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How to get thicker hair?

Serena Piper
I was wondering/hoping that you could recommend something I could use to thicken my hair (that actually works) please.

In order for the hair to be thick and grow quickly, you need to learn how to properly care for it. It’s obvious that bad and inadequate care can ruin even naturally gorgeous locks. However, it’s possible to get thicker hair and increase its density at home or in-salon by following simple rules.

To thicken hair, you need to cleanse it properly:

– Use a shampoo that suits your hair type. Give preference to natural products, as well as home remedies.

– Slightly dilute shampoo with water and foam it in your hands – don’t apply the product directly to the hair.

– Combine it with gentle massaging movements to cleanse the scalp and roots well.

– Use shampoo twice, because sometimes it’s difficult to wash out all the dirt immediately.

– Don’t wash the hair every day – it’s extremely harmful to its structure.

– After washing the hair, use a conditioner or a mask. It’s better to use both products of one series – some substances can react with each other, which doesn’t always have a positive effect on hair. To avoid this, use products with similar compositions.

– Dry hair preferably in a natural way. Use a hair dryer and a flat iron only when you have no time and need an ideal styling. But don’t forget to always use a heat protectant!

How to Make Hair Thicker

Here are some ideas that may help you to get thicker hair.

Nourish hair from the inside

Sure, healthy nutrition is the core of a good hair appearance and condition. Give preference to food that contains vitamins A, B, C, E. You can also take special multivitamin complexes.

Stop weighing your hair down

Excess styling products make the hair heavier and can negatively affect its condition. If you can’t live without them, make sure that they’re suitable for your hair type.

Use natural hair care products

Burdock, pine nut, castor, avocado, jojoba and olive are the best time-tested oils for hair growth, and thickness. Try rinsing your hair with herbal teas (sage, chamomile, mint) during washing. Also, don’t forget about home-made masks with mustard, dairy, eggs, red pepper, aloe, yeast, and oils etc., but use everything with caution, to avoid allergy.

Ampoule care

It’s another rescue for thin hair that’s losing its density and thickness. Ampoules contain an active complex of nutrients that intensively act on the follicles, stimulating hair growth. It’s rather a medical treatment, so before choosing the product, you need to consult a trichologist or your stylist.


Scalp massage is very useful for thickening hair. Apply pine nut oil to the scalp in circular movements, massage the head gently, leave the oil for 15 minutes, and then rinse it with warm water.


Always wear a hat in the cold season to protect the follicles against freezing.

Salon treatments

Lamination and extensions give a cosmetic effect, making the hair visually thicker. One more option is mesotherapy – a procedure aimed at enhancing the hair growth and improving its condition with useful nutrients.

It’s not so difficult to get thicker hair as it may seem – all that is needed is patience, effort, and desire.

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