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50 Long Bob Haircuts That Are Having a Moment Right Now

Serena Piper

50. Textured Lob. Spray a mist of texturizer on your hair to give it a textured feel. This will be of much benefit to you if you have fine or thin hair, as a textured lob appears fuller and thicker. Work a curling tool through your lob to give it more movement.

Whether the look you’re going for is flirty and playful for a night out on the town or professional and mature to wear at work, there is certainly no shortage of trendy long bob styles to choose from.

What’s the best way to get ready for a new season? Give your hairstyle a little update with a long bob (aka lob)! When summer hits, most women like to keep their length to show off in a high pony or wear loose with shorts and a bikini top. Long bob hairstyles, are having a moment, and it would be wise to take part!

The great thing about lobs is while it isn’t long hair, it’s not short hair either, making them universal and classic in the hair world. They also flatter different face shapes and work with any hair texture. The medium length of lobs frames the face and complements practically any bone structure.

While you may assume there isn’t much to do with a long bob cut, taking a look at celebs like Maren Morris, Jenna Dewan Tatum, and Kendall Jenner will prove otherwise.

1. Choppy Lob. The barely there waves on a choppy lob look super cool.

2. Windblown Blonde. Have you just stepped off a movie set? This windblown blonde will have you looking like a superstar.

3. Long Bob Haircut with Chin-Length Curtain Bangs. Solid hair colors are something hairstylists ask us to leave in the past. Time to sport dimensional, volume-boosting blends. Bronde colorings are among the top trends this year. A medium-length lob with curtain bangs in brown and blonde tones looks stunning. Who could argue?

4. Textured Lob. The smokey balayage color gives the textured lob that extra beauty.

5. Golden Lob. The long choppy bob is perfect for looking professional during the day and fun for a night out.

6. Long Bob for Thin Hair. This lob haircut on thin hair will help you convince everyone you’ve got lots of body.

7. Wavy Lob with Beachy Blonde Highlights. The surfer wavy blonde bob gets its popularity every summer, but what if you could bring that summer vibe into any season? Take all seasons under your control and sport this sun-kissed boho lob whenever you want, be it a fall walk with a pumpkin spice latte, the coldest winter day, or Eastertime. Make your own rules.

8. Extra Long Angled Bob. Give a little dimension to your hair with an angled lob and balayage highlights, keeping those longest and lightest pieces in the front to frame the face.

9. Ombre Lob with Short Money Pieces. There are a lot of ways to darken your roots. The root melt as in this picture is lesser-known compared to the shadow roots technique, but it’s equally good at creating depth, volume, and dimension. The short thin money piece bangs are cute too.

10. Straight Angled Lob. This haircut was definitely created for women with luxuriant thick straight hair. Mother nature has done everything for you, you just need to learn how to blow dry your locks to get these beautiful flicks at the ends. And keep your hair healthy, of course. Damaged hair looks different.

Angled Lob for Women with Thick Hair
By Mika

11. Long Lob Haircut with Layers. A layered long lob is great for ladies with thinner hair because it makes your locks bouncier and more voluminous. Add some waves and tousle your hair a little to get even more texture. This hairstyle is perfect for any time of the year!

12. Silver Fox. The asymmetrical lob looks even more dramatic with a touch of silver color.

13. Silver Shoulder-Length Long Bob Haircut. If you want to change your appearance completely, you should not only consider getting a new haircut but also dyeing your hair a bold color. How about silver locks? A silver bob suits ladies of all ages, especially girls with lighter skin colors.

14. Textured Lob Haircut with Beach Waves. The world is not tired of layers, believe us! And will never be. So, if you are considering lobs with layers, there is no reason to resist the pleasure to sport one of them. Style it in waves with a flat iron, a curling wand, or a beach waver.

15. Wavy Lob. A choppy, wavy lob is the way to go for easy style.

16. Straight Long Bob. A cherished hairstyle for most career women. A straight shoulder-grazing bob is like the cherry on the cake for power dressing. The lob cut oozes professionalism, sophistication, and class. Spice it up with blonde highlights to draw all eyes to your hairstyle.

17. Loose Curly Lob. You can enjoy your length with this lob made for loose waves.

18. Shoulder-Length Long Bob Haircut. Thin highlights don’t rule the world anymore. Chunky highlights and lowlights are now worthy competitors to them! Learn some new hairstyles with those thick balayage highlights, take several pictures to the hair salon and make magic with your hair colorist. Lobs are great for experimenting with colors!

19. Messy Lob with Feathered Layers. Medium hair that is cut in a bob style is salvation for busy ladies. Especially if it is a haircut with bedhead textured layers that can be styled in several minutes. It is a golden mean between all other hair lengths. You can make a twisted or braided updo, a low pony, a French roll bun, or just use your flat iron for quick waves.

20. Lob Cut Transformation. Long bob hairstyles like this possess cheerful, flirty vibes that attract people to you like bees to honey. The lob cut introduces some lively freshness and bounce to the limp hair. This before and after picture shows how a lob haircut turns casual hair into a head-turner.

21. Blonde Center-Parted Lob. Middle-parted lobs have become quite popular lately. There are a lot of versions with curtain bangs, a see-through Korean fringe, or with money piece highlights as in this photo. Choose what suits you best, but remember that soft front highlights are a safe bet.

22. Blonde Choppy Lob with Shadow Roots. Everyone talks about the ‘smooth transition’ between hair shades. But what if you like high-contrast colorings? Follow your dream! Opt for a cool blonde shade with deep dark shadow roots.

23. Comb-Over Lob. Nail that highly-coveted red carpet look this season. A comb-over long bob is a widely loved shoulder-length haircut. Create soft waves on your lob to give it a superb Hollywood flair.

24. Beach Wavy Lob Hairstyle. Très joli! Lobs with beachy waves always win the hearts of ladies of any age. One of the most popular bob styling options is beach waves. Learn some tricks on how to create them and you have an ace up your sleeve.

25. Messy Lob. The long shaggy bob handles length and body perfectly.

26. Brunette Bliss. The long graduated bob looks even more gorgeous with caramel highlights.

27. Smooth Sailing. Smooth a-line lobs can work in any setting.

28. Soft Ombre. The long ombre bob is playful and flirty, yet it can be formal enough for work.

29. Texture to the Max. The mix of flat and kinked locks is unique and eye-catching.

30. Layered and Razored Lob. Razored layers contributed to the soft feathery feel of this lob. The icy blonde sombre completed what was lacking, and the end product is a slightly foxy and intriguing hairstyle. Long curtain bangs are indeed fascinating to the eyes and look twice better on a side parted lob.

31. Blonde Lob with Fringes. Blonde hair truly makes the fanciest hairstyles. A touch of blonde highlights to your hair adds an alluring shine to it. We guess you already know what else looks super cool on long bob hairstyles: long fringes. To take the cuteness of your lob a notch higher, ask your stylist to make your hair choppy and to flick out the ends.

32. Blunt Long Bob Cut. If your hair looks quite healthy, you don’t face the problem of split ends or frizz, and your hair is naturally thick, this hairstyle is for you. A middle part, blunt ends, and hair shine make it eye-catching.

Lob with Blunt Ends for Thick Hair
By Olga

33. Sleek Wavy Neck-Length Cut. Add some edge to your blonde bob with loose waves and chopped ends.

34. Messy Blonde Lob. Pfft, who said lobs have to be sleek and slicked to look pretty? Give ’em a run for their money with a gorgeously messy bed-head lob. The beachy, messy finish of this lob leaves an exciting vibe of daring, chic, and effortless beauty.

35. Layered Straight Lob. The enchanting aura of this long lob haircut is worth replicating. This is not your usual straight bob. The details are simply amazing – subtle layers to give the hair good movement and a lovely blonde color to add radiance to your hair. This haircut looks polished without appearing too serious.

36. Pretty Wavy Lob. No face shape has ever said no to a side-parted lob hairstyle. Take out your curling wand and create loose waves on your lob for ravishingly pretty hair. You may also highlight your hair, as the prettiest hairstyles are the ones with a dash of color.

37. Lob with Blonde Highlights. If you want to concentrate all the attention on your face, you can rely on this lob haircut to do the job. The cute peek-a-boo feel of the long face-framing fringes and the mesmeric blonde balayage highlights are like magnets pulling attention to your face.

38. Lob with a Deep Side Part. A side-parted long bob sets you apart from every other lob out there.

39. Wavy Angled Piece-y Lob. Not a fan of straight hair? Keep your waves and show ‘em off with an a-line bob.

40. Shaggy Lob. If you’d like to step out every day looking like you’ve just left a beauty salon, opt for tousled long bob hairstyles. At least you are not going to have any bad hair days; any strand of hair moving out of place would enhance the carefree loveliness of your hairstyle. Use a texturizing spray to boost the splendid, messy look of your lob.

41. Blonde Long Bob. Blondes will have even more fun with this straight, sexy long bob.

42. Golden Shoulder Length Bob. The caramel blonde long bob with highlights is just in time for summer! Done with the curls and waves? Flat-iron for chicness.

43. Waves and Choppy Ends. This wavy lob with choppy ends gives the illusion of fuller hair.

44. Beach-Ready Stylin’. Big, thick curls on a long shaggy bob will have you catching your reflection every chance you can.

45. Honey Hued Bob. Warm-toned highlights are the perfect finishing touch for the long shaggy bob. Teasing hair at the crown will add sexy height and fullness.

46. Past Shoulders Bob with Highlights. What goes well with a long lob? Smooth, well-blended highlights!

47. Wavy Brunette Lob. Keep your dark hair but add highlights for a different take on a layered lob.

48. Beach Waves Lob. Apart from adding extra volume and movement to your long bob cut, beach waves introduce an irresistibly romantic allure to your lob. You don’t have to curl your hair perfectly, in fact leaving some locks undone yields a more flawless and effortlessly gorgeous wavy lob.

49. Layered Curly Lob. For those with naturally curly hair, more layers in your lob mean more sway. To create a more relaxed, lived-in look, part your hair down the middle to balance your curly hair, especially if your mane is thick. Blonde highlights do wonders here, as usual.

50. Textured Lob. Spray a mist of texturizer on your hair to give it a textured feel. This will be of much benefit to you if you have fine or thin hair, as a textured lob appears fuller and thicker. Work a curling tool through your lob to give it more movement.

Whether the look you’re going for is flirty and playful for a night out on the town or professional and mature to wear at work, there is certainly no shortage of trendy long bob styles to choose from.

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