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50 Gorgeous Crochet Hair Styles and Braids

If you haven’t heard of crochet braids and other crochet hairstyles, we suggest you jump on the bandwagon now. With crochet styles, your braider installs extensions into your cornrows using a special crochet instead of sewing them in, providing you with a fabulous looking hairstyle!

Here are 50 crochet styles you’d love to show to your stylist.

1. Cute Crochet Curls with Ombre. This is for all the fans of defined ringlets and voluminous hair. With a proper haircut, this style will turn you into a whole new person!

2. Blonde Curly Crochet Hair. These small blond curls will magically volumize your hair and highlight your naturally beautiful facial features.

3. Long Crochet Hair in a Ponytail. A super cute hairstyle that, thanks to the free-flowing strands, makes you look flirtatious.

4. Short Crochet Hairstyle for Older Women. Look your absolute best with these tight short spirals. They bring out the best of your gray hair, making you look young and chic.

5. Colored Spring Twist Crochet Hair. Make your beautiful locks pop with kinky curls in bright red and deep purple shades!

6. Luxurious Crochet Curls with Ombre. Whenever you want to get as many compliments as possible, go for a textured style like this one.

7. Layered Freetress Crochet Braid Hair. A romantic style to bring that “just came back from the beach” vibe to your look.

Medium Freetress Crochet Hairstyle
By Ava

8. Curly Crochet Braids with a High Bun. Something you definitely want to wear to a fancy event! The bun is easy to style, and accessories look great in it.

9. Loose Crochet Hair with Caramel Highlights. Look like a Cinnabon with highlights to die for. Styled in loose curls, it will absolutely bring out the confidence in your eyes.

10. Crochet Twist Hair with Loose Ends. What makes this hairstyle particularly special is the little curl at the ends. It reveals the cheeky girl in you.

11. Inverted Short Crochet Styles. The beauty of crochet braids is that you can instantly get your perfect shape and length. Just choose the right style for your face shape to look effortlessly fabulous.

Short Inverted Crochet Bob
By Dani

12. Sassy Beachy Loose Curls. A perfect boho look to suit most occasions, from formal events to brunches with friends!

Long Beachy Waves for Black Women
By Ava

13. Crochet Braid Style Updo. Getting a cute hairdo like this one easily adds a few extra inches to your height. A neat trick if you ask us.

14. Caribbean Curl with Golden Ombre. Whenever your inner Shakira is breaking free, let her do so with these beautiful Caribbean curls and sun-kissed ombre.

15. Faux Locs Crochet Hairstyle. If you were wearing protective styles for a while and got healthy and strong hair, you may rock beautiful extra long faux locs with pretty curls and single color accents.

16. Delicate Platinum Ivory Curl. Lovely addition to your look if you’ve got olive skin tone. Get a parting to shift volume to one side and enjoy a naturally puffy hairdo.

17. Crochet Twists with Highlights. Bring some color to your twisted locks with random light chocolate highlights. The best hairstyle, if you don’t want to style your hair every day!

18. Crochet Braids Hairstyle for Gray Hair. This edgy yet fresh hairdo is definitely going to be a winner for ladies who love rocking their gray hair!

19. Cute Knotless Braids. This is a playful style, so dress it up with a golden string. If you prefer more dynamic locs, ask your stylist to leave the ends curly.

20. Crochet Micro Braids Style. Another hairstyle in a longer length. Go for a high pony to get a casual and cute look.

21. Long Black Individual Crochet Braids. Individual braids allow versatility in styling and look awesome when they just hand down and move with your every step.

22. Half Braided Crochet Hair Style. If you want something different, but feel like rocking beautiful curls, try a hairstyle featuring braids mixed with defined waves.

23. Layered Faux Locs with Highlights. The great thing about styles like this one is that you can go for whichever color combo and length you prefer.

24. Thick Locs with Colorful Strings. Chunky faux locs look their best on ladies with larger facial features. Go for it, if a funky feel is what you’re after.

25. Medium Corkscrew Curls with Babylights. A rather volumized look on its own, but you can make it more eye-catching with those cute babylights.

26. Curly Crochet Hair in Burgundy. When you want a bold and bright color, choose layered burgundy curls for your new crochet hairstyle. It’ll give you the right eye-catching yet softened appearance.

27. Straight Crochet Hair with a Side Part. A chic and traditional straight hairdo done in two parts. The volume it brings is totally irresistible!

28. Gray Long Twist Braids. Twists like these surely bring out the softness in your features as well as create a certain veil of wisdom around you.

29. Seamless Crochet Goddess Waves. Messy curls always make you think of warm weather and beaches. Bring your inner beach babe out with these tousled loose curls.

30. Extra Voluminous Natural Crochet Hairstyle. So springy and lively, you will want to dance along with your hair movement all day long.

31. Comb-Over Curly Braids. Look astonishingly good with curly locks that scream mystery and charm.

32. Loc Braids with Curly Hair. So, here is one of the new crochet hair styles where you have both locs and loose curls in a bubbly mix. Definitely, the one to try!

Curls and Locs New Crochet Hairstyle
By Dani

33. Side Part Crochet Freetress. A lightweight and all-around sexy style. A no-brainer if you’ve got hazel eyes, as golden and caramel shades will bring out their beauty.

34. Long Individual Braids with Beads. Those dreamy braids are simple and low-maintenance. Dress them up with beads or a bright string!

35. Raven Black Crochet Box Braids. You don’t have to invent anything to get a beautiful hairstyle like this. Long box braids are fuss-free and look good however you style them.

36. Short Passion Twist Hair. Achieve maximum liveliness with springy tight twists. Crochet hair allows you to experiment with color, so why not try bright reds?

37. Wavy Crochet Hair. Get the best of both worlds with swift curls and neat crochet faux locks! An absolute must-have for our chocolate-skinned ladies.

38. Chocolate Ombre Corkscrews. A super sweet and casual way to wear your crochet braids. You can play with shades, add a pop of color or go for a traditional ombre.

39. Braided Crochet Locks Updo. Look no more for a style that both screams Queen and is perfect for a formal occasion, here is the best one for you.

40. Crochet Hair with an Undercut. Such a modern and statement-making ‘do is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Get the look if you want to have all eyes on you!

41. Passion Twists with Caramel. For extra volume and sassy looks, try those lightweight passion twists – you might forget they’re there at all.

42. Bohemian Plum Goddess Locks. Try adding some color into traditional locks and leave your ends in loose curls for a total free-spirited feel.

43. Mermaid Locks in Black with Highlights. In tune with your inner Ariel, these curly locks are worth a try. Feel like the queen of deep waters with casually light and entangled long locks.

44. Bob Crochet Hairstyle. When you need to grow out your natural hair or it just needs some rest, shorter wavy crochet locks like this bob are an absolutely great idea.

45. Comb-Over Micro Braids. Thin individual crochet braids look amazing whether you wear them down or up. For our ladies with round-shaped faces, going for a comb-over works best.

46. Spring Twists with Side Cornrows. Spice up your style with a few side cornrows or flat twists to show what a true badass you are.

47. Bohemian Twist Crochet in Red. This is a real head-turner. The blend of colors and textures won’t leave you unnoticed. Totally mesmerizing!

48. Romantic Loose Curls. This is for fans of more impressive and dramatic styles. To achieve big waves at home, use a thick curling iron and comb through your hair at the end.

49. Half Up Half Down Crochet Twists. Crochet hair is effortlessly manageable, so you can create any style you want with smaller individual braids. An easy half updo like this is a great option.

50. Straight Hair in Metallic Chocolate. A stunning classic hairstyle anyone can easily pull off. Cooler shades of chocolate will highlight your beautiful skin and facial features.

Braiding your hair can be so much fun, especially when you find your perfect style. Whether you’re a fan of crochet braids or prefer loose hair – there are so many beautiful ways to wear it. We hope you have found your new favorite crochet hair style for 2020 on our list. Stay tuned!

by Editors
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