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50 Cute and Feminine Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Ema Globyte

There are tons of ideas for short curly hair of any type/curl pattern. Even if they are a little coarse or unruly, there is a way for every type of curl to look amazing at all times. All you need is some inspiration and the magical hands of a professional stylist!

Explore these 50 cute ideas and find a perfect hairstyle for your short curly hair in 2024!

1. Short Curly Hair for Black Women. Playing with trendy colors and the wet texturizing effect is a must-try if you’re after a creative hair experiment.

There are tons of ideas for short curly hair of any type/curl pattern. Even if they are a little coarse or unruly, there is a way for every type of curl to look amazing at all times. All you need is some inspiration and the magical hands of a professional stylist!

Explore these 50 cute ideas and find a perfect hairstyle for your short curly hair in 2024!

1. Short Curly Hair for Black Women. Playing with trendy colors and the wet texturizing effect is a must-try if you’re after a creative hair experiment.

2. Super Short Curly Hair Cut. A cute yet edgy hairdo to show off the flawless shape, contrast of textures, and your beautiful bone structure.

3. Curly Hair with a Nape Undercut. A very modern and exciting take for short curly-haired women. Definitely a way to a statement-making ‘do for warmer days.

4. Shaggy Hairstyle for Short Curly Hair. A great style that effortlessly lets you volumize the top of your hair while also complimenting your long neck!

5. Bob with Bangs. If you’re searching for cute short curly hairstyles, look no further. Scrunch your fringe to show off your facial features and have fun with your bouncy curls in this adorable hairdo!

6. Medium Short White Curly Hair. As well as grays, white hair is actually very much in style. Play with the tones and sizes of your curls for extra volume!

7. Short Hair Cut for Gray Hair. Grays don’t have to be boring: with the right styling of your curls, the best shades of your beautiful gray hair will show themselves off.

8. Short Curly Bixie Haircut. If your natural long curly hair is becoming a ‘pain in the neck’, consider trimming it down to a short curly hairstyle like this one. Wondering how it would look? As gorgeous as ever! Don’t chop your hair at home, let your stylist help with that.

9. Messy Short Curly Hair. Beautiful short curly wavy hair will help you show your lively soul and make you look stunning and full of energy. Messy hair that looks careless and gorgeous – you will definitely be satisfied!

10. Very Short Curly Hairstyle. If you are fond of extra short curly hairstyles, try this one – it will look splendid with any look you choose whether you are going to the office, a cozy family picnic, or on a date. It is also a great choice for thick curly hair.

11. Cropped Fluffy Curls with Bangs. Choose any style of bangs you like – they can be short or long, thick or thin, covering your forehead or swept to the side – experiment and find the look that will deliver confidence and a perfect mood for the day.

12. Curly Undercut Pixie. Are the available short haircuts for curly hair not short enough for you? With both sides and back faded, this style will bring everyone’s attention to your curls. Feel fresh and look sharp with this cool and chic cut.

13. Red Curly Flames. Short fiery red hair may bring a classy retro vibe to your look or, on the contrary, make your appearance modern and edgy. Depending on the occasion, it can be a cute hairstyle or a bold and quirky look.

14. Curls with Cropped Bangs. This is one of the trendy hairstyles for short curly hair that will bring you French charm – elegant, classy, and, by all means, captivating. Your short natural curly hair will never go out of fashion.

15. Soft Curls with Bangs. Highlight the beauty of your eyes with stunning short haircuts for curly hair. Such hairdos frame your face showing its graceful features and highlighting the cheekbones in a flattering way.

16. Thin Short Curly Hair. Short curly hair is relatively no-fuss and easy to style. The curls, whether thick spirals or tiny ringlets hold well, and won’t look limp compared to long curly hair. Such haircuts are great for curly hair women who like to show off their earrings.

17. Auburn Bob with Large Curls. Bobs are everybody’s favorites among short curly hairstyles, but it’s crucial to make the cut work with your features like this adorable auburn crop that flatters the warm complexion.

18. Curly Pixie Bob Spiced Up with Salt and Pepper. This cute style borrows the shorter sides and back from the pixie cut but keeps the whole length a bit longer and spices it up with gray blending to create a youthful and low-maintenance look.

19. Short Curly Undercut Haircut. Combining short naturally curly hair on top and straight hair in the back creates an unusual effect. This unique hairstyle is universal and will look great with any outfit you wear.

20. Breezy Above-the-Shoulders Curls. Short curly hair can boast an artistic look. Scrunch your wet locks with a bit of product and enjoy those effortless beach curls. Big curls will highlight your facial features, especially the eyes.

21. Short Undercut Curls. Layered short curly haircuts reveal your ears, allowing you to show off your earrings and make your pretty face shape visible. This is a great hairstyle for all occasions. It will help you to gain confidence and look fabulous in every situation.

22. Curly Stacked ‘Bixie’. Hairstyles for short curly hair that can take off the weight and make you feel breezy are so appealing. Check this layered bob pixie cut that can flatter any face shape and hair texture without letting go of your hair’s volume!

23. Asymmetric Short Curly Hair. The deep side part and longer ringlets on one side change the whole feel of this layered bob immediately, giving it extra lift and bounce around the crown and building a softer frame for the face.

24. Parisian Chin-Length Bob with a Wave. Cropped to the sassy chin level and cut with a blunt horizontal line, this ever-trendy style works great to show off the beauty of natural curls against the strong triangle silhouette.

25. Short Black Curly Pixie. There are many ways to style short curly hair. A curly messy pixie is one of them. A layered pixie shorter in the back and longer in the front is a cute trendy curly hairstyle worth trying this season.

26. Messy Curly Bob with Bangs. Keep your short curly hair messy and feel glamorous with this hairstyle! Choose the most comfortable length of your haircut. All you need is some mouse or cream to make your curls tamed and runway-ready!

27. Wispy Curls in Layered Bob. We all love layers in short haircuts for curly hair because of the structure they help to build for different curl types, including airy bends like these.

28. Edgy Short Undercut Curly Hair. In love with cute and edgy styles? No problem. An undercut will add tons of spunky vibes to your pixie. A short length curly hairstyle like this one is edgy and very feminine.

29. Trendy Pixie for Merlot Red Curls. This daring girl rocks her ringlets colored in a vibrant red shade and packed in a playful pixie with the curls cascading down one side to emphasize the cheekbones.

30. Short Curly Hair Transformation. Do you also see that short hairstyles are flattering for thick curly hair? These before and after pics are good proof that you can even revive flat curls and make them spring back to life by cutting your hair short.

31. Rezo Cut Curls with a Detail. The Rezo cut technique allows for creating voluminous short cuts for natural curly hair with an even length around the perimeter and well-defined locks, which can be tucked behind the ear to reveal a coquettish strand on a temple.

32. Bedhead Short Curly Hairstyles. Styling short curly hair is much easier than taking care of long curly tresses. Keep your short curls textured for more bounce and properly moisturized to keep frizz away. Try not to overload your curly hair with styling products. These are all the secrets. Almost.

33. Messy Brown Bob with Highlights. Here is a nice tip on how to maximize the volume of your waves by getting a shaggy bob with stacked body-adding layers in the back and combining them with messy styling.

34. Cherry Red Frohawk. If you are looking for short curly haircuts that can make a bold statement, this tapered cut with the longer top ringlets colored deep red and shaped to mimic a mohawk is your best choice.

35. Inverted Bob with Caramel Brown Curls. This cut starts with short layers in the back to lift the crown and then gradually gets longer toward the front to lend it stunning fullness.

36. Natural Frizzy Curly Haircut. A tapered pixie gives your curls some space to move and grow while helping your cheekier side come out to play!

37. Shaggy Short Bob. A lot of short haircuts for curly hair tend to be paired with bangs. The idea we totally agree with. Bangs hairstyles are so cool. A short curly shag has all the goodies of short curly hairstyles, including low maintenance.

38. Boyish Shaggy Crop Full of Bends. The razor-cutting technique used in this androgynous style removes weight to enhance the wave pattern and creates a choppy finish to release tons of texture for a totally effortless look.

39. Voluminous Pixie with Side-Swept Curls. This longer version of the pixie cut will make you fall in love with short hairstyles for curly hair with asymmetric sides since they let you bring in better bounce and volume where you need it.

40. Short Curly Pixie. If you want to go funky, try this edgy undercut hairstyle for short curly hair. Pimp up your short haircut with an undercut for a truly sophisticated look. A perfect style for thin curly hair too.

41. A Head Full of Thick Curls. This length is short enough not to bother you, but it shows off your beautiful curl pattern and provides a flattering shape.

42. Stacked Bob with Highlighted Curls. This dimensional cut incorporates layers that help the curls stack up and form a triangular silhouette setting off the curves and providing support for the volume.

43. Short Tousled Curly Hairstyle. A tapered pixie with messy curls looks captivating on short curly hair. Your stylist can make a neat short back and leave the front longer to show off your beautiful curl pattern. A side part fits most face shapes.

44. Short Sides Long Curly Top. Get an undercut and leave a longer length at the top of your head full of curls. If you are not afraid to experiment with color, you may get an even more gorgeous result!

45. Reddish Blonde Short Curls. Short curly hairstyles may look bouncier and healthier, as it is easier to take care of them and provide that healthy look. Non-banal colors and highlights lend even more depth and fun to short length curly hairstyles. This tumble of warm blonde curls with a soft radiant glow is nothing short of alluring.

46. Very Short Hair with an Undercut. There are so many options to style curly hair, why not experiment with a neat undercut?

47. Fun Dirty Blonde Shag. If you are not exactly mad about clean geometric shapes in curly haircuts, we are glad to offer this pretty rounded shag with springy eye-grazing bangs accentuated by lowlights.

48. Short Curly Hair for Women over 60. Cut your curly hair short and let nature take it up from there. The feel of icy bouncy curls is electrifying. A cute and amazing curly hairstyle for older women who love fashionable looks.

49. Rusty Red Curly Cut. Let out your fierceness with a statement-making cut and a color that will speak for you.

50. Curl-Centric Pixie Cut. This elegant pixie leaves enough length to accommodate gorgeous big curls and give them an accurate shape while retaining volume.

Regardless of the type of your curls, there are hundreds of haircuts for you to choose from. We hope that these 50 hairstyles for short curly hair have given you an idea of what to show to your stylist on your next visit!