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50 Hairstyles for Thick Wavy Hair You Will Adore

49. Very Long Layered Hair. Yes, this hair length is hard to maintain, wash and style, but if you look at this picture, you know it’s worth it.

We know it feels like your thick hair has its own personality: it may feel heavy sometimes, difficult, and very time-consuming when it comes to care and styling. Check the following haircuts for thick wavy hair – these can make miracles and save your precious time in the morning.

1. Medium Wavy Hair. Textured layers, tousled styling, and a shiny color make thick hair silky, supple, and lightweight.

2. Elegant Wavy Bob. This hairstyle is perfect for women over 50. It frames your face, and the delicate highlights make you look fresh and elegant all day.

3. Shaggy Long Bob. This hairstyle needs a good tousle before you go out, and you’re ready to look spectacular all day.

4. Extra Short Bob. The sliced bob haircut is one of the best hairstyles for thick wavy hair. Some lighter strands will make your hair look mesmerizing.

5. Wavy Brunette Lob. If you’re a fan of bobs, this look is for you! Waves made with a straightening iron can give your thick hair a natural beach touch.

6. Disconnected Wavy Lob. Bobs are suitable for all types of hair, and if you choose a color that reflects light, you’ll get a magnificent light and dynamic look. For thick hair this works too.

7. Razored Waves with Highlights. An inverted bob with jagged layers is a great choice to make your hair look elegant and stylish.

8. Short Wavy Bob. Thick wavy hair looks gorgeous when dyed in a dark natural shade. If you choose to keep it short, it will be so much easier to style.

9. Voluminous Blonde Waves. Create some white blonde highlights on a wheat blonde base, and you’ll get a glamorous blend.

10. Big Blonde Shoulder-Length Curls. Thick hair looks and feels lighter in a shorter length. It doesn’t have to be a very short crop. A lob with subtly highlighted waves is a great option.

11. Blonde and Gray Bob. Short hairstyles are easy to maintain – you’ll be ready in the morning in just a couple of minutes.

12. Long Blonde Balayage hair. Create a fairytale princess look with a layered, wavy haircut for your long locks. You’ll get an elegant and natural style in a blink of an eye.

13. Long Wavy Hair. Emphasize your wavy locks with choppy layers and dimensional highlights. We’re sure you’ll love it!

14. Messy Razored Bronde Bob. Tousle your back hair and create some easy waves to give your hairstyle an effortless touch.

15. Short Hair with Babylights. A shorter layered haircut can make miracles for your thick wavy hair. If you dye your ends in a brighter color, you’ll illuminate your dark hair and bring it the lightness it begs for.

16. Choppy Wavy Brunette Bob. Fresh, relaxed and pretty! This is how you’ll feel with a wavy bob like the one presented below.

17. Voluminous Thick Layered Hairstyle. Mix and match your thick bob haircut with some natural sun-kissed tones.

18. Tousled Wavy Hair. Messy hair never looked better, don’t you agree? Bobs are the perfect haircuts if you want to keep rebel strands in place.

19. Long Wavy Hairstyle. Balayage hairstyles always look fantastic on long layered hair. They tend to give your strands a particular and irreplaceable shine, movement and dimension.

20. Long Thick Style with Highlights. While long thick hair looks too heavy and immovable, a balayage hairstyle with choppy ends and quick waves is quite the opposite!

21. Messy Shoulder Length Bob. A medium length thick haircut can help you hide those prominent features you’d rather soften, for example, a heavy jawline, if you have a square face.

22. Wavy Highlights. Women with thick hair will love this layered haircut with highlights. Let your hair cascade on your back for a more impressive look.

23. Choppy Bob Haircut. Let’s get messy! Choose some highlights to make your hair look truly glamorous.

24. Blonde Bob with Black Roots. This wavy bob is edgy yet feminine. If you are also a bit contradictory at times, you may find this look very appealing.

25. Easy Care Hairstyle. Isn’t that what we all want? Gorgeous hair with minimal attention? You can get that with a medium length choppy haircut and a tousle.

26. Delicious Wavy Lob. Create a milky chocolate base and throw in some chunky highlights for this layered bob with a yummy mochaccino balayage.

27. Thick Beach Waves. Who doesn’t want to look effortlessly cool? I know we do. A layered haircut and some quick waves will do the trick.

28. Medium Layered Centre-Parted Haircut. A symmetrical hairstyle with bangs is going to frame your face and draw attention to your eyes. Give it a try!

29. Long Layered Hairstyle. Want to look stunning all day long? Layer your thick hair and create some chunky curls.

30. Long Voluminous Hair with Dimensional Balayage. Forget heavy, blocky hair and embrace chic dimensional waves full of depth and movement!

Long Thick Messy Hair with Dimensional Balayage
By Mish

31. Cascade of Long Hair. When you look at this picture, you know this is what you want your hair to be like. If you have this gorgeous length and thickness, a V-cut and some easy hot roller curls will do the trick.

32. Messy Bob for Frizzy Hair. If your hair is frizzy, tame it with a flat iron – style straight or with messy waves.

33. Long Choppy Cut with Midshaft Highlights. Are you a fan of choppy cuts? Dress it up with midshaft waves and highlights.

34. Shattered Dimensional Bob. Use a curling iron to make some large curls, and you’ll have an impressive mane.

35. Shaggy Blonde Bob with Dark Roots. Get a shaggy bob if you don’t mind big hair in a shorter length.

Shaggy Blonde Balayage Bob
By Ivan

36. Soft Razored Waves. If you are a girl who wants to have perfect hair, you can use a triple barrel iron for your hairstyle.

37. Razored Ash Brown Lob with Black Roots. Keep your natural hair color in your roots and define your ends with a lighter shade and razored finish.

38. Neck-Length Thick Bob. Play with your favorite color for the highlights and go for a beautiful choppy bob crop.

39. Bob for Round Faces. Round faces need more attention when it comes to framing. Choose a haircut that works with elongating lines, like these extra long jagged ends.

40. Inverted Dark Chocolate Bob. Keep a significant difference between the back and front lengths of your hair. You will create a beautiful voluminous and dynamic style.

41. Curly Bob. Curls are hard to handle but not if you choose the proper haircut. With this curly bob, you’ll only need a good tousle in the morning.

42. Chin Length Bob. A haircut this short gives a great face framing, nice shape, and boost of texture for thick wavy hair.

43. Choppy Bob. If a rebel look is what you’re searching for, some choppy ends are definitely a pretty good choice.

44. Chocolate Hair with Auburn Highlights. In this breathtaking hairstyle, each strand is shiny and very well defined, thanks to that fantastic color and curls done in different directions.

45. Dark Blonde Inverted Bob. Bobs are a worthy choice for someone who wants to emphasize their thick hair but at the same time, keep it well-shaped and manageable. After all, isn’t that what you want?

46. Short Curly Bob. Very thick wavy hairstyles in shorter lengths should rely on texture in order to avoid a blocky look. This wavy brunette bob copes with the task perfectly!

47. Long Thick Wavy Hairstyle. Opt for babylights and chop some thick bangs for a French glammy look.

48. Coarse Wavy Hair. Such a beautiful color mix! Every strand has its own personality. This gorgeous look yells confidence!

49. Very Long Layered Hair. Yes, this hair length is hard to maintain, wash and style, but if you look at this picture, you know it’s worth it.

50. Shiny Blonde Balayage Hair. A medium length, shadow roots, and very soft natural-looking balayage highlights are what you need this season for a really successful hair transformation.

Bobs are some of the best haircuts for thick wavy hair because they are easy to maintain and wear. But if you’re not a fan of medium and short hair, why not take advantage of your chunky strands and emphasize them as much as you can. Anyone always admires a long wavy cascade of hair, and why not be the one who always gets all the compliments?

by Andreea Haba
She is social media enthusiast and loves everything that goes hand in hand with that. Since high school, writing is one of her passions and that's what got her into PR and social media area. She loves animals, has two dogs and enjoys any moment she can spend reading. When it comes to hairstyling, she loves bright colors and she's not afraid of changes.