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50 Gorgeous Crochet Hair Styles and Braids

Nkeiruka Obiwulu

If you haven’t heard of crochet braids and other crochet hairstyles, we suggest you jump on the bandwagon now. With crochet styles, your braider installs extensions into your cornrows using a special crochet instead of sewing them in, providing you with a fabulous looking hairstyle!

Here are 50 crochet styles you’d love to show to your stylist.

1. Layered Freetress Crochet Braid Hair. A romantic style to bring that “just came back from the beach” vibe to your look.

Medium Freetress Crochet Hairstyle
By Ava

If you haven’t heard of crochet braids and other crochet hairstyles, we suggest you jump on the bandwagon now. With crochet styles, your braider installs extensions into your cornrows using a special crochet instead of sewing them in, providing you with a fabulous looking hairstyle!

Here are 50 crochet styles you’d love to show to your stylist.

1. Layered Freetress Crochet Braid Hair. A romantic style to bring that “just came back from the beach” vibe to your look.

Medium Freetress Crochet Hairstyle
By Ava

2. Side Part Crochet Freetress. A lightweight and all-around sexy style. A no-brainer if you’ve got hazel eyes, as golden and caramel shades will bring out their beauty.

3. Luxurious Crochet Curls with Ombre. Whenever you want to get as many compliments as possible, go for a textured style like this one.

4. Caramel Brown Crochet Hair with a Side Part. This shoulder-length style is handsomely shaped and layered to let the curls fall naturally and build bounce, with the volume in the front enhanced by the hair being swept to one side.

5. Sassy Beachy Loose Curls. A perfect boho look to suit most occasions, from formal events to brunches with friends!

Long Beachy Waves for Black Women
By Ava

6. Inverted Short Crochet Styles. The beauty of crochet braids is that you can instantly get your perfect shape and length. Just choose the right style for your face shape to look effortlessly fabulous.

Short Inverted Crochet Bob
By Dani

7. Flatteringly Layered Curly Crochet Hair. The versatility of crochet hairstyles allows for much customization, including layering. For example, this bouncy style uses layers and a deep side part to create more volume on the sides and balance the long face.

8. Wavy Bob Crochet Hair Style. This is a great tip on how to transform a basic A-line bob into a stunningly dynamic style full of movement and volume — all with the help of wavy crochet hair.

9. Loose Beach Waves. Crochet braids styles are a great way to protect your natural hair while rocking a gorgeous hairstyle. This crochet style is versatile and can be parted to any side of your choice to achieve different fabulous hairstyles. You can let the beach curls hang loose, style them into a pony or go for a half up half down look like hers.

10. Voluminous Curls with Highlighted Ends. Big hair is back and larger than ever, so hurry up and add oomph to your look with crochet hairstyles as tremendously dimensional as these caramel brown curls.

11. Textured Faux Locs Styled in A-Line Bob. Short crochet hair styles with faux locs promise low commitment while delivering plenty of texture. You are free to play with various crochet braid patterns, from uniform to irregular, from smooth to fluffy.

12. Wavy Crochet Hair. Get the best of both worlds with swift curls and neat crochet faux locks! An absolute must-have for our chocolate-skinned ladies.

13. Full Curly Crochet Hair. The voluminous and springy curly crochet hair looks adorable in a brunette hair color. The curls are well-defined and have amazing movement and volume. The dusting of copper highlights at the ends of the tresses adds an exquisitely grand touch to these crochet braids.

14. Curly Inverted Bob with Asymmetry. Here is another side-parted bob that is shorter in the back and gradually gains length as it goes towards the front, but it looks totally different due to the crochet spirals.

15. Curly Crochet Comb-Over Hairstyle. Nothing speaks fabulous louder than a head full of wavy curls. Add in lovely reddish-brown highlights and you’ve got a showstopper. Both loose crochet styles and crochet box braids are absolutely adorable. Now how to choose between all these beautiful curly crochet braids?

16. Next-Level Brunette Disco Curls. This lavish crochet hair perfectly mimics the bold appearance of the full, defined curls we were all obsessed with back in the ‘80s while safely hiding and protecting the natural coils.

17. Caribbean Curl with Golden Ombre. Whenever your inner Shakira is breaking free, let her do so with these beautiful Caribbean curls and sun-kissed ombre.

18. Center-Parted Long Crochet Hairstyle. Keep your precious natural hair safely tucked underneath this freetress crochet hairstyle. The voluminous dark curls blend in seamlessly with her dark hair roots to create a really enthralling natural look.

19. Bouncy Curly Lob. Hold ’em spellbound with luscious, full-bodied curly crochet hair. Stir up drama with a side-part to create a playful peek-a-boo lob. Who else noticed the stunning golden blonde highlights peeking out here and there?

20. Black Crochet Hair with Gray Babylights. There are many beautiful crochet hairstyles. From funky faux locs to natural-looking crochet curly hair like the hairstyle she’s wearing. The sprinkle of gray highlights in the front is awesome!

Medium Curly Black Crochet Hairstyle
By Dani

21. The ‘60s Smooth Big Waves. Since crochet braids are extremely versatile, you can recreate many retro hairdos that are back in style, for example, the smooth and voluminous vintage locks sported by this girl.

22. Thick Wavy Crochet Hair. One of the secrets of amazing crochet hair is choosing extensions that match your natural hair roots and complement your complexion. They will save you from the ‘oh look, my hair is fake’ look. The golden-brown highlights of her wavy crochet hair suit her skin tone and blend with the roots so well.

23. Short Neat Heart-Shaped Bob. This lovely bob incorporates tight and well-defined ringlets masterfully cropped to hold a clear shape and create a beautiful frame for the face.

24. Uniform Shoulder-Length Curly Style. Those who prefer neater crochet hair styles will be glad to rock such a lush cascade of uniform curls with blunt ends and a well-defined curl pattern.

25. Long Crochet Passion Twists. These tailbone-length crochet braids prompt a new way of wearing two-strand twists, replacing their rope-like look with a looser and puffier texture to result in springy strands radiating strong boho vibes.

26. Curly Crochet Bob with Wispy Finish. Here, crochet extensions were handsomely used to recreate a full shoulder-grazing lob with a little bit longer hair in the front and a soft, wispy finish.

Shoulder-Grazing Crochet Bob with Wispy Ends
By Emy

27. Straight Crochet Hair. Without any trace of makeup on her face, she’s managed to pull off a gorgeous and magnificent look that is red-carpet-ready! Courtesy of her posh straight crochet braids hairstyle. The crochet extensions look so sleek and touchable, and the knotless fixing gives it a natural feel.

28. Ebony Crochet Twist Hairstyle with Highlights. And here they are — glimpses of auburn flashing through ebony black twists which come in a small-sized coily pattern to create this stunning, absolutely touchable texture.

29. Creative Freetress Crochet Combo. Actually, you are welcome to mix and match crochet braids, twists, and curls any way you like to get head-turning texture combinations, such as this volumizing blend of tight locs and springy waves.

30. Layered Crochet Bob. Amp up your beauty with this girlie, face-framing curly crochet hairstyle. The trendy curly bob is age-defying and cute. Part it the way that flatters the shape of your face.

31. Cute Crochet Curls with Ombre. This is for all the fans of defined ringlets and voluminous hair. With a proper haircut, this style will turn you into a whole new person!

32. Natural-Looking Crochet Lob with Golden Balayage. Crochet styles are not only about braids and twists, as these gorgeous loose waves prove. The masterfully installed extensions coupled with a skillfully done color job look ultimately natural and elegant.

33. Crochet Braids Hairstyle for Gray Hair. This edgy yet fresh hairdo is definitely going to be a winner for ladies who love rocking their gray hair!

34. Straight Hair in Metallic Chocolate. A stunning classic hairstyle anyone can easily pull off. Cooler shades of chocolate will highlight your beautiful skin and facial features.

35. Defined Crochet Curls with Blonde Highlights. Apart from the freedom to create all types of curls, you may want, crochet styles can give you a great chance to sport any color of your choice without actually dyeing your ringlets.

36. Full-Bodied Curls with a Deep Side Part. This larger-than-life hair is made even more voluminous with a fluffed-up finish and an extra lift at the roots delivered by a deep side parting.

37. Gypsy Locs and Curls Combo. Here is a much more dramatic spin on crochet braid styles replicating faux locs, where the lengthy loc extensions are generously interspersed with loose curls to gain a bohemian feel and better fullness.

38. Chocolaty Crochet Spirals. This beautiful head is now full of bouncy spirals handsomely structured with subtle layering, while their smooth finish invokes added shine in the chocolate brown hair.

39. Tapered Cut with Crochet Hair. Cropped crochet braids styles are not limited to bobs, and this sassy cut with long fluffy strands playfully thrown forward verifies the diversity of available options.

40. Ginger Goddess Faux Locs. It never hurts to spice up crochet braids hairstyles with a splash of color, and the abundant curls of this faux locs style feel more playful in bronze brown.

41. Romantic Loose Curls. This is for fans of more impressive and dramatic styles. To achieve big waves at home, use a thick curling iron and comb through your hair at the end.

42. Low-Maintenance Crochet Pixie. Easy styling is one of the things we all love about crochet hairstyles, and adding a pile of corkscrew curls to mimic a grown-out pixie is truly a good idea.

43. Center-Parted Fluffy Curls. Natural texture is all the rage nowadays, and if you need to hide yours for a while, it makes sense to compensate for the loss with glorious brushed-out curls like in this hairstyle.

44. Blonde Curly Crochet Hair. These small blond curls will magically volumize your hair and highlight your naturally beautiful facial features.

45. Bohemian Plum Goddess Locks. Try adding some color into traditional locks and leave your ends in loose curls for a total free-spirited feel.

46. Graduated Two-Tone Crochet Bob. This iteration of bobbed crochet styles uses wavy locks to create movement and volume, while the honey blonde highlights intensify the shine and accentuate the wave pattern.

47. Head-Hugging Crochet Curls. This medium-length crochet hairstyle creates a soft, flattering frame for the face and pleases the eye with its fleecy, touchable texture.

48. Big Crochet Hair with Side-To-Side Braids. This combination of tight curls and transverse braiding delivers a perfect balance since it opens up the face and doesn’t allow the bulk of hair to steal the spotlight.

49. Center-Parted Afro Hair. It looks like a no-frills style, but this layered crochet cut frames the face really nicely and gives plenty of bounce, body, and dimension.

50. Seamless Crochet Goddess Waves. Messy curls always make you think of warm weather and beaches. Bring your inner beach babe out with these tousled loose curls.

Braiding your hair can be so much fun, especially when you find your perfect style. Whether you’re a fan of crochet braids or prefer loose hair – there are so many beautiful ways to wear it. We hope you have found your new favorite crochet hair style for 2024 on our list. Stay tuned!

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