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50 Gorgeous A-Line Bob Haircuts to Beat Hair Boredom

Looking for a style that is classic and trendy at the same time? The A-line bob is a modern twist on the traditional bob. It is more fashionable and chic, feminine and non-banal. Moreover, it looks fantastic in photos!

First of all, let`s define what the A-line bob is. It is a bob that is shorter in the back and longer in the front, and this length graduation may be subtle or drastic, it depends only on the style you and your stylist choose.

Here is a list of beautiful A-line bob haircuts we`ve found recently:

1. A-Line Bob with Shaggy Ends

An A-line bob haircut with highlights is a great way to get into the shorter side because you can have the length you want in the front and shorter hair in the back. Here’s a perfect shaggy A-line style, dressed up with subtle highlighted pieces for a more refined, dimensional look.

2. Sleek A-Line Cut

The A-line blunt bob with a slight graduation is super chic and trendy. Wearing it straight will show off the blunt line better and draw attention to your collarbone.

3. A-Line Shaggy Bob

How beautiful are these curls? They don’t have to be perfect to be gorgeous – curl pieces in different directions for a shaggy style.

4. Long A-Line Bob with Fringe

A longer bob is a nice option if you want a flowy style with a length that can be pulled back into a quick updo when necessary.

5. Stacked A-Line Bob Cut

Yes, you can have stacked layers with an A-line cut. Ladies with thicker hair will love this style because they can get keep their thick locks bouncy and healthy.

6. A-Line Bob with Dark Roots

We love how perfectly this color is blended into this angled cut. Try styling it straight or curly to get extra height and volume.

7. A-Line Bob for Fine and Thin Hair Types

An A-line bob for fine thin hair is finally here. Make it uneven and slightly messy. You can add lighter color to the ends to give the illusion of thicker locks.

8. Sleek One Length A-Line Bob

To keep hair sleek, straight, and without frizz, spray an anti-frizz heat protectant before styling and a bit after to keep hair in place.

9. Long A-Line Bob

Calling all thin haired ladies, a longer layered cut can help bring life and texture back into your hair. Unexpectedly? Yeap!

10. Inverted A-Line Bob

Shorter layers in the back will help add height and volume into your bob with longer pieces in the front. And these curls!

11. Severe A-Line Bob

Having a dramatic longer section in the front is chic and edgy at the same time. Perfect for brunettes!

12. Shoulder Length A-Line Bob

If you have had long hair for a long time, chopping it to your neck can be a scary thing – try getting a shoulder length cut instead to test out the style.

13. Stacked A-Line Bob

You can combine both types of bobs in this style if you want the shorter layers in the back to get that extra height.

14. Steeply Angled A-Line Lob

The longer the bob, the more chic it is. Style this cut poker straight or wavy to elevate your style.

15. Curly A-Line Bob

Textured curls with tons of volume are super trendy and chic. To get that extra height, spray some dry shampoo after styling.

16. Rounded A-Line Bob

We love how slight the angle is in this cut because it adds a hint of sassiness.

17. Wavy A-Line Bob

To get beachy waves, wrap your hair around a curling iron for about 5 seconds and finger comb your hair after. You can also use a wavy mousse to get the perfect wave.

A-Line Bob with Beachy Waves
By Alex

18. Chic Extremely Long A-Line Bob

We admire the dramatic style for its straight and flowy texture and steeply angled shape – to keep hair shiny try applying a hair oil after styling!

19. Messy A-Line Bob with Shadow Roots

With shorter layers, you can have a voluminous style without the unwanted length!

20. A-Line Bob with Bangs

Front bangs turn on your bob and give a chic, edgy vibe to your style.

21. Beachy A-Line Bob

A choppy cut can bring an instant beachy vibe perfect for the warmer weather. Spray dry shampoo after styling to get that extra messy look.

22. A-Line Bob Haircut with Ombre

Having highlights on the lower part of your bob cut will draw attention to your cheekbones and make the hair look thicker.

23. Wavy Bronde Balayage Bob

To get these big waves, use a bigger curling iron and hold your hair around the barrel for about 15 seconds.

24. Shaggy Short A-Line Bob

We love this shorter bob cut that has darker roots and blonde ends.

25. Black Bob

Here’s a style great for ladies with thick hair. An A-line bob for thick hair should have long layers in the front to help bring dynamics back into your thick locks.

26. Razored A-Line Bob

The razored cut is edgy and chic, and it’s super easy to maintain.

27. Sharp A-Line Bob

Look how sharp and eye-catching that angle is! We are obsessed with the color and cut of this style.

28. Chocolate Bob

Having subtle highlights gives a vibe of edgy, biker chic when you have dark hair.

29. Curly Blonde Bob

We can’t get enough of these perfect curls! Try curling pieces of your hair in different directions to get a messy, beachy look.

30. Volumizing Bob

Look at that amazing height and texture! Shorter layers in the back of your hair will help you get the height you want.

31. Inverted Black Bob

We love a classic A-line bob that is solid and clean!

32. Brown A-Line Bob

Straighten your hair to get a sleek style that screams chic.

33. Choppy A-Line Bob

A choppy look adds life and texture to your style – if you need a change, try a choppy cut.

34. Ashy Long A-Line Bob

A longer bob is always trendy and can work for any face shape and hair type.

35. Curled Under Bob

Welcome back the old curled under trend! It looks so cool with the classic subtly highlighted bob.

36. Choppy Cut with Bangs

The shorter the bangs, the edgier the vibe.

37. Stremlined A-Line Bob

We love how the angled cut makes your hair look razor sharp and picturesque.

Sharp Angled A-line Bob
By Ivan

38. Chic Curls

Style your angled bob with a midshaft bend and tousle for the perfectly imperfect touch.

Perfectly Imperfect Angled Bob
By Erin

39. Bob with Face-Framing Highlights

Add a subtle yet fun twist to your bob highlighting only the tips of the longest face-framing pieces.

40. Sleek Black Rounded Bob

This version of the A-line bob haircut strikes with its accurate shape and dynamic silhouette.

41. A-Line Bob Haircut with Balayage Highlights

Enhance the depth and dimension of your bob with shiny balayage highlights.

42. A-Line Lob with Shaggy Ends

Shoulder length hair is super trendy with chic waves. Plus, if it grows into a length you don’t particularly like, you can always pull it back into an updo or chop it off!

43. A-Line Haircut with Choppy Layers

You can style this look curly or straight, and it will work on all hair types. The choppy layers help with texture and dimension!

44. Uneven Chocolate Bob

An uneven finish for the ends will take you away from the good girl look.

45. Blonde Stacked A-Line Bob

Do a side part for major volume with this style. Blow it out or straighten it lightly to keep the sleekness.

46. Wispy Razored A-Line Cut

We love how the shorter layers add height and body to this cut. After blowing it out or straightening, spray a dry shampoo or texture spray to get the height you want.

47. Classy A-Line Lob

A style for ladies with thin hair, the medium cut will help give the illusion of thicker locks.

48. Textured A-Line Bob

When you want to add dimension to your cut, add highlights and lowlights. Create effortless waves with a curling iron by wrapping your hair around it for about 10 seconds.

49. Medium A-Line Bob

An angled cut along with a perfect color blend is a match made in heaven. You will have all eyes on your gorgeous metallic blonde style!

50. Stacked A-Line Bob Cut

Look how much volume the stacked and shaggy layers give to this style. If you want to look careless, try this pretty bedhead bob!

Getting an A-line bob can change your style with just one chop. Choose the ideal length and the finish for the ends you want. During your next trip to the salon, ask for an A-line haircut and we hope you won’t regret it!

by Victoria Morales
Victoria is a freelance writer living in NYC. She loves writing about lifestyle and all things skincare. She's always open to meeting new people and sharing ideas. Follow her on
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