

17. Shaggy Above-the-Shoulders Cut. Layering is definitely something that can make a medium wavy hairstyle look complete. The piece-y layers and patchy hair color contribute to the rock’n’roll vibe that is timelessly trendy.

18. Piece-y Bob with Warm Balayage. If you don’t like super choppy haircuts for wavy hair but still want to rock plenty of texture, you can opt for a softer version of a shaggy bob and add subtle highlights to create a play of color in your waves.

19. Long Wavy Hairstyle. Balayage hairstyles always look fantastic on long layered hair. They tend to give your strands a particular and irreplaceable shine, movement and dimension.

20. Long Thick Style with Highlights. While long thick hair looks too heavy and immovable, a balayage hairstyle with choppy ends and quick waves is quite the opposite!

21. Messy Shoulder Length Bob. A medium length thick haircut can help you hide those prominent features you’d rather soften, for example, a heavy jawline, if you have a square face.

22. Wavy Highlights. Women with thick hair will love this layered haircut with highlights. Let your hair cascade on your back for a more impressive look.

23. Long Wavy Hair with a Deep Side Part. Long hairstyles for wavy hair can easily combine layering around the face or throughout the mid-length with blunt ends which work to add fullness to the bottom.

24. Two-Layer Style with Bangs. Voluminous bangs with a side or middle part add volume to haircuts for thick wavy hair. Besides, if you want an even more textured result, you can also try a two-tier cut like this one.

25. Easy Care Hairstyle. Isn’t that what we all want? Gorgeous hair with minimal attention? You can get that with a medium length choppy haircut and a tousle.

26. Thick Shaggy Bob. This hairdo is one of the most flattering hairstyles for thick wavy hair. To create this look, ask your stylist to tone your hair to achieve a cherry or mahogany shade and go for uneven layered wavy locks.

27. Medium Wavy Hair with Bounce. Long wavy haircuts aren’t always the best choice for ladies with thick manes since the excessive weight may strip even ample locks of their bounce. The below-the-shoulder lob with a bit of layering to the ends fixes the problem with no sweat.

28. Medium Layered Centre-Parted Haircut. A symmetrical hairstyle with bangs is going to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Give it a try!

29. Choppy Brown Balayage Lob. One of the modern classics among haircuts for wavy hair, this choppy lob with a soft balayage is a true gem! The style not only appears splendid but also enables you to tame your thick hair with minimum effort.

30. Tousled Auburn Bob. This cute bob looks totally carefree and flirty (thanks to the strand tucked behind the ear and a bright shade of red, of course), but it has just a slightly defined texture to deliver a smoother feel.

31. All-Feathered Crop with a Deep Fringe. Wavy hairstyles for women with thick tresses pair well with shaggy bangs of all types, including this seriously textured version, that perfectly matches the accentuated pieces around the perimeter.

32. Messy Bob for Frizzy Hair. If your hair is frizzy, tame it with a flat iron – style straight or with messy waves.

33. Lob Hairstyle for Wavy Hair. Long bob haircuts are undoubtedly among the best haircuts for wavy hair. Make your tresses piece-y to create some airy movement in your hair, especially if it is on the thick side.

Piece-y Wavy Lob Haircut
By Yuki

34. Shattered Dimensional Bob. Use a curling iron to make some large curls, and you’ll have an impressive mane.

35. Shaggy Blonde Bob with Dark Roots. Get a shaggy bob if you don’t mind big hair in a shorter length.

Shaggy Blonde Balayage Bob
By Ivan

36. Romantic Medium Hairstyle for Wavy Hair. The alluring and glam-full vibes of this hairstyle remind us of a lead female actress in a Hollywood love story. To copy the style, blow-dry your hair, make an undefined middle part and create loose curls to fit the look.

37. Chic Bangs and Waves Hairstyle. Wavy hairstyles are aimed at giving you that effortlessly attractive and seductive allure. Define your waves with a curling wand to bring them back to life. As always, bangs will take the cuteness up above the ceiling.

38. Neck-Length Thick Bob. Play with your favorite color for the highlights and go for a beautiful choppy bob crop.

39. Extra Short Bob. The sliced bob haircut is one of the best hairstyles for thick wavy hair. Some lighter strands will make your hair look mesmerizing.

40. Asymmetrical Wavy Bob Haircut. This is another fun way to rock your short wavy hair. If you have healthy, natural wavy hair, ask your stylist to cut it short with one side longer. The outcome is a sprightly, springy rounded wavy haircut that is easy to manage. Part it to the side for a romantic finish.

41. Curly Bob. Curls are hard to handle but not if you choose the proper haircut. With this curly bob, you’ll only need a good tousle in the morning.

42. Chin Length Bob. A haircut this short gives a great face framing, nice shape, and boost of texture for thick wavy hair.

43. Wolf Haircut with Bangs for Wavy Hair. We’re super excited about this tweak to her thick wavy hair. Bangs are game-changers indeed. The stack of thick bangs pairs so well with her wavy shag.

44. Cascade of Long Hair. When you look at this picture, you know this is what you want your hair to be like. If you have this gorgeous length and thickness, a V-cut and some easy hot roller curls will do the trick.

45. Wavy Angled Graduated Bob. Love curly hairstyles? Beautiful. Luck is already on your side. All you have to do is to use a curling iron on your wavy hair and get those waves to wind up into attractive curly locks.

46. Layered Midi Haircut for Thick Hair. Graduated layers in your thick wavy hair will help to keep it less frizzy and more manageable. They make your hair appear more enthralling too.

47. Simple Short Hairstyle with Shadow Roots. Short wavy hair is simply chic and cute. A wavy bob hairstyle with highlights and darkened roots like in the picture below is fitting for any occasion, from office to parties, and more.

48. Blonde-Hair-Dark-Roots for Thick Wavy Hair. To add movement to your thick wavy mane, your stylist would cut long layers in your hair. This gets your tresses airy and light, adding dynamics to the final look.

49. Very Long Layered Hair. Yes, this hair length is hard to maintain, wash and style, but if you look at this picture, you know it’s worth it.

50. Wavy Lob with Blonde Balayage. A lob cut suits thick wavy hair perfectly, adding movement and volume to the style. If you want to make your look even more memorable, complement your hairdo with a soft balayage.

Bobs are some of the best haircuts for thick wavy hair because they are easy to maintain and wear. But if you’re not a fan of medium and short hair, why not take advantage of your chunky strands and emphasize them as much as you can. Anyone always admires a long wavy cascade of hair, and why not be the one who always gets all the compliments?

by Andreea Haba
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