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50 Auburn Hair Color Ideas to Inspire Your Next Makeover

4. Bright Auburn Color. If you’re after a fierce multidimensional hairstyle, look no further. Bright reds, shades of copper, and orangey highlights will 100% give you a head-turning effect.

There are many gorgeous shades of auburn hair. Well, first off, there are plenty of tones you can play with. Secondly, auburn hair is a magic pill for those seeking to change their hair color and spice up their look, but keep things natural. Thirdly, it adds extra volume, looks outstanding and super stylish.

Please enjoy these fifty awesome auburn hair color ideas we love so much!

1. Auburn with Blonde Highlights. The color that makes your hair pop. Blonde highlights provide a 3D effect and some hard-to-resist jaw-dropping volume.

2. Highlighted Light Auburn Hair. This romantic hairstyle really helps the auburn shade stand out thanks to the highlighted strands. The best part? It’s universal for both warmer and cooler skin tones.

3. Rusty Auburn Hair Color. The best option when you are in doubt. By going for rusty balayage or ombre, you free yourself from choosing between the two colors, allowing these regal shades into your life.

4. Bright Auburn Color. If you’re after a fierce multidimensional hairstyle, look no further. Bright reds, shades of copper, and orangey highlights will 100% give you a head-turning effect.

5. Auburn Hair with Highlights. Add more character to your auburn color with highlighted pieces throughout your hair and a much lighter tone at the ends as an exclamation point.

6. Auburn Hair with Copper Highlights. Natural tones of auburn always shine best with warm copper highlights. Go for lighter ends to get a more textured sultry feel.

7. Auburn Brown Hair. Play a little with your natural brown shades by highlighting them with bits of auburn that are just enough to freshen up your look.

8. Honey Auburn Hair Balayage. Thanks to the smooth transition, you achieve a nice, warm honey-like texture with auburn balayage. Perfect if you want to keep your natural roots.

9. Auburn Highlights for Brown Hair. One of many ways to dress up your brown hair is with shiny auburn highlighted bits. It’s so soft and natural, no wonder the other name for this hairstyle is “hygge”.

Brown Auburn Balayage Hair
By Mary

10. Auburn Hairstyles for Long Hair. Due to the range of eye-catching shades, auburn is arguably the best natural-looking hair color. Its beauty can be emphasized by delicate accessories.

11. Intense Auburn Red Hair Color. Something extra special to make your heart skip a beat! Vivid reds with lowlights are sure to boost your confidence with that seductively dangerous vibe.

12. Auburn Hair with Lowlights. What a gorgeous hairstyle – you won’t be able to stop checking yourself out in every mirror. Cooler tones of dark auburn, complemented by lighter copper pieces, are simply to die for.

13. Short Auburn Hair. The bright highlights complement the hairstyle, as well as help with reaching a more sophisticated overall look!

14. Dark Auburn Hair Dye. With dark brown roots transitioning into mild auburn lengths and lighter tips boosting the volume, you won’t be able to stop checking yourself out in the mirror.

15. Long Auburn Hair. Think Ariel, the Little Mermaid. Deep reds emphasize porcelain skin tones while flowing freely down your shoulders. Simple and chic!

16. Medium Auburn Hair. Tired of your regular hairdo and want a little change? This idea will spice up your style with reddish streaks of auburn throughout your hair length!

17. Auburn Hair for Black Women. Auburn hair color comes in many hues and shades! Chocolate tones will compliment your dark skin nicely with lots of compliments to follow.

18. Auburn Hairstyle with Red Highlights. Add some spark to your natural auburn hair color with cheeky red babylights. Just a couple of bright strands and you’re a star!

19. Auburn Pixie Haircut. Dark reds are at their best when combined with paler skin tones. Have no doubts, and choose deep auburn.

20. Auburn Natural Hair. You’re in luck if you were born with this neutral tone of auburn! Many Hollywood stars would love to wear their hair like that while you are here effortlessly rocking it.

21. Auburn Red Hair. Take your pixie to the next level with a brilliant shade of auburn red. Those chunky highlights will shimmer nicely in the sun!

22. Light Auburn Hair Color. Such a complex and exciting color is not for the faint-hearted. Choose the hues according to your skin tone and get the magic going!

23. Auburn Hair Ombre. When you are switching back to your natural color, you might want to go for a neat ombre to make the transition smoother. Let your darker roots set off the added shades of tangerine and caramel.

24. Deep Auburn Hair. Katy Perry, Lily Collins, and you: what do you all have in common? Love for beautiful dark auburn hair!

25. Burnt Orange Hair Color. Try giving your graduated bob more life with the bright burnt orange color to stand out even more!

26. Textured Bob in Rich Auburn. When usual reds simply won’t suffice, rusty auburn comes in. Style your cut with some light beachy waves to feel super flawless.

27. Dark Auburn Hair Color. Feeling edgy? Deeper shades of dark auburn are definitely going to do justice to your mood. Styling with light curls will provide you with the necessary glamorous glow.

28. Muted Auburn Bob Hairstyle. Here is one of the more delicate shades of auburn hair. Like the field of wildflowers in your hair, this color brings out the best of cheeky freckled faces.

29. Auburn Hair Color for Medium Hair. You don’t have to go out of your way to have a gorgeous look with auburn hair. Adjust the warmer and cooler shades to your liking for a comforting tone of your own!

30. Dark Auburn Hair. Yet, another chic styling option for deep reds in your auburn colored mane. Loose curls sure help to achieve a sweet and sexy everyday look!

31. Auburn Hair on Dark Skin. Subtle reds accentuate your warm darker skin tone perfectly, so why not try this particular style as soon as possible?

32. Dark Auburn Brown Hair. You don’t have to go for insanely bright color combos to achieve a “wow” effect. Soft chocolate browns and red highlights can easily get you just that!

33. Auburn to Copper Ombre. Red shades scream power and strength. Get a natural boost of confidence by combining your natural browns with delicious rusty auburns.

34. Russet Hair Color. Draw your inspiration from young Lindsay Lohan in “Parent Trap,” the next time you sit down in the stylist’s chair! Ideal for ladies with paler skin tones.

35. Bridal Inspiration for Auburn Hair Color. If you are already a proud wearer of lovely reds, try a messy low bun for this special occasion. Highlighted accents will shine as brightly as your happy smile.

36. Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights. Dark browns and auburn shades are a match made in heaven. Start your transformation from caramel or copper highlights to spruce up your overall look.

37. Auburn Orange Hair Idea. If the Fountain of Youth were a hair color – this would be it. Breathe new life into your looks with these vibrant tones of orange auburn.

38. Auburn Curly Hair. If your inner lion is trying to break free, let it roar! Fiery reds look absolutely dashing in the head full of small curls.

39. Auburn Brown Hair Color. Enjoy subtle auburn shades in this soft hairstyle. Caramel babylights will be a neat addition to your chocolate or chestnut-colored wavy hair.

40. Auburn Hair Color with Copper Streaks. Less is more. Thin copper highlights close to the face and through the ends are just enough for a clean put-together feel.

Auburn Copper Hair Color
By Lily

41. Sun-Kissed Auburn Hair. Even if you work 9 to 5, it doesn’t mean you can’t pull off a beachy look. Hints of light caramel and orange are sure to make you dream of the Hawaiian sun.

42. Spicy Red Auburn Hairstyle. The elegant rusty red with lowlights is an absolute hit amongst auburn color lovers. Definitely a style for a lady with a strong personality!

43. Faded Auburn Color. A naturally-looking toned down auburn shade is a must-have for everyone with a romantic take on everything in life.

44. Auburn Hair with Caramel Highlights. A hairstyle for our low-maintenance girls. Dusty auburn and ashy caramel highlights promise a casual warm and cozy look for any event.

45. Auburn Highlights on Red Brown Hair. Deep and luscious, another multidimensional styling technique for your reddish-brown hair. Natural highlights will let your lighter auburn ends play gracefully on a sunny day.

Reddish Brown Hair with Highlights
By Rosy

46. Tangerine Ribbons in Deep Auburn Hair. Every hazel-eyed girl should definitely try out this style. Chunky curls are complemented by brighter shades of red that add dimension and extreme volume to your hair.

47. Burgundy Auburn Hair Color. Get out on the street with this eye-catching regal hairdo and be ready for unceasing compliments.

48. Dark Brown Hair with Auburn Highlights. When you don’t want to move too far from familiar browns, invite warm shades of auburn and caramel to the party. Mixed with your naturally dark hair, they promise a marvelous result.

49. Rusty Auburn for Long Hair. The closest to natural reds, the rust color is utterly intense yet soft, which makes it perfect for older ladies wishing for a quick change.

50. Purple Shade of Deep Auburn. Juicy plum tones are simply irresistible. Against porcelain skin, it truly becomes something different.

If you aren’t fully convinced you need to dye your hair auburn, we suggest you have another look at these pictures of absolutely stunning styles. Whether its caramel highlights, bright yellow ends or gorgeous fiery shades, auburn hair’s impossible to resist. Hopefully, one of the hairdos above has spoken to you, and a glorious makeover is in your foreseeable future!

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