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50 Auburn Hair Color Ideas to Inspire Your Next Makeover

There are many gorgeous shades of auburn hair. Well, first off, there are plenty of tones you can play with. Secondly, auburn hair is a magic pill for those seeking to change their hair color and spice up their look, but keep things natural. Thirdly, it adds extra volume, looks outstanding and super stylish.

Please enjoy these fifty awesome auburn hair color ideas we love so much!

1. Auburn with Blonde Highlights. The color that makes your hair pop. Blonde highlights provide a 3D effect and some hard-to-resist jaw-dropping volume.

There are many gorgeous shades of auburn hair. Well, first off, there are plenty of tones you can play with. Secondly, auburn hair is a magic pill for those seeking to change their hair color and spice up their look, but keep things natural. Thirdly, it adds extra volume, looks outstanding and super stylish.

Please enjoy these fifty awesome auburn hair color ideas we love so much!

1. Auburn with Blonde Highlights. The color that makes your hair pop. Blonde highlights provide a 3D effect and some hard-to-resist jaw-dropping volume.

2. Highlighted Light Auburn Hair. This romantic hairstyle really helps the auburn shade stand out thanks to the highlighted strands. The best part? It’s universal for both warmer and cooler skin tones.

3. Rusty Auburn Hair Color. The best option when you are in doubt. By going for rusty balayage or ombre, you free yourself from choosing between the two colors, allowing these regal shades into your life.

4. Dark Hair with Auburn Balayage. Complete your rich dark auburn hair with orangey highlights for a totally mesmerizing effect. What you’ll get is a visually thicker auburn mane full of luminosity and vibrancy. Layers and waves will shoot the attractiveness straight up.

5. Blonde Streaks on Auburn Hair. Laced with copper and blonde hues, this medium auburn hair color serves as a beautiful backdrop for the high-contrast strips to pop up and usher in more depth and dynamics.

6. Auburn Hair with Copper Highlights. Natural tones of auburn always shine best with warm copper highlights. Go for lighter ends to get a more textured sultry feel.

7. Auburn Brown Hair. Play a little with your natural brown shades by highlighting them with bits of auburn that are just enough to freshen up your look.

8. Auburn Hair with a Touch of Cinnamon. Here is a soft take on auburn balayage, with just a bit lighter shades inserted into the brown strands to bring out a soft glow from the skin and the hair.

9. Auburn Highlights for Brown Hair. One of many ways to dress up your brown hair is with shiny auburn highlighted bits. It’s so soft and natural, no wonder the other name for this hairstyle is “hygge”.

Brown Auburn Balayage Hair
By Mary

10. Medium-Length Auburn Brown Hair. Most natural shades of auburn hair color lean more towards brown than red. Jazz up your auburn brown hair with any luminous shade of auburn hair dye such as orange or ginger with a sun-kissed finish.

11. Intense Auburn Red Hair Color. Something extra special to make your heart skip a beat! Vivid reds with lowlights are sure to boost your confidence with that seductively dangerous vibe.

12. Auburn Hair with Lowlights. What a gorgeous hairstyle – you won’t be able to stop checking yourself out in every mirror. Cooler tones of dark auburn, complemented by lighter copper pieces, are simply to die for.

13. Dark’n’Light Wavy Auburn Hair. Waves and auburn hair highlights are a match made in heaven. If your auburn tresses aren’t naturally wavy, curl them up creating beachy waves in your hair. Choose your highlights in a matching hue, preferably a warmer shade of auburn.

14. Shiny Auburn Highlights for Brunettes. This masterful color job spices up the brunette hair with a dab of red and adds some metallic sheen to the front through lavish coppery highlights.

15. Thick Dark Auburn Hair. The dark auburn has a distinct deep orange-red tinge with a warm undertone. Such highlights lend great vibrance to your hair. Use beachy waves to accentuate your auburn locks and make them even more gorgeous-looking.

16. Auburn Hair Contouring. Not only does this color scheme create a stunning contrast for the light skin and eyes to show up, but it also slims the face by placing lighter tones along the face.

17. Naturally Sun-Kissed Auburn Hair Color. This classic auburn is neither too dark nor too bright, which makes it feel natural, but it truly shines through perfectly blended lighter pieces that reflect light better.

18. Copper Meets Strawberry Blonde. While strawberry blonde is a fail-safe color for fair-skinned girls with pinkish undertones, it never hurts to jazz up the look by bringing in a more vibrant red.

19. Dark Auburn Hair with Pops of Copper. A rich auburn with a merlot tint is your ultimate hair goal if you want to gain depth, and a few splashes of copper at the ends will emphasize movement in your locks.

20. Volumizing Auburn Highlights. You have probably noticed that auburn highlights make one’s hair appear fuller and thicker. The contrast, dimension, and luster introduce a lively kick that makes it look as if you were born with naturally luxurious tresses.

21. Golden Farrah Fawcett’s Layers. Light auburn hairstyles offer a nice way to ease into reds, and this mix of ginger and golden blonde works fine with the girl’s pale skin and adds dimension to the feathery layers.

22. Money Pieces and Auburn Highlights. For a more natural feel, add light auburn highlights to your dark brown or ginger hair. If you want more radiance, choose a lighter shade of auburn highlights with money piece hair to balance out the lightness.

Auburn Highlights with Dark Brown Roots
By Alex

23. Glowing Red-Brown Face Framing. This jaw-dropping balayage sets the dark auburn hair on fire with only a few flashes of a bright orange-red, which warms up and spotlights the face exquisitely.

24. Glossy Medium Auburn Hair with Foilayage. This wavy lob is all about dynamics and dimension created with different-sized ginger highlights infused into the medium red-brown base.

25. Rich Copper Balayage. This slashing piece of balayage enriches the dark brown base with soft and warm red hues all around the perimeter and transforms them into vibrant copper toward the front.

26. Toned-Down Auburn Balayage with Strawberry Blonde Flair. This light auburn color scheme doesn’t spark but shimmers, boasting strawberry blonde pieces seamlessly blended into the quiet brown.

Auburn Brown and Strawberry Balayage Hair
By Mary

27. 3-Color Layered Auburn Highlights. The warm blonde highlights on auburn hair are alluring. Spruce up your auburn locks with the warmest shades of blonde. We’re totally in love with the dark roots, V-shaped layers, and the graded intensity of her highlights.

28. Brown Red Hair with Splashes of Gold. Here, a deep auburn color seamlessly melts into glossy golden shades to give the strands better light reflection and accentuate the choppy texture around the ends.

29. Auburn Hair Color for Medium Hair. You don’t have to go out of your way to have a gorgeous look with auburn hair. Adjust the warmer and cooler shades to your liking for a comforting tone of your own!

30. Vibrant Auburn Red Hair with Dimensional Highlights. Who can resist the oomph of deep red hair color, not to mention its comforting warmth? But if you want to elevate the look, insert somewhat lighter shades into the base color and enjoy their volumizing effect.

Deep Auburn Hair with Volumizing Highlights
By Alex

31. Peach-Toned Bronde Hair. This exceptional balayage happily succeeds in blending fancy orangy hues into a mix of earthy brown and ashy blonde, showing that warm and cool tones can come along really well.

32. Dark Auburn Brown Hair. You don’t have to go for insanely bright color combos to achieve a “wow” effect. Soft chocolate browns and red highlights can easily get you just that!

33. Bright Auburn Color. If you’re after a fierce multidimensional hairstyle, look no further. Bright reds, shades of copper, and orangey highlights will 100% give you a head-turning effect.

34. Fun Auburn Hair with Contrasting Strips. Whether you are a natural brunette or redhead, getting such a bold ribbon balayage is worth placing a set of distinct highlights and lowlights into your base color.

35. Bridal Inspiration for Auburn Hair Color. If you are already a proud wearer of lovely reds, try a messy low bun for this special occasion. Highlighted accents will shine as brightly as your happy smile.

36. Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights. Dark browns and auburn shades are a match made in heaven. Start your transformation from caramel or copper highlights to spruce up your overall look.

37. Spicy Auburn with Illuminating Face Framing. Although this girl underwent a whole blonde-to-red transformation, ladies with light brown tresses can arrive at the same look with a box of auburn hair dye and barely-there highlights near the face.

Blonde to Auburn Makeover
By Mick

38. Mahogany Auburn Hair with Metallic Sheen. Mahogany is a rich and expensive-looking shade, so adding some reflective mahogany tints to your custom blend of red and brown makes perfect sense.

39. Light Auburn Hair with Bright Money Pieces. You can get quite different effects by regulating the brightness of your face-framing highlights. Consider this nice example of a bit jazzed-up copper.

40. Dimensional Light Auburn. This effortless hairstyle brings together brown, copper, and golden tones to create a continuous flow of light and shade that lands dimension and feels totally natural.

41. Autumnal Chestnut Auburn Hair Color Combo. This effortless warm balayage shows that you don’t need to choose between your favorite fall colors since you can nail both deep chestnut brown and light auburn.

42. Spicy Red Auburn Hairstyle. The elegant rusty red with lowlights is an absolute hit amongst auburn color lovers. Definitely a style for a lady with a strong personality!

43. Reddish Brown Hair with Dramatic Money Piece. This money-piece hair reaches the heights of brightness around the forehead, and you can’t fail to notice how it immediately draws attention to the girl’s eyes.

44. Dark Auburn with Cherry Cola Flavor. This multi-tone auburn balayage feels extremely deep with a chocolate root smudge and a mix of red and copper throughout the length.

45. Shaggy Auburn Hair with Blonde Highlights. Here is another proof that you are not limited to golden blondes when playing with reds since this copper hue is perfectly adjusted to chime with a cooler light shade.

46. Tangerine Ribbons in Deep Auburn Hair. Every hazel-eyed girl should definitely try out this style. Chunky curls are complemented by brighter shades of red that add dimension and extreme volume to your hair.

47. Auburn Brown Hair with Copper Panels Around the Face. Here, what starts as a regular brown base turns into a lavish red hairstyle tailored to flatter the girl’s fair complexion with distinct auburn money pieces.

48. Dark Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights. When you don’t want to move too far from familiar browns, invite warm shades of auburn and caramel to the party. Mixed with your naturally dark hair, they promise a marvelous result.

49. Auburn Hair with Delicate Highlights. If you have fears of dark and vivid reds, thinking they can make you look washed out, opt for this medium copper version combined with low-contrast highlights.

50. Muted Auburn with Play of Shades. You don’t need a bright auburn hair dye for your hair to look saturated with reds since this color-on-color hairstyle manages to radiate both golden and mahogany vibes.

If you aren’t fully convinced you need to dye your hair auburn, we suggest you have another look at these pictures of absolutely stunning styles. Whether its caramel highlights, bright yellow ends or gorgeous fiery shades, auburn hair’s impossible to resist. Hopefully, one of the hairdos above has spoken to you, and a glorious makeover is in your foreseeable future!

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