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50 Short Shag Hairstyles That Will Stun You

Short shag haircuts are perfectly suited to women who are young in spirit. Shaggy haircuts are created by razoring, resulting in lots of texture and a messy layered look. This hairstyle can be paired with a bold, statement color for a stand-out vibe or with soft, feminine hues to generate a balanced, laid-back look. You choose!

With all the different ways to adopt this layered style, there’s sure to be a cut for everyone. Find yours below!

1. Modern Short Shaggy Mullet. The hairdo displayed below is a great illustration of the bedhead done right. This mullet-style shag is boyish and bold.

Short, messy cuts are great for all hair types, but can definitely accentuate the wispiness of thinner hair. These punk-rock, yet feminine styles are sure to wow. Keep reading for fifty great examples of shaggy, wispy cuts.

Short shag haircuts are perfectly suited to women who are young in spirit. Shaggy haircuts are created by razoring, resulting in lots of texture and a messy layered look. This hairstyle can be paired with a bold, statement color for a stand-out vibe or with soft, feminine hues to generate a balanced, laid-back look. You choose!

With all the different ways to adopt this layered style, there’s sure to be a cut for everyone. Find yours below!

1. Modern Short Shaggy Mullet. The hairdo displayed below is a great illustration of the bedhead done right. This mullet-style shag is boyish and bold.

2. Short Blonde Shag. Wavy styling matches perfectly with the unkempt nature of the shaggy bob. The cut displayed here is inverted and tousled into a complete mess!

3. Simple Short Shaggy Haircut. A short shag hairstyle isn’t only about spiky and shaggy layers. You can keep your short shag as edgy or as laid-back as you would prefer. This one is just simple and cool.

4. Shaggy Two-Tone Mullet. What can be better than a shaggy pixie? A two-tone pixie mullet! This stunning hairdo built on contrasts will be a head-turner whenever you walk out of your home.

5. Copper Shag with Babylights. If you have natural light brown or dark blonde hair color, why not try soft copper hues? The transition to the new color will be easy! Besides, a shag haircut is a perfect match for it.

6. Short Shag with Wispy Layers. It is always the right season for short shaggy wispy haircuts. This one, for instance, adds a light romantic vibe to your look, reminding of the fresh breeze and sun, no matter the weather!

7. Silver Blonde Shaggy Bob. A shag cut looks irresistible on blonde hair, and the frosted blonde is the perfect icing on the cake! Shaggy layers will add texture and volume to your hairdo.

8. Chin-Length Shaggy Cut. Short shag haircuts have the potential to be full of texture and dimension. Adding some shine-boosting highlights can further enhance this feature.

9. Bright Shaggy Mullet. One of the most unusual edgy short shaggy cuts is a mullet in a bright color. The sweetness of the pink color is balanced by the bold cut.

10. Shaggy Bob Haircut with Bangs. If you want to combine a tomboy look with a girly style, try this hairdo. This messy cut with shaggy layers gives out your rebellious nature, while the bangs soften facial features.

11. Edgy Short Mullet Shag. This edgy gray pixie cut with longer hair in the back is something you would see in anime or on the runway. It may look surreal, but you don’t have to cross it out of your wish list – you can totally pull it off!

12. Honey-Tinted Bixie with a Wave. Here is one of the short shag haircuts that combine the interior layers of a pixie with the length of a bob to produce a highly textured style tailored to the wavy hair type.

13. Shag for a Round Face. The arched bangs, piece-y layers, and light waves create a hairstyle that complements the round face shape like no other! Such short shag hairstyles can flatteringly elongate and frame your face.

14. Chin-Length Shag with Curtain Bangs. This universal style deserves the title of the top short shag haircut 2024. It suits any face shape and hair color, so you risk nothing when getting it!

15. Shaggy Bob with Bangs. There is so much going on in this bob cut: cropped bangs, bright highlights, elongated front pieces, and shaggy layers. It may be difficult to perform, but the result is very well worth it!

16. Short Shag for Thin Hair. Short shaggy haircuts for fine hair add confidence because they make your hair look fuller. Go for sure-stunners, such as this one! Feathered layers will bring the much-needed texture and volume.

17. Spiky Textured Pixie. Short shag haircuts can inspire you to wear your gorgeous hair like a crown. Here’s a bright hairstyle worth of a fairy queen!

18. Romantic Wind-Swept Shag. This elongated mullet will make you look like the leading actress of a romantic musical. Combine it with unusual shades, such as coral, pearl, or auburn, for an even more stunning effect.

19. Funky Short Gray Shag. Fantastic short shag haircuts like this one make words like bold, daring, and sassy flood your mind. Her shocking bleached hair is reminiscent of the funky hairstyles from the 70’s.

20. Tousled Short Shag with Bangs. You may find this hairdo on a list of short shaggy hairstyles for ladies over 50 but, trust us, you can rock it at any age! Add wispy bangs for face-framing.

21. Short Razored Shag with Highlights. There is absolutely no way to resist your charm with this shaggy bob haircut. Ask your stylist for a razored crop to release your quirky side.

22. Side-Parted Brunette Short Shag. This cut retains the blunt line of a bob on the bottom but adds a good deal of layers throughout the back to volumize the crown and complement it with a lift in the front.

23. Shaggy Crop with Choppy Bangs. You have definitely seen this haircut in French movies. No wonder, as it is flattering for most face shapes and hair colors! Besides, it will help you embrace your natural wavy hair texture.

24. Lilac Inverted Shaggy Bob. Short shag haircuts for women have so many variations! This one, for instance, proves that experiments with hair dyes can be a good idea, especially when combined with uneven feathered layers and choppy bangs.

25. Edgy Shullet with Micro Bangs. Meet the new addition to hybrid short shaggy haircuts — cool-girl’s shullet that offers a less dramatic difference between the front and back lengths compared to the ’80s mullet and fills the style with shaggy layers.

26. Short Shag Cut with Cheekbone-Skimming Bangs. With the fringe stepping down from the bridge of the nose to the cheekbones, this airy style sits on the lob’s length, but its shape is totally transformed by a series of feathered layers.

27. Short Midnight Black Wolf Cut. Another crossover from our collection of short shag haircuts for women, this trendy bi-level style enhances volume and texture at the top with short layers yet leaves some longer bits in the back to cover the neck.

28. Blonde Short Shag with Bangs. This golden blonde version of a bixie proves that the cut works on both wavy and straight hair types, especially when the choppiness is further elevated with a piece-y fringe.

29. Grown-Out Platinum Blonde Pixie. Well, you don’t actually need to avoid short shag hairstyles if you want a more put-together look like this long pixie. It’s both feminine and sassy, but not over the top.

30. Short Laid-Back Shag Haircut. For women who are tired of spotting their current look and desire a change, a shaggy bob can do magic. A soft shag with less spiky edges will refresh your appearance and the change won’t appear drastic.

31. Layered Shaggy Bob with Blunt Bangs. Girls with face shapes that can pull off a straight-across fringe, such as heart-shaped faces, can add drama to their look by setting the blunt finish in the front against the sliced-out ends around the perimeter.

32. Spiky Mullet with Seamless Highlights. Here is a great example of short shag haircuts for older women since this mullet feels ultimately modern and lived-in while giving the hair depth, movement, and texture.

33. Ash Blonde Pixie Shag. Apart from the stunning shade of platinum blonde, this cut strikes the eye with the perfect balance between the clean shape and the choppy finish accentuated by the longer snips around the face.

34. Short Curly Hair Shag. There is something really fascinating about short shag haircuts for women. They are versatile, sweet, and cute, and you can adapt them to suit your style. You can even curl up your shag to make your hair full and fabulous.

35. Wavy French Bob for Thick Hair. Despite all their debulking power, shag haircuts for women with thick manes can stick out if the layers are cut too high, which is not the case with this handsomely textured lip-length bob.

36. Rooty Blonde Shag for Fine Hair. This 70s-inspired shag is perfectly customized to finer strands, as it features shorter layers in the back to boost the crown, retains longer pieces on the sides for more body, and gets depth with shadow roots.

37. Retro Short Shag. Reminiscent of Hayley William’s rocker shag bob, this copper-toned hairstyle exudes boldness and an “I don’t give a damn” feel.

38. Airy Platinum Shag with Layered Bangs. This is another find for thin-haired ladies looking for edgy short shaggy cuts — it creates volume at the top with short pieces and throws plenty of layered strands forward to deliver fullness around the face.

39. Brunette Textured Shag. The density of the bottom layer in the haircut presented is maintained to preserve the thickness of the cut. The texturizing on the top layers produces the right amount of shagginess for a casual hairstyle.

40. Shaggy Pixie Haircut. A shaggy pixie cut is definitely a statement hairstyle. The type of hair that goes well with a remarkable personality. Give ’em something to remember you for – a shaggy pixie is just the right thing.

41. Messy Beige Blonde Shag. Here is a bit shorter and messier iteration of Miley Cyrus’ shaggy mullet that has breathed new life into the ’80s haircut and made it extremely popular.

42. Shaggy Bob Haircut. A shaggy bob will always remain a popular hairstyle of any decade, looking amazing on both young and not so young ladies. The youthful vibes of a shag make it a favorite hairstyle for most women. The haircut adds an airy feel that volumizes your hair.

43. Short Shag Haircut with Bangs. The short shag with curtain bangs is a stunner. The crisp bangs and side pieces framing your face ooze a really sultry vibe. Highlight your hair with a fitting blonde shade for extra glitz.

44. Shattered Blonde Bob with Bottleneck Bangs. Proving the diversity of shaggy bob haircuts, this bright blonde cut spotlights the eyes with the cute graduated bangs and maximizes the feathery feel by styling the side pieces out from the face.

45. French Mullet Shag. Brunettes can try to copy this short shag hairstyle for a charming French belle look. Cute baby bangs with long side pieces add fascinating Parisian vibes to shag haircuts.

46. Long Shaggy Pixie. If you are not ready for a drastic chop but want to dip your toes in the pixie waters, a longer version of the cut will give you the desired lightness and texture accompanied by an easy transition to a layered bob or a mullet.

47. Short Shaggy Hairstyles over 50. We love two things about this layered short shag; firstly, the cool messy finish of the locks, and secondly, how this face-framing fringe narrowed down her face to give her a youthful look. This hairstyle is really flattering on older women.

48. Choppy Razor-Cut Bob. This brunette style couples multiple layers with lavishly feathered ends, which is just the thing for thick manes to remove excessive weight and gain texture and airiness.

49. Modern Pageboy Shag. Like many other styles in our collection, this shag takes inspiration from the haircuts popular in the 80s, but the wispy finish and tousled styling make it more effortless and fashion-forward.

50. Short Pastel Pink Shag. Bring out edgy and sexy vibes. To inject more individuality into your short shag, cut your hair choppy and a little longer at the crown. Finish off with pastel highlights for an intriguing, sassy look.

With all the variety of hairstyles available, it can be hard to find the right women’s cuts – simple and flattering yet with a customized touch. We’ve tried to do the down-and-dirty hard work for you by scouring Instagram for the most distinctive cuts and styles that you can take with you to the salon today. Don’t forget to share some of your favorite short shag haircuts with your friends!

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