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How to make hair grow faster?

How to make my hair grow faster? What makes hair grow?

Let’s start with understanding what influences hair growth.

It depends on your gender, age, genetics, nutrition, hair care routine, hormones, blood flow, microbial balance, medications, environmental setting, seasonality, nervous system, and overall health. While some of these factors cannot be changed much, others should be tuned if you want to make your hair grow faster and longer.

How fast does the hair grow? It’s possible to get ½ inch of extra length in a month. In a year, this will give you 6 inches.

So, get ready to save our tips on how to get the most out of Mother Nature and to grow hair fast by correcting your daily routine.

Fast Hair Growth Products

As we know, our hair grows from the inside and we need to supply its cells with a sufficient amount of nutrients while focusing on the most hair-friendly products for natural hair growth.

– Eggs

Filled with protein, eggs are a natural growth-boosting product for hair as it needs those bio molecules for the follicles to stay strong. The yolk is rich in biotin required to produce keratin – the building material of our hair. Add zinc, selenium, iron, vitamin A, D, and B-vitamins to this list and make sure to consume enough eggs to avoid the deficiency of some valuable hair-health agents.

– Berries

Almost any kind of berries is packed with vitamin C, a strong antioxidant that protects our hair follicles from damage caused by free radicals. In addition, this vitamin participates in collagen production to stimulate hair growth even more.

– Spinach

To provide your body with the necessary amount of vitamin A (which is famous for its contribution to sebum production), don’t hesitate to add spinach to your daily diet. Not only does it improve scalp moisturizing but it also enhances oxygen supply to the cells thanks to its high content of iron.

– Fatty Fish

It gives you another essential substance to grow your hair quickly – omega-3 fatty acids. They seem to promote hair growth through the proliferation of dermal papilla cells, not to mention their role in the acceleration of wound healing and improved skin hydration for a healthier scalp. On top of it, the fish serves as a source of vitamin D and B-vitamins, protein, and selenium.

– Nuts and Seeds

As they are rich in vitamin E, we can use these food products to fight the oxidative stress that prevents our strands from growing naturally. Besides, they contain B-vitamins, zinc, selenium, and fatty acids in abundance, and we’ve already learned that this is what our hair needs to grow super fast.

What Makes Your Hair Grow Faster: Healthy Hair Tips

While your follicles might be doing their job great, poor results of your hair-growing efforts may be caused by hair breakage. You just cannot see any progress with the length when the strands break off at the ends. So, our goal here is to prevent the breakage:

– Say ‘bye-bye’ to your hot tools. Seriously, you cannot expect that your tresses will grow out fast and healthy when they are dry and brittle.

– Refrain from chemical processing. Yes, this includes straightening, perming, and dyeing altogether.

– Replace stiff cotton with microfiber when drying your tresses and with silk or satin when sleeping. Cotton absorbs more moisture from your locks leaving them prone to breakage and tangling. Besides, coarser fiber causes more friction leading to the same problem.

– Remove split ends regularly. Not only do they look miserable even if adding a couple of inches to your length but also can damage the hair shaft thus bringing your hair growth treatment to naught.

– Master the art of hair brushing. This includes getting the right brush, detangling from the bottom up, and combing wet strands as little as possible since they are 3 times more sensitive to breakage. For Afro hair, add a deep-action conditioner to your must-have list since natural curls are very fragile.

On the other hand, even when getting sufficient nutrition from the inside, our follicles may get stuck due to inflammation, pore clogging, poor microcirculation, and other factors affecting the scalp. So, here are our instructions on what you can do from the outside to grow more hair:

Massage your scalp regularly. Incorporate natural oils into the procedure to double its effect – by increasing micro circulation and stimulating penetration of the nutrients from the oil.

– Add scrubs to your weekly routine. Exfoliating dead cells will definitely enhance your scalp condition in addition to boosting blood flow.

Wash it wisely. It is crucial to carefully clean the skin of the head from dirt and build-up, which helps hair grow faster and thicker. But this doesn’t mean washing every day with harsh components included in the formula. Choose a shampoo according to both your scalp and hair types (they are not always the same) and avoid excessive sulfates (they deprive your locks of natural oils) by shampooing less or choosing sulfate-free products.

– Pamper your scalp with masks. They can be cleansing, nourishing, soothing, or whatever (including professional and home-made ones) – the key is to address your hair issue correctly and regularly.

– Don’t skip brushing. When combing our tresses, we distribute sebum throughout the length to give them natural protection while also stimulating blood flow.

Hair Growth Home Remedies

Since we’ve already mentioned masks and scrubs, we cannot pass certain simple, yet effective remedies you can prepare at home. Here are the best ones recommended by hair pros:

– Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil to 2 eggs and dilute the mask with a bit of water to get the desired thickness. Distribute the mixture throughout the length of dry hair and leave it for half an hour to save the hair from breakage.

– Known as fast hair growth oil, castor oil can be warmed up and applied onto both roots and ends to remove possible scalp infection, seal moisture in the hair and nourish it with useful substances. Put a shower cap on and blow-dry for 10-15 minutes to enhance the effect.

– Mix a cup of coconut oil with almond, macadamia nut, and jojoba oils (a tablespoon of each) and apply the mask to wet tresses for 10-15 minutes before shampooing.

While we are not sure what the fastest way to grow YOUR hair is, we are quite positive about the effectiveness of the above-mentioned methods. When complementing each other, they provide a comprehensive approach to making your hair healthy from both inside and outside. And there is no reason to ask how to grow long hair if you’re not going to shine with it, right?

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by Donna Sullivan
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