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50 Impossible to Miss Bob Hairstyles for Black Women

Ema Globyte

Do you want to try a short bob but fear that it might not work with your face shape or hair type? We have a list of beautiful bob hairstyles for black women, and we’re sure you will find the cut, color, and style for you.

Find your dream bob hairstyle or a few black bob hairstyles to try out in the future.

1. Golden Blonde Piece-y Bob. Sometimes a piece-y stacked bob is all you need to take your look to the next level.

Do you want to try a short bob but fear that it might not work with your face shape or hair type? We have a list of beautiful bob hairstyles for black women, and we’re sure you will find the cut, color, and style for you.

Find your dream bob hairstyle or a few black bob hairstyles to try out in the future.

1. Golden Blonde Piece-y Bob. Sometimes a piece-y stacked bob is all you need to take your look to the next level.

2. Inverted Bob with Caramel Highlights. Having highlights only on the top of your hair is a bolder take on the original highlight look. These chunky caramel pieces are a pretty accent setting off the long front layers of the steeply angled bob.

3. Symmetrical Blunt Straight Bob. How cute is this cut?! It’s great for ladies with thin hair who want to start fresh and embrace the texture.

4. Retro Chic Curly Bob. If you are looking for a cool way of adapting the current retro hair trend to bob hairstyles for black women, here is a vintage Ava Gardner-esque hairdo full of rebellious curls, movement, and volume.

5. Unicorn Medium Bob. Upgrade your mid-length cut with a fancy dye job!

6. Shiny Burgundy Bob. To avoid a lot of maintenance with this style, start the color a little lower on your roots so you can minimize your trips to the salon for touch ups.

7. Jet Black Cute Bob. There’s a huge difference between a natural black and jet black hair color. Going for that jet black hue will seriously brighten your skin and add shine to your hair.

8. Feathered Red Bob with Long Face-Framing Pieces. Check this awesome example of a gorgeous cut and standout color! You won’t stay unnoticed for sure.

9. Chocolate and Caramel Curls. We love the contrast of colors in this style. Add texture with curls at the bottom of your hair using a medium sized curling iron.

10. Feathered Light Brown Bob. Look how beautiful the layers fall in this style. The cut instantly draws attention to your jawline and collarbone. And this hair color! It is gorgeous.

11. Chic Feathered Bob. Calling all thin-haired ladies – you’ll want this look ASAP. The feathered cut will highlight your thin locks by adding texture and bounce.

12. Half-Shaved Bob. Go for a daring asymmetrical look. All the attention will be on your longer locks, and this gives you the freedom to play around with texture.

13. Ear-Length Bob with Long Bangs. Shorter bobs always look sassy, but you can take it a step further and combine the length with a sharp side part throwing the top strands into lavish cheekbone-hitting bangs.

14. Choppy Blonde Bob. To get that chic, messy look, try a choppy cut so that your layers add texture to your hair. Spray some dry shampoo to enhance the effect.

15. Collarbone Weave Bob. If you want some extra length, thickness or a new texture, try a weave so you can instantly achieve the style you dream of.

Sleek Straight Weave Bob
By Rose

16. Black and Blonde Bob. Instead of dyeing your whole head a new color – try a half black half blonde bob. Having a side part where the color is different will give you an edgy look.

17. Angled Platinum Bob with Side Bangs. As far as classy bobs go, this is one that you must try at least once! The angled cut allows you to keep some length in the front and lets you have fun with a fringe and face-framing pieces.

18. Short Black Bob. A sexy bob cut that is edgy yet chic. Keep it straight and frizz-free for a polished look or try light waves for an effortless twist.

19. Burgundy Bob. Go for a darker shade of red and a blunt asymmetrical cut above the collarbone for a sexy vibe.

20. Short Bob with Bangs. Front bangs instantly give you a chic, fresh flair. Black hair bobs are always in style and can perfectly frame your face and cheekbones regardless of your face shape.

21. Wavy Shoulder Length Bob. A lighter color will pop against your skin tone and brighten your entire complexion. Don’t be afraid to try out a lighter shade of brown or blonde during your next trip to the salon.

22. Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle. The asymmetrical style is eye candy from every angle!

23. Curly Blonde Bob. Curls add the texture that you might be missing, and they can be as loose or tight as you wish. For a beautiful contrast with your skin tone, go for a bright blonde color.

24. Inverted Platinum Bob. The greatest thing about the inverted bob is that you can enjoy a short length in the back and have some longer pieces in the front to style wavy, curly, or poker straight.

25. Blunt Blonde Bob. If layers aren’t your cup of tea, go for a blunt cut straight across. Thick-haired ladies will love this cut because it’s easier to manage.

26. Inverted Shoulder Length Bob. Let your natural color peek through with this sexy style.

27. Sleek Blunt Bob with Shine. Modern straightening techniques like silk press work wonders with black bob hairstyles, letting you wow the public with perfectly shaped, stunningly polished, and extremely shiny hair, such as this classy and timeless look.

28. Golden Blonde Balayage Bob with Root Melt. This straight bob is not replete with layers, yet it gets dimension and movement from other sources — the feathered ends give it texture, and the mix of colors brings in depth and dynamics.

29. Sleek Blunt Lavender Bob. Show your love for your favorite scent or color with this style. You can have an ombre or go full lavender – the choice is yours.

30. Layered Bob with Highlights and Lowlights. A good color job can add zest to various short bob hairstyles for black women, which is starkly illustrated by this honey blonde cut feeling much more dimensional thanks to a multi-shade balayage.

31. Shiny Black Side Part Bob. Make black chic again with this polished side part cut.

32. Straight Black Bob with Front Bangs. Front bangs that graze your eyebrows are super versatile and can be combed to the side to switch things up!

Poker Straight Bob with Bangs
By Thi

33. Stacked Copper Bob with Black Underneath. Deep black and coppery red is an attention-grabbing, high-contrast combo creatively used in this feathered style that gains both interest and depth through the darker shade peeking out from under the shiny copper layers.

34. Caramel Brown Bob with Waves. Since caramel brown hues complement deep complexions, it is a safe bet when it comes to bob haircuts for black women, all the more so as girls with darker skin tones tend to have a lot of natural warmth in their tresses.

35. Centre-Parted Curls. Who says the middle part flattens your hair? With curls all over your hair, you can have the same amount of height and volume as you would with a side part!

36. Stacked Inverted Bob. Super short layers in the back will add tons of volume in this style – wear it straight or do loose curls for a cute, softer vibe.

37. Black Angled Peek-a-Boo Bob. Feathered layers on top with longer layers towards the bottom of your hair will really turn heads and allow you to have the best of both worlds in terms of length.

38. Playful Bob with Curly Bangs. This moderately layered and a bit curled bob shifts the main focus to the face with the help of an intricate part allocating a good portion of the hair for a voluminous fringe.

39. Ginger Bob with a Deep Part. While this is a great example of how a root smudge can be incorporated into bob cuts for black women, the style also looks incredibly full, thanks to the mass of hair swept forward from the crown.

40. Sleek Graduated Bob. If you want extra shine, run your straightener through your hair and turn it slightly up to leave a bouncy effect.

41. Auburn Bob with Exterior Texture. Apart from the vibrant color, this blunt straight bob boasts lots of texture and movement created with an auburn balayage and a bit of texturizing applied only to the exterior layers.

42. Strawberry Blonde Bob with Asymmetry. Brown-skinned girls with neutral undertones should give attention to rosy shades of red since they work fine to bring out the natural bronze of dark complexions, and here is one of the black women bob hairstyles that prove it.

43. Dirty Blonde Bob with Feathered Bangs. The resurgence of early 2000s beauty trends has made streaky hair cool again, so this mix of blonde and brown is totally up-to-the-minute, as well as the textured bangs that gradually get longer to seamlessly blend with the side strands.

44. Pixie Bob Misted with Gold. A masterfully crafted bixie can be a good alternative to layered bob styles for black women, especially when it is wrapped in such a deep mahogany brown spiced up with dreamy golden highlights.

45. Layered Top Blunt Bottom Bob. This shiny jet-black bob is cut blunt on the bottom to ensure the fullness of the ends and then complemented with a few layers on the crown and graduated bangs to add texture and volume.

46. Chic Black Waves. To get that perfect wave, use a smaller curling iron for shorter hair and hold your hair on the iron for about 15 seconds. Remember to curl in different directions to get extra texture.

47. Dimensional Bob with Blonde Highlights. This cute short bob has exterior highlights placed through the mid-length to retain depth at the roots and bring out dimension in the lower part, also creating some movement with the textured ends.

48. Sleek Bob with Feathered Bangs. This ravishing peek-a-boo bob is just the thing to pair with the cat eye!

49. Textured Angled Bob. Stacking the layers short with a few long pieces added in the front and side bangs can help bring texture and life back into your hair.

50. Timeless Short Stacked Bob. This sophisticated hairstyle is always a go-to and will look great on all face shapes and hair types!

Bob hairstyles for black women are a feast for the eyes. Don’t shy away from shorter cuts, because it can add texture and volume to your hair. Hopefully you have found some inspiration in this list and came across your dream bob cut!