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30 Surprisingly Simple Ideas How to Get Beach Waves for All Hair Lengths

You too can easily nail the enchanting beach waves hair that looks like the natural beach waves formed while lounging at the beach on a windy summer afternoon.

Beach waves hairstyles are stylish and low-maintenance. Here you’ll find simple and easy-to-follow beach waves tutorials to help you create tantalizingly beautiful beach wave curls that will instantly transform your look from homely to fashionable. Read on and don’t forget to pin the best images to save them for later!

1. No Heat Beach Waves. An effective way to get beach waves on naturally wavy and thick hair. All it takes is wrapping your freshly blow-dried hair around a silk band. Get attractive beach waves hair in less than an hour with this easy method.

A full tutorial here.

2. Beach Waves with a Straightener. To get your hair runway-ready, re-create this fabulous beach waves hairstyle. Get out your straightener, sea salt spray, and a couple of crocodile clips to copy this amazing hairstyle.

Get the tutorial here.

3. Short Choppy Beach Waves. With a properly chosen curling iron, you can get fabulous beach curl hair on your short length. A curling iron is one of the best tools for beach waves. Just choose the right size and shape, as different sizes and shapes result in completely different types of curls.

Check out a step-by-step tutorial here.

Beach Curl Hair with a Curling Iron
By Olia

4. Easy Beach Waves with a Beach Waver. The delicate and glossy ringlets of mermaid waves may be all your hair needs to go from plain to fab. Steal her style with just a beach waver and Moroccan oil.

Follow the instructions of this DIY tutorial.

5. Beach Waves with Bangs. If you need ideas on how to do beach waves on your straight hair, check out this beach waves video. Her enchanting bed-head beach hair with choppy wispy bangs was created with a curling wand.

6. Sleep-In Beach Waves. Luxurious and silky overnight beach waves with lots of bounce and body? Yes, please! The model’s heatless beach waves are easy to replicate on medium or mid-back length hair. You just need to make a high ponytail and braid it.

The tutorial is here.

7. Short Hair Beach Waves. For this chic beach hair, you’ll need a blow-dryer, a straightener, and a curling iron. Watch the tutorial to learn how to get beach waves on short hair.

8. Long Beach Waves aka Hollywood Curls. Let’s see how to get beach waves overnight without any heat. Her voluminous and lustrous beachy waves were made by wrapping the hair around the fingers and securing these ringlets with tiny hair clips.

A full tutorial here.

9. Beach Waves with a Homemade Sea Salt Spray. Don’t you love her entrancing just-from-the-beach look? What if I tell you she did it with a very simple homemade sea salt spray. Incredible, isn’t it? The best product for beach waves doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Her style is actually easy to replicate. Check out her recipe of sea salt spray.

10. Overnight Heatless Beach Waves. Wanna know how to get beach waves overnight? To sleep through the night and wake up with the hair this fashionable? Your answer lies in this beach waves tutorial. You will need several very cheap items and a little effort.

11. Large Beach Waves Long Hair. Who said good things don’t come easy? Re-create this alluring gentle beach waves hairstyle with a curl tong and styling spray.

A full tutorial here.

12. Short Beach Waves. Follow this easy-peasy beach waves video to create beach waves with spiral curlers on your short bob. Yes, spiral curlers work on short haircuts too!

13. Afro Hair Beach Waves. Beach curls look pretty on natural hair too. Use dry sponge rollers to re-create the beach waves look of this gorgeous diva, and get large waves on your voluminous natural hair or relaxed hair.

A full tutorial here.

14. No Heat Mermaid Beach Waves. Another simple and heatless way to get beach waves hair on medium hair is to use hair ties and a good hairspray. Watch the tutorial and learn how to create the beach wave look by simply twisting your hair.

15. Airwrap Beach Waves. These voluminous cascades of fascinating beach waves are so alluringly touchable. Learn how she created her long-lasting beach curls with an airwrap in this beachy waves video.

16. Beach Waves for Black Hair. If you’ve got relaxed black hair and a curling iron, you’re all set to re-create her fascinating voluminous beach waves with curling iron.

Check out the full tutorial here.

17. Beach Waves with a Flat Iron. Her beach waves hairstyle is irresistibly beautiful. The color, parting, and styling are mind-blowing. If you love it, copy it! Get her beach waves with flat iron, Moroccan oil, and hairspray.

A full tutorial here.

18. Loose Beach Waves. A cherubic and amazingly lovely look. She got her easy, layered loose beach waves with a curling wand. Follow this tutorial to learn how to curl beach waves easily.

19. Beach Waves with a Twist Straightener. If you’re looking for sultry and stylish in one place, you have your answer in this lovely beach waves hairstyle. These smooth, neat, and soft big beach waves were formed with a twist iron straightener.

A full tutorial here.

20. Waist-Length Beach Waves. Get fascinating heatless beach waves in less than 30 minutes. She achieved her enviable beach waves with just foam rollers and a texture spray.

The process of creating these waves is shown here.

21. Shoulder-Length Beach Waves. Hair on fleek. Make-up on point. Try these easy beach waves with curling iron on your blonde balayage hair.

A full tutorial here.

22. Beach Waves on Lob-Length Hair. Create glitzy soft beach waves with curling wand on your short layered hair. It takes less than 10 minutes to get this tousled beach waves look.

Check out step-by-step instructions here.

23. Big Beach Waves. Show your flirty and playful side with elegant, flowing mid-back beach waves. Whisk out your curling iron and volume spray for this big and bouncy beach waves hair.

A full tutorial here.

24. Braid Out Waves. Amazing no heat beach waves hair. These stunning natural waves were achieved with a pair of braids and DIY sea salt spray. To get beach waves without heat, watch this video.

25. Beach Waves with Flexi Rods. Shimmering beachy waves and a fantastic golden blonde balayage. Her lovely heat-free overnight beach waves created with flexi rods are full of shine, movement, and bounce.

A full tutorial here.

26. Sock Beach Waves. Another soft and gentle loose beach waves hairstyle. In case you’re wondering how to create the beach wave look, this insanely fabulous hairstyle was achieved with socks. See how she did it in this beach waves tutorial.

27. Beach Waves with Scrunchies. Overnight beach waves made with a pair of scrunchies and two buns. Her stunning beach waves hairstyle is enhanced by her fantastic blonde highlights.

A full tutorial here.

28. Midshaft Beach Waves on Medium Hair. Appealing beach waves hair formed with a brush styler (costs under $35). Trust this powerful beach wave tool to give you beach curls that are totally fascinating and long-lasting.

Get this tutorial here.

29. Soft Waves on Short Hair. A no heat beach waves hairstyle created with cute fabric hair curlers and enhanced with beach waves products like texture spray and hairspray. Add some glam to your short bob with these beach waves.

All instructions are shown here.

30. Messy Beach Waves. Replicate these alluringly stylish beach waves with a curling wand. This beach waves video will show you how.

Now you know how to make beach waves that will add charm and glam to your hair. Don’t let anything stop you! Wear your sexy beachy waves hair with a confident smile. Also, check out our one more guide on making waves in your hair.

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