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50 Long Shag Haircuts for All Hair Types and Face Shapes

50. Polished on the Top, Choppy on the Bottom. Having a totally sleek crown and all the choppiness concentrated towards the ends, this style proves how versatile long shaggy cuts can be.

A long shag haircut is perfect for women who want to give their hair texture and volume, and the pictures above prove it. The best part about it is low-maintenance with minimum styling needs. It is suitable for all hair types and lengths. Get yours ASAP!

When you think about a long shag haircut, you remember all those 80’ hairstyles, right? No need to refer to them anymore! We present you an updated style with choppy layers that will make you want one today.

These shag haircuts focus on layered hair with volume. Check out the pictures below!

1. Rebel Shag. With this long shaggy hair, you’ll look like a rock icon! Adding some auburn highlights also makes a huge difference.

2. Shag with Long Bangs. A gorgeous bohemian look with layers for redheads.

3. Sombre Shag with No Bangs. Dimension and texture are the key points of this gorgeous hairstyle.

4. Wavy Shag. Not only will a shaggy haircut give your hair loads of volume, but some lovely texture too. If you have slightly wavy hair, go for this cut without a second thought.

5. Long Shag with Curtain Bangs. A layered shag and curtain bangs seem to be designed to complement each other! Together they have the power to create a very rock’n’roll look while keeping your femininity on point.

6. Long Wispy Shag. A funky layered hairstyle can be refreshed by a new unnatural color. Lavender and pastel pink are the most feminine choices.

7. Frizzy Shag. Love natural-looking hairstyles? A downdo like this will make you look very feminine and modern.

8. Chocolate Brown Shag Cut. This razored haircut is very easy to style because all you have to do is to mess your hair a little bit, and you are good to go.

9. Long Layered Shag for Thin Hair. If you want to go for an all-natural hippie look, try this 70s shag style. It’s so soft and gentle that you might not even notice the choppy layers at first glance!

10. Mauve Shag. You don’t need to keep it simple? If you have nice, piece-y layers, highlight them with a unique color like this muted mauve, for instance.

11. Shag with Waves and Bangs. Creating movement and retaining length is your hair goal for this year.

12. Brightening Highlights and Choppy Ends. Looks just like a shampoo commercial, doesn’t it? Auburn and blonde highlights emphasize the shaggy haircut.

13. Sexy Modern Shag. Waves and highlights go pretty well together. Give them a nice shape with a layered haircut.

14. Soft and Long Shag on Hazelnut Hair. This style features heavily sliced ends and a set of short layers around the face, but its crown is not overly choppy for a softer look.

Long Shag with Choppy Layers
By Hiro

15. Choppy Layers and Jagged Bangs. Frankly speaking, a long shag with bangs is no news. However, add messy waves and piece-y bangs, and you’re ready to make a creative statement.

16. Fun Fringe and Subtle Balayage. Such an incredible mix! Bangs and long shaggy layers will brilliantly frame your face.

17. Brunette Shag with Piece-y Layers. Long shag haircuts for women with dark hair work best with contrasting highlights. Emphasize your bold nature with disconnected layering.

18. Long Shag Haircut with Bangs and Feathered Ends. This cut adds dense curtain bangs to the pack and removes weight from the bottom leaving the girl with a pretty wild yet airy shag.

19. Long Strawberry Blonde Shag Cut. If you’re a lucky owner of red locks and blue eyes, why not enhance your fiery beauty with a shag haircut for long hair? We’re getting strong modern Merida from “Brave” vibes!

20. Wispy Face-Framing Layers. Some ladies shy away from messy jagged cuts. If layers of your hairstyle are wispy, a smooth color transition is a perfect fit for this popular cut. An epic hairstyle, indeed!

21. Casual Shag Hairstyle. Who says that shaggy style must look rebellious? Here is a variation that is all about elegance and light waves.

22. Long Length Feathered Cut. Combine a balayage with a two-tier layered haircut, and you’ll get an eye-catching look. Sweep your bangs on both sides and get ready to shine like a movie star.

23. Long Layered Shag with Razor-Cut Finish. While every shag equals lots of texture, this style exceeds all expectations with the choppiness from the bangs to the bottom made by both layering and razor cutting.

24. Shaggy Bangs Long Hair Transformation. If you want to change your style radically without dyeing your hair, getting bangs and shaggy layers is what you need!

25. Long Shag with Bangs. While short and shoulder-length shaggy styles are more common, the hairdo looks gorgeous on long hair as well. Bright long hair is especially daring and sexy with an uncombed look!

26. Shag for Long Hair. Boost your confidence with a mesmerizing layered haircut!

27. Minimum-Effort Long Shag Haircut. Are you tired of styling long hair but would like to keep the length? The shag style is your savior! What might have come off as messy in the older days is effortless and trendy today!

28. Fun Blonde Cut with a Shaggy Wispy Fringe. Here is another version of the bangs you can attach to your new shag: it’s a layered see-through fringe with sticking-out ends that creates a cool contrast to the waves on the bottom.

Long Cut with Shaggy Waves and Bangs
By Yuki

29. Shaggy Layers for Thick Hair. Long shag hairstyles with bangs are the coolest shags! Check how these see-through bangs bring lightness and shift the focus to the eyes! This cut is ideal for those with thick hair and natural waves.

30. Beachy Long Shag Haircut. It’s a cute shag that swaps bangs for face-framing layers enhanced with golden blonde highlights. Not only does it look sun-kissed and effortless but it also requires little styling — what else would you need for a stylish season?

31. Cool Shaggy Layered Long Hair. This hairstyle is about embracing your natural hair color and adding a bit of twist to it. One of its many advantages is that it is extremely low-maintenance, requiring only a bit of a trim every few months.

32. Layered Shag. Here’s a good example of how to give your hair more texture and volume with a layered haircut. Also, the highlights play an important role as they emphasize your strands.

33. Curly Long Shag Haircut with Micro Bangs. Shags go well with all kinds of curls, but this style takes it a step further and plays with both curly and wavy textures, long bottom pieces, and super short bangs.

34. Beach Waves for Choppy Long Hair. This long cut is a game-changer for the ladies who have been struggling to tame unruly hair. All you need is a saltwater spray, and summer vibes all year long are guaranteed!

35. Long Shaggy Hairstyle over 50. The versatility of shaggy hairstyles knows no limits. Whichever hair type, face shape, or age category you are in, there is a variation for you.

36. Long Wavy Shag. A shaggy haircut styled in light waves is a trend nowadays. It’s a lucky shot for the owners of slightly curly hair, but the rest will have to put effort. Fortunately, a bit is enough: to make shaggy hair look like a hot mess, add loose waves to just a few strands.

37. Long Layered Shag with Straight Bangs. Women who like to play on contrasts in their style will love this texture game. The thick, straight bangs accentuate the lovely light waves for a cute casual look.

38. Wavy Shag for Thick Hair. Why do hair experts recommend long shaggy hairstyles for thick hair? Because a shag can remove bulk and shape your hair beautifully while releasing waves through thinned-out ends.

39. Long Hair Shag with Textured Ends. Girls with fine tresses whose long hair may seem limp without proper styling can enjoy better volume with some weight chopped off and get more texture with feathered ends.

40. Classic Wavy Shag Hairstyle. Whether you prefer shoulder-length hair or decide to go with a long shag, this is a winning solution. Subtle waves and copper highlights will give you a romantic look with an edge.

41. 70s Shag Haircut with Curtain Bangs. This girl could be a rock ‘n’ roll star of the past but she still looks modern with her hair full of disruption, since retro styles and long shag haircuts in particular are all the rage in 2023.

42. Gray Long Shag Hairstyles. Combining the hottest trends is an art of its own that sometimes gives birth to such gems as this gorgeous hairstyle. Notice how the waves, volume, and a stunning silver hue blend into an ultra-modern elegant look!

43. Two-Tier Long Shag Cut. This cut creates volume around the crown and cheekbones to balance the elongated face and then proceeds to build texture and dimension towards the ends.

44. Choppy Layers on Long Hair. Although modern long shag hairstyles often come with a smoother finish, nothing can convey the rebellious spirit of the cut better than a host of short razor-cut layers.

45. Tamed Shaggy Hair in Chocolate Brown. Speaking about softer looks — this lovely style with soft wispy bangs and face-hugging pieces boasts plenty of texture and dimension yet stays gentle.

46. Bohemian Long Hair with Highlights. This effortless style has caramel highlights to nicely accentuate the piece-y texture on the bottom and some flickers of a darker balayage near the face and crown just to add depth to the dark brown.

Long Brown Shag with Highlights and Lowlights
By Yuki

47. Blonde Highlights for a Shaggy Cut. Choppy ends make your hair look like you’ve just air dried it.

48. Honey Blonde Shag with Center-Parted Fringe. Although we couldn’t miss the layers full of movement, the sharply defined curtain bangs take the lead drawing attention to the eyes and emphasizing the cheekbones.

49. Choppy Blonde. Give your hair a new twist with a fabulous balayage and sliced layers. It will make you feel younger but also very stylish.

50. Polished on the Top, Choppy on the Bottom. Having a totally sleek crown and all the choppiness concentrated towards the ends, this style proves how versatile long shaggy cuts can be.

A long shag haircut is perfect for women who want to give their hair texture and volume, and the pictures above prove it. The best part about it is low-maintenance with minimum styling needs. It is suitable for all hair types and lengths. Get yours ASAP!

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